ABSTRACT: along with the progress of the civilizations.

ABSTRACT: Architecture was and still a vital need in our life; in very ancient times, it represented a human’s shelter from his surroundings. Architecture then along became the source of the human comfort along with the progress of the civilizations. To achieve that human comfort it was necessary for architecture to react harmoniously with its environment.

Therefore, certain considerations like Social, constructional, environmental have been assigned to Architecture.Modern architecture has neglected a natural inevitable consideration: “The Earth’s Energy” which is a natural electromagnetic field of the Earth, resulting from of the melted iron in the earth’s core. That energy have many types and formation, such as Lines, Grids, spots…etc.

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Modern researches proved that each type affecting Humans and the Environment differently.The human body also has many kinds of energy. Modern science defines the energy of the human body as an electromagnetic field that surrounds and penetrates it. Therefore, there is a continuous interaction between humans and the earth.This research intended to focus on and demonstrate the Earth’s Energy types and formations, and measurements used tools. In addition, the research suggesting a methodology of Designing Urban Spaces according to the Earth’s Energy structure in the site, to provide better lives in Cities. INTRODUCTIONSince the beginning of human existence on earth, Architecture was and still a vital need in man’s life; in ancient times, it was his shelter from surroundings.

Architecture then along became the source of the human comfort along with the progress of the civilizations. To achieve that human comfort it was necessary for architecture to react harmoniously with its environment. Unfortunately, modern architecture regarded Social, constructional and environmental considerations, but neglected a natural inevitable consideration: “The Earth’s Energy”.Earth is alive as well as humans, and its energies forms lines and grids emerged from beneath, through the geological faults, mineral veins, watercourses in the earth’s crust. In addition, the existence of these energy lines and grids appeared because of the melted earth’s iron core. The human body also has many kinds of energy. Modern science defines the energy of the human body as an electromagnetic field that surrounds and penetrates it. Therefore, there is a continuous interaction between humans and the earth.

Ancient civilizations recognized the relation between life on earth and its bio-energy (Karim, 2010). Since the Stone Age, a man used the big stones to mark the earth energy lines and their crossings, also the Greek built their buildings according to the earth energy zones and its power spots, the Romans did the same as they respected these energy lines and planned their cities and buildings according to it (Mettler, 1986). Blanche Merz showed in her book “Points of Cosmic Energy”, how the ancient man dealt with the natural earth energy grids, and how the ancient Egyptians dealt delicately with these grids, also she revealed the relation between the Romanesque and Gothic churches and the earth energy formations.Dr. Ibrahim Karim declares in his book “Back To A Future For Mankind” that the city planning was passing through a process of two steps.

The first step is to identifying a location on earth, which had a very strong sacred energy quality, and then the second step is to establish a connection between these earthly locations and the locations of similar ones in the sky.Through the literature review, the research intended to focus on and demonstrate the Earth’s Energy types and formations, and measurements used tools. In addition, the research suggesting a methodology of Designing Urban Spaces according to the Earth’s Energy structure in the site, to provide better lives in Cities.HUMAN BODY’S ENERGY The concept of the humans having an energy system; is well established in eastern medicine long ago (Thurnell-Read, 1998). Chinese and Indians demonstrated the human’s energy system as energy pathways and energy gates, respectively.The Body’s energy in Chinese civilizationThe Chinese medicine illustrates the human energy system as a 14 major mirrored pathways called meridians, running over the skin through the whole body. As the body absorbs the subtle energy from the environment, the meridians distributes that energy through it.

The condition of the human’s subtle energy system refers to the human’s health, “where any damage to it will ultimately result in damage to the physical body”. The meridians forming the link between the physical and etheric bodies. As the nature of these meridians is electromagnetic, so it could be affected by electromagnetic energies. Some modern devices can determine these energy flow pathways, “This suggests that meridians have a real physical presence” (Thurnell-Read, 1998).These electromagnetic conductive points on the skin, are joined by energy paths along the body, and are acting like sensors or windows to deal with the environment around the human body.

