According Unethical Business Practices or Scandals Done by

According to Kent & Stone (2009), the Body Shop’s first outlet wasopened in UK, Brighton, in 1976, to offer a scope of 25 home-made and hand-mixednaturally health and beauty products or cosmetics. It rapidly created a good impressionto customers or consumers and were willing to pay for environmentally friendlyproducts and the organization extended to accomplish a global network of morethan 2,000 outlets.

Today the body shop is selling over 300 products and thereare more than 2500 stores worldwide. However, since March 2006 the body shopwas sold to L’Oréal and L’Oréal now owns theorganization (Purkayasth & Fernando, 2007).1.0  UnethicalBusiness Practices or Scandals Done by The Body Shop and Its Effect onStakeholders:As it was stated on The Body Shop international plc (2016),sources its ingredients just from providers or suppliers who don’t test their ingredientson creatures or animals and in 1989, it was the main beauty care products companythat started a crusade to stop animal testing in beauty care products. However,in 2006, L’Oréal still tested new ingredients on creatures (The Guardian 2006)and this caused a great deal of disarray and uncertainty from the clients tothe organization. In March 2014, clients were mistaken again for body shop inlight of the fact that per Chinese law, items can be randomly selected from theracks or shelves and tried on creatures, all beauty care products that aremanufactured in another country must be tested on creatures before being madeaccessible to customers, Choice Article (2014). Their items in duty- freestores were at a risk for their items to be randomly tried, the Body Shop removedthe greater part of its items from Chinese air terminals straight after thearticle was distributed.

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That implies the company knew it achieved somethinginaccurately. Before offering its items in Chinese airports, the Body Shopshould have first checked if the duty-free items were at risk of being randomlytried on animals.On the body shop site,the organization expressed that they deliver “natural beauty products”,the Body Shop global plc (2016). However, they were not by any means genuine inlight of the fact that a portion of the items contain paraben, a few itemscontain PEGS, parabens and disodium EDTA which would not pass confirmation (TheTelegraph 2015). As appeared over this demonstrates they are not beingstraightforward with their clients, despite the fact that they say the body shopmakes sure that the items it offers genuinely and has a mindful way to dealwith the utilization of chemicals in its items. The truth of the matter is thatthe items are not completely produced using natural ingredients.According to Kent & Stone (2009), As ethicalutilization seems to acquire significant ground, there is a threat that TheBody Shop’s initial rebellious self speaks to a more established, and datedmodel of social responsibility. The solid relationship between the organizationand its founder, Anita Roddick, and her family’s nearby relationship with theorganization’s administration, has been a factor in the organization’s battleto re-adjust and refresh its image notwithstanding expanding customeracknowledgment and energy about environmental and ethical issues.

Thespearheading utilization of natural resources, the advancement of wellbeing andway of life as a contrasting option to the magnificence business, the shunningof formal publicizing and advancement never again have the same significance formore youthful clients like the way they did in the early years of theorganization or when it just started.


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