AC discussed in this essay. Findings There are

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2 Discuss the organisational structure of different hospitality organisationsIntroductionAn organization structure is a “hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, communications, rights and duties of an organization” (, n.d.

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). The purpose of an organizational structure is to issue special responsibilities, authority and roles to a specified individual to perform a task(s) (Ingram, 2017). As a tourism consultant the discussion of the organization structure of different hospitality organizations will be discussed in this essay.FindingsThere are different organizations which make up the hospitality industry, two of these organizations include restaurants and a hotel. Below the organisational structure of two different hospitality organisations will be highlighted:1.      Functional organizational structure/bureaucratic structure separate roles by specialty (Alton, 2017). 2.

      Restaurants have various levels of the organizational structure where the staffs must report to. These are pointed out in descending order; the executive management, shift supervisors, with frontline associates, drive-thru associates, cooks and food prep associates, and clean-up crew on the same level (Rosado, 2017).  3.      Wickford (n.d.) clearly outlines the departments which restaurant mainly reside on; general manager, front of house and executive chef.  4.

      In the appendix section, you can find an organizational structure which shows the basic outline of the individuals in the hierarchical structure in the hospitality industry. These individuals are; owner, general manager, head chef, front house manager and the others are sub-personnel under these individuals mentioned (CL255 Food and Beverage Operations Management, n.d.).  5.      Restaurant organizational chart holds the key participants such as the Owner, Restaurant manager, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Beverage Manager, Dining Room Manger, Executive Chef, Head Bartender, Host Server Busser, Assistant Chef (Restaurantowner.

com, 2017) 6.      The hotel organizational structure is divided into departments. These departments are; ·         Front office·         Logistics department·         Human resources department·         Financial department·         Food and beverage department·         Sales department (, 2016). 7.      There are two type of relationship in an organizational structure (a diagram is in the appendix), the solid line and dotted line (Kumar, 2013).

 DiscussionAlton (2017) states that functional or bureaucratic organizational structure is the structure that divides the firm specialties. This contains sales department, customer service department, marketing etc. The benefit of this structure is that employees receive a core function based on the department. These roles they receive are often clear and limit causes of confusion.

However, communication can be weak between the departments. Hotels and restaurant are a part of the hospitality organization which are the most prevalent ones in the industry. Brockman (2015) states that food and beverage are often provided by these two organizational structure.

Restaurants are different from hotel where hotels offer more to their visitors such as all rounded catering (food, accommodation, *tours etc.). Restaurants does not work with a hierarchal structure and if they choose to have this structure it is not a great one. Hotels are organizations which practices this structure (Wickford, n.

d.). When we speak of organizational hotel structure, we bear in mind the branches. There are two type of relationship in an organizational structure (a diagram is in the appendix), the solid line and dotted line. The solid line represent accountability, meanwhile the dotted lines represent more than one persons are placed on this specific task to ensure it is communicated well (Kumar, 2013). The departments in the hotel organization holds a variety of departments such as marketing which deals with how the business is being promoted and seen by the public and another such as the hospitality department that ensure the all rounded comfort of the guests.

Food and beverage department ensure the food are prepared and served on time and monitor cleaning and other aspects of catering in that area. Also, the financial department is important to ensure the monitoring of the organizations income, expenses and cost expectancy (, 2016).

These departments are monitored by their specific managers who they report to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction.ConclusionThe organizational structure is deemed important to the hospitality industry. In this structure two key organization is also bring forth, hotel and restaurant structures. Hotel structures are more complex than restaurant structure. The organizational structure separate roles and responsibilities of the staffs in their various departments. This structure is needed to keep a constant flow of functional and effective business within the industry.



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