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Accordingto Dundes (1994) cockfighting is a very old sport and some claimed “theoldest”. Thus, this kind of gambling is a widely known sport especially forthose persons exercising it. Persons involved in cockfighting are calledcockfights. Many researchers said that most of the victims in cockfighting arethe men specifically to the fathers that have already drawn to the calledsport. Researchers have pointed out, cockfightsattract people from all stratification system, and data show that people fromhigh-end hierarchy are underrepresented: rural poor, construction workers andagriculturists predominate at most cockfights (Bryant & Capel, 1974).

However,cockfighting in the United States is illegal in all fifty U.S states and in theDistrict of Columbia. The last state to implement a state law banningcockfighting is the Louisiana State and now banned since June 2007 and the bantook effect until August 2008 (“Cockfight,” 2014). Hence, Philippines cockfight is legal in someways and was locally termed sabong. Inthe province of Managok, Bukidnon most of the men’s populations are cockfightsspecifically the fathers, fathers drawn into cockfighting should already knowthe risks and consequences that being a cockfight may affect the family.Instead of securing the safety and providing the needs of their family, somefathers tend to go cockfight and spend the money to be gambled duringcockfighting or even so.

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 It hasbeen reported that in the other country ten percent of those who gamble haveexperienced serious family problems related directly to gambling behavior (Abbot& Cramer, 1993).During the review researchers find out thatone of the most serious gaps in research lay in the study of gambling vsparenting and it should be studied to know the testimonies of fathers drawninto cockfighting. Its importance is to secure the feeling of loneliness in thefamily to consider the risks and consequences of being a cockfight in Managok,Bukidnon. The study could also be a useful instrument for future researchers.


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