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When people talked about the children’s books or readings, they always have certain stereotype images, such as big fonts with colorful pictures, fairy tales with all imaginations, or these books are not suitable for adults to read.

People also think that all of children’s stories have happy endings, and create a positive image on everything. But actually there was no such thing called “children’s books “in the past. From my parent’s generation or even my grandparents’ era, they don’t have too many choices on the children’s literatures.All they had are some fairy tales or old stories which orally passed by generations through generations. There is no one confoundedly to write for children. Until the middle of the 20th century, people started to concentrate and focus to write the books for children.

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That’s why we can have so many choices and so many varieties of books for the children. Some authors even categorized themselves as the “children’s book writers” to separate with other writers. For the younger readers, such as kids are not even go to preschool. They don’t know many words or any alphabets at all.Their readings must be accomplished with older adults. Reading is a kind of game or activity to these kids. They enjoy the time to spend with their parents.

For them, their readings must attract their attention with multicolored images and even audio sounds. Winners never Quit (2004) is a great book for these kids who always are filled with energy. The author, Mia Hamm, is a famous athletic herself. She used some easy wording and nice picture to describe her story when she was young.

For the young children, they will treat Mia as an idol.The rich pictures and the interesting contexts will make the younger kids to stay with the books. Since they started to have interested toward the reading, parents can keep introduce more books to them and read with them. During the reading not only the parents but also the children can gain better relationship. Parents can also educate their children some right ideas and thoughts. In children’s books, we can always find a lot of imaginations in them. There are always unexpected things happening in the books. Like in the Caldecott Honor Book, What do you do with a tail like this?It is illustrated by Steve Jenkins and written by Robin Page.

In this book, the illustrations and questions in the materials are interesting, and easily to get echo from the younger kids. Parents also find the book interested when they interact with their children. They surely get a lot of joy from this book. The replies and book reviews from the parents on the webs gain many positive impacts and opinions on this book.

On the currently book markets, we have many different varieties of books for every age’s children. For the past three decades, there was one called “Juvenile literature” on the market.This kind of books especially designed for younger adults, because they are between in a vague situation. They don’t think they are little kids anymore, but they haven’t reached the levels of the adulthood. They need another set of books for them to read.

For these age group of children, they like advantages or mysteries which will bring excitement in their lives. The recent published series from J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter, are extremely popular around the world. I am also a fan of this series. I read all 5 books already with my younger brother who is a young teenager.They have been translated in many languages, and pass to the children and adults everywhere.

Not only the children love the characters and the stories of the books, grownups are also crazy about everything related to the series. This series is a typical juvenile literature for younger adults and adults too. Inside of the books, the authors describe how the main character, Harry, takes adventure with his friends, and how they fight in the magic world. Every detail and the move of the character do attract the readers, including me. According to Natalie Babbitt in Happy endings?


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