According company we measure social media engagement

According to (Kotler, et al. 2008), Digital marketing involves communication between customers and marketing channel, on a one on one basis, its often in real time, to maintain relationships and to generate measurable replies and/or transactions using electronic network tools and technologies. The idea of digital marketing has grown in several businesses and is becoming more popular and important than before. For instance, in my company we measure social media engagement and penetration by the number of persons following us divided by the number of person using our network. We also set monthly targets to ensure that we are getting more followers.

However, there are some opportunities and challenges in order to use this idea of modern advertising. (Klososky 2011) states that “social technology tools are complex and have the ability to change an economy that it is in chaos to one that is manageable and predictable”. For example, with digital marketing, businesses have the means and ways to manage opportunities and challenges and help the business with increasing their sales targets by using these social platforms, such as social media and social network sites. On the other hand, (Annika Ravald, Christian Gronroos 1996) indicated that “digital marketing opportunities for businesses are divided into two parts, which are the pull and push digital marketing.” The pull digital marketing consists of blog marketing, advertising and personal interactive television and smart advertisement on the web. Whereas, the push digital marketing consists of mobile marketing, text messaging marketing, multimedia messaging and the broadcasting of recent news.

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