Academically, worked for different institutions such as

Academically, I have continuously been an exceptionally decided
and diligent individual, hence why I knew that a degree at University
would be the definite next step. I originate from a foundation where my dad has
been in the retail store for a considerable length of time. While I was growing
up, I have been currently participating in the running of the business.I
believe that I can combine my interest in Business Studies and previous retail
experience to excel in the course that I am applying for. Having arranged this
venture from the outset, I have learnt how to dissect issues and come up with
arrangements while assembly due dates and executing a fundamental commerce
technique. Additionally, it has given me a taste in overseeing a business, and
I am energetic to learn more.

After carrying out researches into numerous careers and from past
encounter, I figured it out a career in business is something I would like to seek
in the future. Having watched the fast changes in business worldwide, and the
way firms respond has propelled me to take this knowledge further. Furthermore,
I strongly believe that starting a foundation year at university will improve
my personal knowledge and also set me up well for the rest of the degree.

In the past, I took part in NCS as it gives me a sense of purpose
and achievement, whilst enabling me to communicate and meet new people. Not
only has it taught me to be a team player but also some key skills of how to be
a leader and it also improved my work in speech and presentations.

Another work experience that I took part was at BMW. The working
experience was both inspiring and educational. I realise the importance of a
strong leader who could organise and be able to work well with others. I
enjoyed this work experience as there were challenges of adapting to different
environments and the opportunity to work with a diverse, incredibly intelligent
group of people.

Not only I took part to voluntary work and I also carrying out
with some paid work. I am taking to part time and full-time jobs while I am at
college; I worked for different institutions such as S&L Ltd, Disney Store
and many others. Those paid work experience gave me an outlet of the real-life
world and gave me a sense of achievement.

I understand that a business based degree is a profoundly
requesting course and needs commitment and difficult work. I have taken up
exercises which include these qualities; Judo is a sport which I enjoy, and its
fundamental standards of inspiration and difficult work are qualities I esteem.
I am a 7 times national champion of the all UK in Judo and I have been doing
this sport for 11 years. Additionally, outside of college I have a passion for
sports both for enjoyment purposes and maintaining fitness. Football is at the
centre of my love for sport and which I take part in training regularly at
Highfield Rangers FC. Having the chance to play for this club, helped to learn
and build lot of skills such as teamwork and improve my fitness level.
Additionally, I also enjoy and participate in other sporting activities and I
am hoping to carry on these activities whilst conducting my studies at

A business based degree is especially assorted and can lead to
numerous opportunities; I will flourish on considering its numerous
profundities and breadths. At display I have as it were fair wandered into the
trade world and I am enthusiastic to learn more. I see myself as an
exceptionally competent and excited individual who will get a handle on this
challenging degree with both hands to assist my academic potential and ended up
an asset to your university.


I'm Mary!

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