ABSTRACTIn can automatically wound stator coils of motor.

ABSTRACTIn this fast growing age of science and technology we want make a project which is advantage, beneficial in today’s life with having a low cost.

Before selecting this project collection of technical data and market survey should be done first by market survey we make it sure that all the components of this project are easily in the market.Now a day in industries, winding of motor is wounded manually. It is very time consuming process and all required high skilled Manpower. In our Project, we are going to design a machine which can automatically wound stator coils of motor. There are various types of motor are used in market. So there are different types of winding to be wound.

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One has to design such a machine which can be used for different types of winding. In this Project, servo motor will be used to rotate bobbins. In this motor, no. of revolution can be controlled easily. Use of automatic wound machine will reduce time consumption of manufacturing process of motor. So it will increase rate of production and also maintain quality standards.IntroductionIn Industries, Old Conventional method is used for winding of motor.

This process has too much time consumption. In this process, high skilled manpower is also required. But still its efficiency and quality is low. And for different types of motors, windings are different also. So our team is going to make such a machine which can wound coils automatically on bobbins.This is a relatively new but highly upgraded machine because in industries, many types of motors are available and all these motors have different type of windings. So our machine can be used for any type of winding of any motor.

In this machine, we are going to use servo motor as main motor. Reason for choosing servomotor is its accuracy and smooth revolution control. Servo motor Gives smooth speed control and also gives smooth revolution control. This Motor is reliable so we are going to use this motor.This servo motor will be used for rotating bobbins. Stepper motor is used for horizontal displacement of coil selecting unit.PLC logic will be used for this project. PLC unit will receive input digital data.

PLC will perform output on this input data. PLC will Control all the units.HMI Unit will be used for input data. HMI will give data to PLC and then PLC will Execute Program as per input and we will get output.

Working .This Project Works on Plc System. When we give input to HMI Unit, It will give that signal to PLC Controller. Then PLC will give signal to Servo drive. This Servo Drive will decode that signal and give command to servo motor.

If we gave 50 turns in input then servo motor will stops after 50 revolutions. When revolution completes proxy will give feedback to PLC Controller. Then PLC will execute program of coil selecting unit. So it will give operating signal to coil selecting unit. In which stepper motor is placed. This stepper motors will give output as per PLC controller’s signal.

Then again Plc will execute Servo motor program until all turns are wound. This is 3d model of machine.


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