According four great human excellences: human courage,

According to Aristotle’s theory of virtue ethics, the character of a good physician assistant should be entirely dependent on his/her role in medicine. However, the character should not only be limited within the scope of medicine, but instead expressed through the physician’s ultimate state of rationality. In other words, what is the quality of this physician’s integrity the moment they remove their scrubs and exit the hospital? In Aristotle’s perspective for theory of virtue ethics, he states that good conduct arises from habits that in turn can only be acquired by repeated action and correction, making ethics an intensely practiced discipline. Good character stems from consistently doing the right thing when nobody’s around because it builds a sense of morality for that individual.Personally, I believe having an equal balance between objectiveness and compassion in the medical field is an important aspect when defining a virtuous physician assistant, because it outlines the general skills a physician must possess to fulfill a certain role in patient care.

The care that is being provided to a patient will directly reflect the features that a physician naturally holds as their own. As defined by Greek philosophers, they believed the excellence of a virtuous person stems from four great human excellences: human courage, temperance, wisdom, and justice. Such features are empirical attributes for a robust physician assistant. Aristotle defines virtue as the average or ‘mean’ between excess and deficiency. So in other words, his proposition for virtue is ‘all things in moderation.

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‘ This is an important guideline to follow, because it discourages selfishness or greed and promotes individuals to lead a virtuous life of moderation, which will produce happiness. A virtuous life of happiness will result in that individual to maintain an ethical lifestyle. Now, say for example this specific individual becomes a physician assistant in the future. Since they have been practicing good ethics by repeatedly doing the right things, they have built a character of integrity that will naturally produce a good physician.


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