According adaption. For that reason, the organization needs

According to Levi, the buyer behavior has different impact on the marketing activities in different situation of buying.

For example, a new buyer behavior differs from the straight re-buyer situation. Some buyer acts as routine response to the same products whereas the modified buyer may have different linkage to the buying decision. Here, Levi also distinguished a new product buying decisions affects the marketing activities in the way of creating adaption ability. Therefore, the company needs to attract the customer from the hearing to final adaption. For that reason, the organization needs to develop the marketing plan for the development of the new buyer awareness. This slogan is attracted the new customer as well as helped to developed the awareness, interest, and adoption ability of the new buyer.

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On the other, the straight re-buying situation is more friendly that of new buying situation. For an example, the loyal buyer of the Damro has huge trust and they are adopted with this brand. In this case, Damro is focusing on the core benefits of the product which is more convergent with the marketing activities. So, the straight re-buying technique has positive impact on the marketing activities of the organization and that buyer is bringing the competitive advantage for this organization. Because, when the organization designs the marketing for the different buying behavior the organization can increase the customer loyalty.


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