“In the Holy Quran it is said that when we die our skin will reveal everything about our actions in this life” (Karim, 2010).The Body’s energy in Indian civilizationThe Indian point of view classifies the body to a physical body and subtle bodies. The physical body have a low vibration so it is visible in the material world, but other bodies have higher vibrations so they are not visible. These bodies are etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Hence the etheric body carries the cells information (Richard Gerber in Vibrational Medicine), the emotional body connected to the feelings of the body. The mental body is the source of thoughts and imagination, and the spiritual body connected to the divine. These subtle bodies connected to the physical body, and they interpenetrate each other. Unfortunately, the modern scientific tools are not yet suitable for analyzing and measuring these bodies (Thurnell-Read, 1998).Old Indian scriptures demonstrates that the human body have seven major chakras. These chakras acting like energetic gates between the body and the external world. Each chakra linked to an internal organ and a particular gland.EARTH ENERGY This research is concerned with the Earth Energy, which means the natural electromagnetic fields of the earth, also it considered as an electromagnetic cover located between the earth’s surface and the atmosphere.

It thought to be generated by fluid motions of the melted iron in the earth’s core (SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, 2018). As its electrical and magnetic properties occurred in the Earth’s poles (Figure 1).Fig. 1 The earth’s magnetic fieldReference: United States Geological Survey 2008TYPES OF NATURAL ELECTROGAGNETIC ENERGY This energy occurred in many forms like Lines, grids, spots or any other form.

While some of these energy forms are beneficial for humankind, the rest are harmful. These energy forms could occur in the same place, so it might magnify or eliminate each other.Energy lines or pathwaysThis type of earth energy originated from the underground water streams and the geological Faults, so it could be straight or curved as it is related to their paths. It could occur as a single line in the site or a multiple intersecting lines or pathways.The underground water streams radiationsThese radiations rises vertically, resulting from the underground water streams beneath the Earth’s surface (Figure 2). Theses radiations forms a continuous line of vortices, where some of it is harmful for the humankind and some is beneficial, depending on the rotation direction (Hall, 1997). Their effect could occur in the higher floors in the buildings (Thurnell-Read, 1998).

Fig. 2 The underground water streams radiationsReference: Author edits after Cowan & Girdlestone 1996Geological FaultsIt is considered as one of the main causes of Earth’s electromagnetic anomalies and Geopathic stress (Freshwater, 1997), as it is resulting from the compressional or tensional forces cause relative displacement of the rocks of the Earth’s crust (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2008), as shown in (Figure 3). This pressure forces affects the electrical field of the metals in this area, specially quartz and iron, where it releases speed harmful neutrons turns into negative electrons and positively charged protons.Fig. 3 Geological fault in MoroccoReference: Bouttemy 2013Energy gridsThis type of earth energy related to the earth’s magnetic field, it occurs as grids or networks. The lines of these grids could be perpendicular or mirrored as follows.Hartmann GridFirst described by the German physician Dr. Ernst Hartmann (Thurnell-Read, 1998), in the sixties of the twentieth century.

This grid lines occurs as an invisible vertical radioactive walls (Figure 4).Fig. 4 Three-dimensional imaginary representation of the Hartmann Grid Reference: Author after Thurnell-Read 1998The lines width is 25 cm in the east west direction and 2 meters apart, and the width of the north-south direction lines is 15 cm and the spacing between them ranged from 1.2 to 2.

