According food to passenger. Moreover, AirAsia group’s

According to the career test result, there have a lot of job that the test recommends to me, and the highest percentage of the job which are suitable for me is airport director, it is 96%. Besides that, after doing a lot of research, I am decided to apply regional reservation control officer, and the company that I choose to apply is AirAsia. Furthermore, I like Air Asia, because I have good impression of AirAsia group. For example, they have a good working environment. The environment of AirAsia is clean and tidy, they won’t have a lot of rubbish on the floor, and they are also a lot of stalls for selling food to passenger.

Moreover, AirAsia group’s overall rating by their employees is 81%. AirAsia group’s service are good, their employees are polite, and they like to help people. Besides that, AirAsia group’s entire business model centers around a low-cost philosophy which requires its operations to be lean, simple and efficient. Several key strategies have been employed towards this effect, including: high Aircraft Utilization, AirAsia focuses on high frequency and high turnaround of flights, both of which add to customer convenience and greater cost efficiencies. Its turnaround of 25 minutes is the fastest in the region. Low fare, no frills, means no frequent flyer miles or airport lounges in exchange for lower fares. Guests have the choice of paying for in-flight meals, snacks, and drinks. In conclusion, I choose to apply AirAsia is because I have a good impression of AirAsia group.

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They have a comfortable working environment, and they also have a lot of benefits for their employees. Besides that, I think that employee’s benefits are quite important, because employees will have better performance when their safety are protected by their employer or they know if they work hard they will get bonus from the company. Furthermore, the most important thing is working environment. A better working environment will let their employees feeling relax, and they will able to promote a creative idea to their company.

Moreover, regional reservation control officer is a good opportunity to learn somethings. Everything must start from the low, and it will get better when you have already accumulated a lot of experience and ability. The salary of reservation manager is RM41,601, and the amount are quite a lot. There have some benefits of this job, this job is a fast-paced, satisfying role where I can get an overview of how the various parts of the hotel business affect each other. I also can get to see the results of my hard work on the figures sheets.


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