Admin have Teamspeak and Discord. My Discord tag

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My Discord tag is Honiahaka#5762.Time usually spent on the server?My time spent on Valux varies. I have a total of 2.

8 days of playtime, but I usually play on Valux with friends. When I’m with friends, it’s generally within a few hours. If I become staff, my playtime would increase. I would try to be as active as possible. When school arrives back, I would set a schedule for school and Valux so I can have a decent amount of time on Valux while I still have school.

Past experience as a staff member?I was staff on Valux in the past but no other servers. I know how the necessary tasks and rules on moderating Valux. I know how the basics in SSing players work and the punishments for breaking/disobeying rules.

I know we have about three to four days to study before we take the SS test.Why did you apply on Valux and not another network?I am applying on Valux network instead of any other network because I like the way Valux is controlled and managed. I also have a few friends who are ex-staff or currently staff on Valux.What puts you above over candidates for the trainee position?I believe I can bring multiple traits to Valux that can be very helpful. I will list them and give a brief explanation of each one and why I believe I can bring that trait to Valux.

Trustworthiness:I can be trusted for many reasons. I would not leak confidential information such as staff guides, ss guides, personal staff tasks, etc. I can keep personal information in my mind. I am an honest person. If I lie about something, I feel guilty, and I would end up spilling the truth out someway or another. I understand that breaking the rules or disobeying staff members will lead to consequences such as strikes or demotion. I am told to be a trustworthy person, multiple times and I believe I could put my honest mind to work at Valux. I can get anxious when it comes to being honest, but being honest is better than lying.

Helpfulness:I would love to help Valux network clean of cheaters, chat spammers/advertisers and much more! I would correctly follow the SS guide when SSing players who I believe are cheating and give them the correct needed punishment. Chat spammers/advertisers will get the correct proper punishment. I get anxiety when helping other players, but I always a least attempt to complete tasks given.

I would help specific players in General Support on teamspeak, with the proper responses, which now brings us into the next topic.Well-Mannered & Mature:I am well-mannered and mature and I will treat players and other staff members with respect. I believe everyone deserves to be treated equally.

I do not “take sides” with one person or group. If a friend of mine is cheating on Valux, or appears to be cheating on Valux, I would not “let them be” just because I know them/they are my friend. I would still punish that friend I know with the proper punishment or SS them if necessary. I would use the correct tone towards staff members during serious situations. I will not argue back to higher staff members and I would listen carefully to each word when someone is explaining instructions to me.

If I am wrong about something I will state it. If I am 100% sure I am correct, I will reason why I believe I am correct.Humor & Fun:I am told that I have a great sense of humor. I try to make everyone laugh. I laugh and smile all the time and at everything.

My goal is to make at least one person smile each day. I would love to add humor to a community like Valux network and add some positive vibes. In personal opinions, I believe staffing doesn’t have to be 100% “straight face no fun”. I believe you can add some fun and humor into staffing by just hanging out and having fun every now and then while getting the job done. Maybe hanging out with players in Teamspeak or just taking a break and accepting duel requests from players. Personally, I think having a “100% straight face personality” is that fun to be around, so why all the time be serious? I would love to bring some fun into staffing, but I bet there is already lots of fun.Hardworking & Time:The reason I resigned the first time was due to school and lack of time able to spend on Valux and staffing.

I will improve the time spent on Valux and make sure I have a goal set of how much I want to succeed while being staff. I am a hardworking person when it comes to specific things. In school, I try to work hard but in all honesty I sometimes put things to the side and procrastinate. But when it comes to things such as jobs, specific tasks, and other sorts of similar things, I am on top of it. I would make sure to double check every thing I do, to make sure I am not incorrect and false ban/false punish.

I would spend a decent amount on the server each day that I can, and get a reasonable amount of bans for the time I am spent on the network.Considerate:If I feel someone needs help, I’ll help them. I’ll make sure I do not hurt others and I am very mindful and always double and triple think over things I say before I actually say them or message them a specific message.

I do not want to say the wrong thing and regret it. I am always careful when it comes to thought and solicitous. I am always eager to help someone who needs help and would love to help out the Valux network community.Screensharing experience?Due to past experiences of staffing on Valux, I passed my SS test but resigned a few days after I passed. I get really anxious when it comes to screensharing. I was afraid I would do something wrong and false ban, get a strike, demotion, etc. I remember quite a few things when it comes to screensharing. It’s a permanent ban if you find any sort of cheat during the screenshare, if they did not admit before the SS.

It is a four-month ban if they admit before the SS starts. I remember the basics in the Trainee SS guide, but if I become staff, I would read over the SS guide and prepare for the SS test during the given time before the SS test arrives for me. When I was staff before, I waited too long to complete my SS test because of anxiety and real life situations going on. I will try my hardest to stay on top of it this time.

Any past punishments? (Don’t lie, we check)I do not have any past punishments.Extra information you would like to include?A couple things I think would be important to know about me are I become very anxious when it comes to screensharing. I will try my hardest to stick up and face my anxiety so I can succeed and actually do well.

I get anxious for multiple reasons. I’m afraid of getting a strike or getting demoted. Everyone makes mistakes, and I’m willing to face the consequences for making mistakes. I can become very friendly, sometimes even too friendly.

I find it hard to say “no” but I’m working on it and getting better. I love meeting new people but I’m shy and quiet at first, but like I said I am very friendly and once I warm up to someone, I won’t shut up. I believe staffing on Valux would help with my social skills and interacting with new people.

What languages can you fluently speak?I can only speak English.?IGN: HoniahakaDiscord: Honiahaka#5762Twitter: @honiahaka2003?Honiahaka, Today at 3:24 AMEditDeleteIPWarnReport#1Reply             JavaClassManagerManagerNewApplication accepted. Join ts.valux.

net asap for your interview.Hello, I just want to introduce myself! Hi! My name is JavaClass, and I am 16 years old, and I work for @ValuxNetwork.Applied for Staff – 06/29/2017Trial-Mod Accepted – 06/30/2017SS Test Passed / 07/05/2017Moderator Promoted / 07/11/2017Moderator+ Promoted / 08/08/2017Senior-Moderator Promoted / 09/17/2017Administrator Promoted / 10/14/2017Discord: JavaClass#0394Twitter: http://www., 21 minutes agoEditDeleteIPReport#2Reply             Go to First UnreadWrite your reply…  Thread Status: Not open for further replies.© 2016 Valux NetworkWeb Design by 


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