According problem in field observation the sampled

According to Item 1 of table 5, 115 (77.

6%) of the sampled respondents had access to the tap potable water and 32 (22.4%) of the respondents have no access tap potable supply of water their residence. As Item 2 of Table 5, regarding to the drinking water collection 40 (27.

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2%) respondents have access to tap inside house, 27 (18.4%) have tap outside compound, 25 (17%) have tap inside neighbors’ compound, 23 (15.6%) have accessed from public tap or fountain. In this case, the respondents said that they used another water supply for their house consumption. Furthermore, in order to narrow the gap between supply and demand that is caused by water supply and distribution related problem in field observation the sampled respondents indicated they are used an options of like, individual vendors, neighbor’s home pipeline due to its effectiveness for time and money as viewed by investigator. This almost reveals large number of community indicated that the provision of water supply did not cover the demands of the inhabitants.

As a result, the concerned body attention is not enough to improve the water supply and distribution problems in the area as similar idea raised by sampled households. Additionally, the information is collected from respondents who have no access of the water as a result of the various problems, they supposed that the main reason of water cost is high, the water system is challenges due to the line old, frequent breakdown of pipeline and the high expansion of the town. Table 4.7. Access to private pipeline connection


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