According business principles which are they comply with

According to Van Riel , corporate communication is the key that a company used to create a harmonized relationship with the company’s internal and external groups. Besides, it also used to help a company building, maintaining and protecting the image in order to build up a good identity and reputation. Five Samsung business principles which are they comply with laws and ethical standards, maintain a clean organizational culture, respect customers, shareholders and employees, care for the environment, safety and health, and be a socially responsible corporate citizen. These strategies are a form of corporate communication to achieve Samsung having a harmonized relationship with different groups. The company tries to make the world better as they say “PlanetFirst” and set the green management goals to reduce greenhouse gas.

These strategies make publics think Samsung is an eco-friendly company and have a good image of it. We live in a more sophisticated communication era is one of the reasons that why corporate communication is important. As the development of the internet and media are everywhere, information spreads at lightning speed from one side of the world to another. From the example of Samsung Note 7 battery explosion cases, first, the explosion happened in Korea after the news reported and spread through the internet. More and more people take concern about this problem. There are even lots of spoof videos on YouTube about the explosion.

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Since public aware of the news, they do not trust Samsung as same as before. Therefore, we cannot unaware of the presence and impacts of media and have a good corporate communication is essential.


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