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The path to a truly useful and consumer accepted personal data solution is strongly influenced by WiMAX. There is little doubt that the strong acceptance of WiMAX has created pressures on long-term evolution of the global network. By enabling new entrants to participate in 4G services delivery and at a lower cost point than existing 3GPP/3GPP2 development streams, whole new markets and delivery methods are within reach. 4G is more than faster speeds for wireless data; it’s really the ability for individuals to access their personal information whenever they want from wherever they are located.It is difficult for any one carrier to supply this service, and even more complex for any one technology to provide the most efficient service for each location. As WiMAX is carving out its place in the converged IP network, it creates great pressure on the incumbent 3G technologies to accelerate toward the most efficient packet delivery.

WiMAX has the advantage of non-incumbency and is not required to maintain support for legacy technology that is far less efficient for delivery of data services. (Hintze, 2006)According to Donna Carlson (2006), Radio technology continues to evolve at an amazing rate, and WiMAX is benefiting from these advances. This session will look at the key trends in radio design and how WiMAX can benefit from them. We’ll discuss the use of phased-array and MIMO antenna technologies, advances in radio chipset process technologies and design, enhanced mesh support, additional quality of service techniques and a number of interesting possible directions, including software-defined radio (SDR) implementations of WiMAX.The Korean government and communications industry have invested significant amounts of resources and effort into WiBro since 2002 in order to ensure the industry’s continued development and to overcome the fact Korea lacks core patents in other communications fields. More aggressive than any other nation in the promotion of metropolitan area networking, Korea is emerging as the leading global testbed for WiBro, and by extension, Wimax.

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However, competing technologies as well as the characteristics of the nation’s domestic market may pose a challenge to WiBro development.At the same time, Korean players are working hard to strike a balance between control of core patents and the added exposure and development momentum that cooperation with international heavyweights provides. Research and Investigation Research has been automated using automation of interactive surveys that implement delta trend analysis and instant messaging in combination with e-mail.

Automation is made possible because of a proprietary engine that implements multilayered cell based analysis. Modular systems support dynamic computing that use a graphical configuration engine to reach more people in a research modality.(Market Research. com, 2006) Full spectrum research and information services, including market reports, customized research, and customer interviewing are available, reports and research are positioned to provide strategic value to industry participants, strategic planners, and product managers.

New systems combine sales tools and independent industry analysis, seeking to leverage the expertise of the sales force and combine it with the skepticism of the analysts to provide accurate return on investment analysis.(Winter Green research, 2006) Global WiMAX infrastructure spending will rocket from $655m today to $7. 36bn by 2009, just three short years away, according to a brand new report from Rethink Research.

WiMAX spending will go from 22. 5% of all broadband wireless spend in 2006 to be the dominant platform in the market, with a 63% share. This is the first piece of research to state definitively how much money will be spent on WiMAX equipment, including core networking – in which countries, and for which applications.

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