5 meters depending on whether it is near or far from the Earth’s poles. Every around 2 meters in height there is a horizontal plane, with 20 cm thick forming a stacked cubes (Karim, 2010). One of the lines of this network has positive electrical charge and the next is negative, and that repeated constantly (Thurnell-Read, 1998) (Figure 5). A node occurred when two lines of this grid with same charge intersects, where the charges are doubled (Figure 5). This energy grid rise to considerable heights in the atmosphere (Mettler, 1986).Fig. 5 The grid lines charges in the two directionsReference: Author after Thurnell-Read 1998Benker GridNamed after an Austrian researcher called Anton Benker, this grid also called “Benker Cubical System”, where it looks like cubes stacked beside and over each other (Dale, 2009).

This grid Superimposed on the Hartmann Grid, with single or double strips (zones), with an approximate dimensions of 10x10x10 m. (Karim, 2010). This grid is most important, where it is related to the arrangements and the dimensions of ancient temples and churches (Mettler, 1986).Curry GridThe lines of this grid are electrically charged, naturally originated.

It runs diagonally (Northeast – Southwest) and (Southeast – Northwest) (Thurnell-Read, 1998). This grid, described by Wittman and Curry in the 1970’s (Stark, 2005). In older publications represent the grid lines as diagonals inside the Hartmann grid squares; in fact, it is an exceptional case (Figure 6).Fig. 6 The relation between Curry and Hartmann gridsReference: Author edits after Hall 1997These grid radiations can penetrate the building materials, and occurs at the higher floors of skyscrapers (Jurgec, 2008).

There is disagreement between the references about the distances between these grid lines, but the consensus that this distance within 3 meters, and yet most experts realize that it can change (Thurnell-Read, 1998). These grid lines does not make a threat to the human health, but only at its intersection. While intersections of these lines are considered more harmful than the equivalent Hartmann knots (Stark, 2005).Schneider GridSchneider described a positive grid in the 1980’s, which oriented 45° east of north, and the spacing between its lines is 294 meters, while Dr. Gunther Schneck described a mirrored negative grid (Figure 7), oriented 45° west of north (Stark, 2005).Fig. 7 Schneider GridReference: Author after Stark 2005Second Schneider GridSchneider also described a positive grid oriented 28° east of north, and the spacing between its lines is 267 meters (Figure 8), which are associated with strength and physical healing.

The Romans oriented their roads according to this grid, and many archaeological features are located over its crossings. Dr. Schneck described also a mirrored negative grid (Stark, 2005).Fig. 8 Second Schneider GridReference: Author after Stark 2005Schneck’s Cemetery GridThis grid is oriented 40° east of north, and the spacing between its lines is 170 meters (Figure 9). This grid related to funerary procession paths and funeral doors in churches, their crossings found at entrances of cemeteries and catacombs.

There is also a mirrored negative grid (Rocka ; Creightmore, 2018).Fig. 9 Schneck’s Cemetery GridReference: Author after Rocka & Creightmore 2018Curry Double GridThis grid is oriented 20° east of north. The grid lines are perpendicular to each other with dimensions 125×200 meter (Figure 10). This grid strongly polarized, therefore ancients marked its positive crossings by Dolmens, Menhirs and Stone Circles, as well as the Roman Forts, Temple Sites, small chapels and churches (Schneck, 1995).Fig. 10 Curry Double GirdReference: Author after Schneck 1995Curry Grid ZonesThese zones superimposed on the Curry Grid, but it is not steady. Factors such as weather, air ionization, terrestrial radiation and tidal forces play a role.

Each zone width is about 1 meter wide depending on the intensity of the intersecting zones. Cathedrals and churches, which are located beside water bodies, are often aligned with these zones (Mettler, 1986).Broad Curry GridDr. G. Schneck Also discovered another grid through his dowsing in the roman amphitheater in Wales. This perpendicular grid is positively polarized. It is oriented 30° east of north.

The thickness of its lines is 2.30 m., and the spacing between them is 106 meters (Schneck, 1995).

Alex Grid In 2008, the author and Dr. Mohamed Samir El-Sawy held a field study on two archeological sites in Alexandria, dating to the roman era.We conducted a new earth energy grid, which not mentioned before. The buildings on these sites accurately aligned to this perpendicular grid, as it was their designing grid.That grid oriented about 23°30′ west of north, and the spacing between its zones about (25.5 x 40) meters. We named it “Alex Grid”.

