According can be effective guerilla marketing tools

According to N.

Roberto and A. Roberto (2011), they cite a conversation about promoting their business through flyers at SM Baguio where the store is located. Inside of the conversation, they talked about how effective are flyers. “If executed properly, flyers can be effective guerilla marketing tools for promoting your store.” “Guerilla Marketing is all about attaining your goals, at least cost. All you need is time, energy, information and creativity.” Roberto (2011).

 Related StudiesForeign            S.N. Khan (2010), in his case study, conducted in-depth qualitative interviews with school principals/administrators in 16 private schools found on Islamabad and Rawalpindi in Pakistan. In Khan’s case study, the student’s number in the school ranges from 245 to 2091.

He gathered data by having face-to-face interviews with each principals/administrator in their respective offices.  The gathered qualitative data was analyzed by Khan and was presented descriptively and in tabulations. He collected those data from seven schools from Islamabad then nine schools from Rawalpindi. Tables and figures were also used in comparing the gathered data.

The findings of his case study showed that there are four variables in promoting schools which are the school appearance itself, its public relations, publicity and also its advertisements that includes print and electronic media. Khan concluded that these variables have strong effects on the enrollment of students but also highly affected by other promotional activities and variables such as environment and situations. Khan also stated that most schools nowadays give importance mostly to advertisements through print media and school appearance. All in all, Khan’s study showed that promotional tools are indeed considered as a key part of any strategy of schools to attract more student enrollees. Uchendu, et al. (2015) also agreed to the fact that media advertisements help in promoting schools to student enrollees.

The trio conducted a case study on the marketing strategies and student’s enrollment in private secondary schools in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State, Nigeria. The study was carried out on the 32 school administrators of 32 private secondary schools in the said locality. Uchendu, Nwafor and Nwaneri handed out 30-item questionnaires to the respondents and then proceeded to analyze the data collected through Mean, Population T-Test, and Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient. Their findings showed that quality programs, infrastructural developments, TV/Radio Advertisements, Face to Face talk with Parents, Newspapers/Magazines Advertisements, and Social Media/Websites are effective promotional strategies of the Calabar Municipality that increased the students’ enrollment  in the said educational institution which then supports the idea that promotional strategies like advertisements in various medias (previously discussed by S.

N. Khan) are effective in increasing student population.


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