Activity the sake of diversity and start hiring

 Activity 11.2 PEST analysis can be usedto understand external factors affecting the talent acquisition. Political:The influences of governmentalpolices, laws and regulation such as immigration policies, government andpolitic stability which will affect the increase or decrees the number ofemployee.

 Economic:-      Business forecasting –      Labour availability and cost-      Prices of services and materials(Inflation – Deflation rates) –      Unemployment rate in country Social:-      Demographic shift in age, ethnicbackground-      Family structure-      Values-      Social media (HR have to assess itspolices and implement monitoring to make sure that social media are used inequitable manner for recruiting) Technological: Innovation technology andapplication of technology for example, the capability of investing intechnology and data security to find new sources to attract talented peoplewhich would affect the talent acquisition approach.     1.1 Theworld increasing globalization requires more interaction with people fromdiverse cultures, beliefs and background than any other time. The benefit ofmaintaining a divers workforce is building creative environment, positivereputation and improve the performance and the productivity.  1.

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Building a creative environment(open to change):An organization with diversworkforce is usually helps in increasing the level of creativity; employees arecoming from different background weather national, education, religious, age oreven the gender. And when they set in one table and through the topic differentperspectives are there to bring different solutions and ideas in order to reachtheir target goals. For example, I have seen in some organizations in Saudiwhen they want to hire Saudis they are only targeting some internationaluniversities.

They have spent around 10 years hiring those Saudis who graduatedfrom American universities then after that they have stopped for the sake ofdiversity and start hiring from local universities, even if they are onenational educational background has to be different as well. This is has to bepart of hiring strategy if we want to create a cultural diversity. 2. Positive reputation: Diverse workforce is creating apositive and good reputation which result in retains and attract the talented peoplearound the world, diverse organization gives good sign that organization is notpracticing discrimination. Job seekers want to make sure that they would betreaded fairly.       3.

Improvethe productivity: Diversity in workplace encouragesthe increase of productivity people are coming from different background and experiences,which will result in bringing different solutions not only in the team or thework itself but also for the organization as whole. Some organization changestheir procedures and polices because the board members or the executives workhand in hand to ensure the competitive advantage or more reliable vision. Weare not saying that only these organizations with diverse can bring a goodcompetitive advantage or vision but it would be more unique because it iscoming from different minds and cultures to make a tangible difference.  1.

3 There are three common factorsaffect the recruitment: budget, labour law and the growth and expansion of thecompany:  1. Budget:Budgetis one of the most important factors that affect recruitment, through budgetyou can only decide weather you are able to hire or not. If the budget allowsthe organization to hire, then how it might cost the organization are welooking for expert, fresh graduated or entry level. All these elementsdefiantly will affect the recruitment. 2. Labour Law:Labour law in some countries aremaking constrains which might be stand as obstacle in recruiting inside theorganization like determining some percentage to be citizen i.e Quota or notallowing expats to fill certain jobs. For example, here in Saudi labour law hasgiving more privilege for those employers who starting to hire women and forspecial needs as well.

 3. Growth and expansionThese organizations that is seekingto expand its operations has more probabilities to recruit; size of the firmhinder the recruitment because of the low demand of the organization but withgrowth company will think of employ to handle its operation.   2.1 Recruitment is the process ofencouraging the candidate to ably through different methods like online jobposting, Job fair and educational establishment.  1. Online job Posting:An advertising through non-printmedia like company’s website or through using ERP systems or the third partyagency (corporate) where they have website and you get the user access so thatyou can take the advantage of both searching and posting through their websites.

 2. Job fair:Job fair is usually sponsored byother company where all recruiters or HR representative come and offer their openjobs and meet the job seekers (professional and fresh). It is beneficialbecause it will ease the selection process since you are already met thecandidate and had your first impressions.  3. Personal recommendation orreferrals recruitment:Candidate referral from recent hiresor the word of mouth, employees from the organization recommended other to behired because of his/her experience and education or any requirement that fitto the open job that organization has. This type of recruitment is still neededto be following the normal procedure of assessment or selection and it savedthe cost of hire.        2.

2Selection has been considers as most vital function in HR department; it helpsto ensure the right people are in the right place. Selection could be done byusing different methods such as interview, employment test and assessmentcentres.  1. Interview: Interviewing the candidate is commonand it works when employer wants to know more about candidate how he/she behaveand act, getting more idea about the personality of candidate regardless of thetype of interview (structured or unstructured, one to one or panel and situationalbehavioural). During interviews you can see how candidate are interested, thepossibility of being loaded, their leadership skill and other criteria whichneed to be identified to proceed with selection stage. Although this method isreally works but some experts has prove that interview is not valid some timeyou may have a false positive or false negative in your selection. 2.EmploymentTest:There are verity types of testingsuch as cognitive ability test, personality test and aptitude test, whereemployers can test and evaluate the candidate in their knowledge, skills andabilities.

These tests could come in form of multiple-choice, true and false orperformance to work on sample of actual work. Additionally, some employer takesadvantage of international testing centre like SHL and some of them are usingtheir own testing form it depends on the nature of job candidate applying for. 3. Assessment Centre:Assessment canter is verity oftesting technique which is testing the qualities of specified position,Assessment canter including the practical simulation, however, this kind oftesting is designed to ensure that candidate is fit to this position. Mostcommon types of assessment canter is role playing exercise.                                   4.

1 Induction training fornew hires is essential for three main purposes: it is preparing and induct theemployee for the culture, values and the principles of the organization so thatemployee can feel that he/she part of this organization as well as employerswill not find any difficulties in explaining its objectives and culture.  Another reason it gives new employee the wholepicture of what is going on inside the organization i.e structures who isreporting to whom, their colleagues and the workplace in general. Additionally,doing an induction programs for new hire has a great impact in including theemployees and increasing their level of engagement.   4.2 Induction Plan:   Day Time Duration Activity People involved Remark Day 1     9:30 – 11:00 AM     Workplace Induction Tour in department and having a very short presentation in company core business, history, working hours, HR manual and local policy and regulations. – HR department Representative – Manager of the new employee   Day 2     9:30 – 11:00 AM       Safety and health induction Presenting the safety and health procedure in company first aid, fire and work accident. HSE representative   Day 3     8:00 – 10:00 AM         Department Induction Explaining the core job of department, objective of department and what they are targeting to.

– Department managers – Team leaders   Day 4,5,6, & 7   8:00 – 10:00 AM 1:00 – 3:00 PM       Job Rotation (Daily basis) – Explain the role and responsibilities of employee and how they contribute to the goals of the organization. – Understanding the day-to-day activities in each team member.   Senior associate member of each group and the rest of member Senior associate member changed according to the team day induction   


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