Activity which emphasises that tobacco use is

Activity 3-The Health Persuasion activity is smoking cessation among the primarycare providers, it will be based in workplaces, educational settings, hospitalsor across any multi-disciplinary place, carried out initially by healthprofessionals such as nurses, doctors or any medical profession, the activitywill be delivered in various of ways, such as teaching and raising awareness ofthe causes of lung cancer.  Earle, (2007)explains that the theory of reasoned action /planned behaviour (1980)suggests that the attitude an individual who smoke thinks about the overallassessments about whether to quit and whether it is good or bad. Moreover, asmoker might believe that society disapproves of smoking and therefore approvesquitting such as getting the knowledge from professionals about the good sideof quitting. Furthermore, the (RA/PB 1980) theory continues to state that the request is the purpose inwhich influences the individual’s behaviours, then interventions candeliberately identify and target factors in this case, The researchby Charlotte L. (2006) identified that smokers who received nicotinereplacement therapy were roughly around 1 in 3 received verbal and non-verbaladvice had referral to their GP, few of the inpatients received both advice andreferral some nicotine replacement therapy, out of those 11 smokers reportedthat they wanted to quit, however, only 5 of them received health promotion forsmoking cessation.

Activity 4- the Legislative Activitywill be lobbying to the MP, the lobbying activity will could be done throughpoliticians and individuals from the country who could put themselves forwardfor being elected to become an ambassador to take part in the lobbying.Earle, (2007) classify that Health Belief Model (1974) whichemphasises that tobacco use is determined by an individua’s perceptionsregarding personal vulnerability illness caused by tobacco use, serious oftobacco as a problem treatment cost and the benefits of acting, barriers toquitting, cues to change tobacco use behaviour. The researchdone by the Cancer Research (2011) states that the beat cancer lobbyingcampaign was successful because of this lobbying the government announced that £25million would be invested in diagnostic testing for lung cancer and othercancers, to help the health professionals to recognise cancer at an earlystage. Furthermore, the legislative activity is the most effective activitythis is because its aimed at everyone and raised a broad awareness, the cancerresearch 2017 stated that campaigns purposes to get the governments supportbecause they are in charge, also by ensuring that cancer is at the top of thehealth agenda is crucial to ensuring that lifesaving policies are takenin.  

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