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According to Constante (2015), they promoted the education of Philippine history, culture, values, and faith in promoting their school, Filipino Cultural School. Constanteclearly pointed out that students would study in their school (even to their summer schools) just to avoid summer vacations and just for them to know more about the Philippines. This way of promoting the country’s core cultures proved to be a great strategy to garner more students in schools.

?Flores (2014) highlighted the statement of Secretary Armin Luistro which states that schools should promote peace to the students for   education is important to the process of peace.  Like Constante, Flores suggests to focus on the values so that people will be attracted to the school because it shows good morals that the students may also acquire.  Flores also added what Luistro said that if the student’s learning process is disrupted, then students are heavily affected. In the article, Luistro also elaborated that schools, even before peace processes, put “zone of peace” banners to support the process and that schools should remain that way. With this information, we can thus say that in promoting schools, we should also consider the fact that the education of students should be in utmost safety, for it will be a hindrance for students to be participative in schools that can eventually affect the whole student population. B.

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Salvador (2014) as cited by author R. De mesa (2014) stated that a tip to build relationships. “Walangtaong yumaman ng walang network (No one accumulates wealth without building a reliable network),” he said. He said that even the first telephone conversation with a client is already considered marketing, how you talk to a client will already make or break a deal. This tells that if you have good relationships with the parents or guardians, you will gain their trust. When you gain their trust, they will commend their children to the school and in the upcoming school years. “A crew with smiles and good service is a good form of marketing” he said.

The reality is that many schools have blind spots. They identify the same target market as everyone else in their neighborhood when there are bigger unserved and underserved markets available waiting to be tapped (known as having a market-driving strategy). He is suggesting other schools to reposition themselves as a pro-working students school that opens classes only from Monday to Thursday so that they can work on weekends and help their families. This is a very innovative way to persuade other children to pursue their studies. (J. Go., 2013) According to N.

Roberto and A. Roberto (2011), they cite a conversation about promoting their business through flyers at SM Baguio where the store is located. Inside of the conversation, they talked about how effective areflyers. “If executed properly, flyers can be effective guerillamarketing tools for promoting your store.” “GuerillaMarketing is all about attaining your goals, at least cost.

All you need is time, energy, information and creativity.” Roberto (2011). Related StudiesForeign?S.N.

Khan (2010), in his case study, conducted in-depth qualitative interviews with school principals/administrators in 16 private schools found on Islamabad and Rawalpindi in Pakistan. In Khan’s case study, the student’s number in the school ranges from 245 to 2091. He gathered data by having face-to-face interviews with each principals/administrator in their respective offices. The gathered qualitative data was analyzed by Khan and was presented descriptively and in tabulations.

 He collected those data from seven schools from Islamabad then nine schools from Rawalpindi. Tables and figures were also used in comparing the gathered data.The findings of his case study showed that there are four variables in promoting schools which are the school appearance itself, its public relations, publicity and also its advertisements that includes print and electronic media.

 Khan concluded that these variables have strong effects on the enrollment of students but also highly affected by other promotional activities and variables such as environment and situations. Khan also stated that most schools nowadays give importance mostly to advertisements through print media and school appearance. All in all, Khan’s study showed that promotional tools are indeed considered as a key part of any strategy of schools to attract more student enrollees. Uchendu, et al. (2015) also agreed to the fact that media advertisements help in promoting schools to student enrollees. The trio conducted a case study on the marketing strategies and student’s enrollment in private secondary schools in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State, Nigeria. The study was carried out on the 32 school administrators of 32 private secondary schools in the said locality.

 Uchendu, Nwafor and Nwaneri handed out 30-item questionnaires to the respondents and then proceeded to analyze the data collected through Mean, Population T-Test, and Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient. Their findings showed that quality programs, infrastructural developments, TV/Radio Advertisements, Face to Face talk with Parents, Newspapers/Magazines Advertisements, and Social Media/Websites are effective promotional strategies of the Calabar Municipality that increased the students’ enrollment in the said educational institution which then supports the idea that promotional strategies like advertisements in various medias (previously discussed by S.N.

Khan) are effective in increasing student population.A case study conducted by Wang, (2010) also conducted a case study regarding the marketing strategies of academic organizations. In this case study, Wang performed the study in Taiwan Adult Learning whereas the Likert-type scale was the instrument used in the research for Wang to gather data. The population of the study Wang conducted were 350 student participants who enrolled in adult education courses in the Taiwanese university.?Similar to the findings of the Khan and Uchendu, Wang’s findings showed that media advertising was the most effective and popular advertising only being followed by the oral advertising and advertising recognition. Also, Wang found out that orientation consultant is also a factor that should be considered for the results showed that most participants considered first the orientation consultant when they joined the said educational program.

 This case study must be included in our related studies for it also tackles the premises of student enrollees and how they are affected by different strategies.Rupolia, et al. (2013) Promotion is concerned with any vehicle you employ for getting people to know more about your product or service. Advertising, public relations, point-of-sale displays, and word-of-mouth promotion are all traditional ways for promoting a product. Both qualitative methodology and quantitative techniques have been used.

The study has been conducted at various street markets located at Mumbai in Maharashtra state. The sample included 129 active street shoppers.  In this study, Positive Word of Mouth is the most effective strategy followed respectively by attractive display of merchandise, personal selling and attractive offers. Word of Mouth Strategy which is found to be the most effective tool of promotion has a great impact on the customers decision and the Marketing industry experts have realized the utility of this marketing tool.

On our study, it shows that good relationship with the customer is the start of building attraction and trust that will create a reliable bond to school and the customers. This can also cause a long-term relationship where the parents and their students will stay on the school and can even recommend it with others. Loyal customers are very valuable as they are guaranteed to provide organizations and institutions with repeat business over a long period of time.??On a different note, Mamat, et al (2015), in their case study, tackled the role of telemarketing as promotional tools for student enrolment.

The researchers conducted a qualitative inquiry and data collection method such as interviews and observation on few of the staffs of a private institutional college located in the southern region of Malaysia. Mamat and the others used qualitative inquiry and data collection method. They also conducted personal interview to the staffs of the marketing department. The said interviews consisted of structured and unstructured methods which then discussed the telemarketing that the company applied on the marketing activities and promotions.

 Based on their findings, it is there concluded that telemarketing was  effective in promoting student enrollment at the said college. They also found out that the reason that companies included the method of telemarketing is for them to provide their target customers and potential customers with information by giving them awareness of the product and at the same time persuading them to buy their products or services mainly because telemarketing itself creates awareness and customer reminder to the programs offered. Different from the findings of Khan, the trio focused on the role of other promotional strategies that should also be included in our study of promotional strategies.


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