Actually, times He seems to have the

Actually, a few weeks ago my friends & I watched a movie of his at my place i.e.

Johnny English, which is a parody movie based on spy, he was hopeless at everything & it was incredibly amusing. He’s funny because he is so ludicrous ; yet charismatic ; adorable. At all times He seems to have the good intentions but he ends up into awful troubles ; hilarious circumstances just by doing normal things. Although I have seen it before, I really enjoyed it watching again with my friend. It is a real piece of art. He does very simple things, but they are truly comical ; I think that is because most of his humor is based on true life situations that heaps of people can relate.

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His comic style is very witty.He’s worldwide popular for his ordinary, yet extraordinary acting skill. I think that people adore his art because it’s not complex humor – it could happen with anybody, nevertheless, it constantly seems to occur to him suddenly ; unexpectedly.


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