Power Spots and Energy SpiralsThese central spots were located at the intersection of several earth energy straight paths known as “Ley Lines”. At certain spots where Ley centers were superimposed on underground stream crossing they create a powerful energy vortex in the form of an ascending spiral with a clockwise rotation. This type of configuration is typically found in beneficial power spots, and usually has a spring well with a healing water quality (Karim, 2010).Energy spirals usually occur in pairs. They can be spiraling downward or upward, Clockwise or anti clockwise. They may have the same shape, but different energy flows with different effects. (Thurnell-Read, 1998)THE EFFECT OF EARTH ENERGY ON THE HUMAN BODYGeopathic stress has a great impact on humans, as the effect of Extremely low frequency electric fields on human’s brain is experimentally confirmed (Krinker et al., 2010).

Many practitioners and researchers agree that geopathic stress zones affecting humans, animals, plants and even the built environment like buildings, streets and pavements (Dharmadhikari et al., 2010). Some effects of the earth energy on humans mentioned below.Physical EffectsA study held using a (GDV) device, on group of people staying over a geopathic stress zone. Their corona projections revealed increase and deficiencies of the body’s energy, which are mostly associated with the lymphatic system, the cardiovascular system and the pineal gland (Hacker et al., 2005).Geopathic stress may lower the ability of immune system (Dharmadhikari et al., 2010).

Through a field study held in India, by using traditional techniques and modern devices, it is proved that the presence of geopathic stress zone increase blood pressure and heart rate (Sorate et al., 2015).Another study held on five different locations of geopathic stress zones, the study concluded that it was a highly significant changes in body voltage and skin conductivity over these zones (Dharmadhikari et al., 2011).A research held in Philippines on people who stayed (seating or sleeping) for a period of time within geopathic stress zone. That study revealed that the people suffers many symptoms, like fatigue in the morning, migraine, rheumatism, asthma and even cardiovascular circulation problem (Convocar, 2012). Psychological EffectsGeopathic stress affecting the reaction time of drivers, which causes accidents (Sorate et al.

, 2015).By exposing humans to geopathic stress zone for 20 minutes, it led them to feel exhausted, depressed and nervous (Dharmadhikari et al., 2010).A study held on 26 people stayed on a geopathic stress zone, the results showed a significant main effect in uncomfortable, worse and tired on such zone (Augner et al., 2010).The same research mentioned before, which held in Philippines revealed that the people suffers many psychological symptoms. These symptoms was restless sleep, nervousness and even demonic attacked (Convocar, 2012).

A significant relationship was found between geopathic stress and burnout and work-related stress. Hence, geopathic stress affecting human’s work performance (Convocar, 2014). EARTH ENERGY DETECTION There are many ways to detect the earth energy, which are depending on the human body, that could be done through kinesiology (muscle testing), dowsing (using rods or pendulums), sensing (psychic responses), and observing animal behavior (Freshwater, 1997).Modern devices can detect earth energy, as we can use site measuring devices and Human Body measuring devices.

Traditional Techniques Dowsing, is one of the most famous ancient techniques. The art of dowsing was given the name Radiesthesia by French priest Alex Bouly (Encyclopedia, 2016). Radiesthesia is a word of Latin origin meaning sensitivity to radiation. It is the science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using specially calibrated instruments (PHYSICAL RADIESTHESIA, 2014).

Radiesthesia followed two tendencies, the one that proceeds to the mental, and the other which aims to rest on principles of physics, these two have a common point where they going: the transformation and amplification of radiation flowing through the body of man, which translates by the movement of a detector (Pendulum or rod) (Chaumery et al., 2003).The science of BioGeometry has developed Pendulums, specially designed to measure both the magnetic (horizontal) waves, and the electric (vertical) waves of the earth energy grids, such as Hartmann and Curry grids (Figure 11).Fig. 11 Some of the measurements pendulums Reference: Author edits after Karim 2010Modern measuring devicesThrough the traditional techniques have been successful based on their statistical success ratios, and also simple, fast and inexpensive; there is a continued skepticism about their acceptance by the scientific community (Dharmadhikari et al., 2010).

Modern digital measuring devices based on the quantitative measurement of electromagnetic energy, unlike the above measurement methods, which measure energy qualitatively, and these devices divided into two types as follows.Human body measuring devicesThe “Bio-Well” device is the computer analysis of electro-photonic emissions, resulting from placing the human fingertips in the high-intensity electromagnetic field for less than a millisecond. The response to this stimulus is the formation of a variation of an “electron cloud” composed of light energy photons (Gdvcamera, 2013).The “ETAScan” device is a bioenergetic analyzer. It captures the human organism as an energetic entity, it “sees” the item as a “frequency swarm” that has a specific structure (Therapie Nach Maß, 2016).However, modern devices often rely on traditional methods of initial sensing of energy places before they quantified.Site measuring devicesIt can measure energy vibrations, electrical or magnetic energy charges, radio waves, and even the radioactivity of the site.Dharmadhikari (2011) suggested the use of L-rod dowsing technique and geo-resistivity meter to detect the presence of earth energy anomalies, but this device is suitable when the area to be surveyed is large (Sorate et al.

, 2015).Dharmadhikari and others (2010) also made a study by using of Light Interference Technique, to under-stand the nature of a pre-detected Geopathic stress zones. This instrument depends on using a laser light source and detector, with a gap in between. In case of earth energy anomalies is present in the gap, the inter-action between the laser light photons and earth energy anomalies changes the current (Dharmadhikari et al., 2010).The Full-Point company developed instruments to detect Hartmann and Curry grids.

These instruments operation depends on detecting the changes of the frequency modulated signals (FM), where it is consisting of two instruments: a transmitter called a “sounder” and a receiver called a “sonar” (Jurgec, 2008).Both Dr. Mark Krinker and Professor Aron Goykadosh made a study, by using Spinning Electric Vector Analyzer (SEVA), and an extremely low frequency unit (ELF), for mapping and detecting irregular geopathic zones (Krinker et al., 2010). Where the Spinning Electric Fields considered as one of geopathic stress zones related phenomena (Krinker et al.

, 2006). It has revealed and established experimentally, that these phenomena can affect humans (Krinker et al., 2010).THE PROPOSED METHODOLOGY REGARDING EARTH ENERGY IN URBAN DESIGNTo provide better lives in cities, we can;Mapping the underground water streams and geological faults.Defining both negative and positive grids and power spots.Choosing appropriate or neutral areas for housing and work places, by avoiding the negative pathways and spots.

Planting the negative zones with appropriate plants.Choosing positive areas for the hospitals, healing centers and public parks.Linking positive energy spots with pedestrian or car paths, to spread the positive energy through the whole site.Designing the pedestrian network according to the positive energy grid on the site, to gain its beneficial energy quality.

CONCLUSIONS Modern science defines the human body’s energy as an electromagnetic field, which surrounds and penetrates it. Therefore, there is a continuous interaction between humans and the earth.Many practitioners and researchers agree that geopathic stress zones affecting humans, animals, plants and even the built environment.The ancient man traced and marked the earth energy formations, moreover the ancient civilizations used the earth energy grids to plan and design their cities and buildings.The measurements in Alexandria, which conducted by author and Dr. Mohamed El-Sawy, proved that the archeological buildings accurately aligned to an earth energy grid, we named it “Alex.

Grid”.Modern devices can detect earth energy, as we can use site measuring devices and Human Body measuring devices.The author proposed a methodology, which regarding earth energy when designing urban spaces.


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