Abstract—Today role in our daily life and

Abstract—Today Wireless Sensor Networkstechnology has become very popular and showing its remarkable advantages inmedical area. In medical healthcare, WSN are considered as a key research area. Here we have categorized thesensor networks for healthcare system which are: Collection of long-termdatabases of clinical data, Monitoring of patients in clinical settings, Home& elderly care center monitoring for chronic and elderly patients. Throughwhich we can easily observe the patient condition either the patient is presentin clinic or at home.

In critical situation we can also take care of patient aswell as easily find out the doctors any kind of medical help by usingtelemonitoring and tracking application of WSN. In this paper, we havediscussed about some WSN technologies which are using nowadays and proving thathow much their existence is helpfull for living a long life. i.e.AICOs,HipGuard, ultra badge system, iPackage and CodeBlue etc. These are some thosetechnologies which are playing a very important role in our daily life andmaking our life easier and better inspite of  in the presence of many dangerous diseases. In the near future, we willsee the vast implementation and discoveries of WSN in medical healthcare area.

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 KEYWORDS: Wireless Medical Sensor Networks (WMSNs), Emergency Medical Technicians(EMTs),Ambient-Intelligence Compliant Objects (AICOs), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). 1.INTRODUCTION An Emerging technology of wireless sensornetworks consists of small, low- cost and low- power devices. In WSN, generallyintegrate limited computation, radio communication and sensing capabilities whichwe can easily use in medical healthcare. WSN devices can be used to capturecontinuous, real-time vital signs from a large number of patients, radiate thedata to handheld computers carried by nurses, physicians and emergency medicaltechnicians (EMTs), WSN technology would enable medics to more effectivelycare for large numbers of casualties in an disaster or emergency scenario.Wearable sensor nodes can collect patient data such astreatments, identification, and history, supplementing the use of paper chartsand back-end storage systems. First responders could receive instantnotifications on any changes in patient situation, such as cardiac arrest orrespiratory failure. Wearable systems for continuous health monitoring are akey technology in helping the transition to more affordable and proactivehealthcare.

Wearable health monitoring systems allow a personal toconsiderately monitor changes in patient vital signs and provide feedback tohelp maintain an optimal health status. WSN approach has clear benefits for patient care butraises challenges in terms of complexity and reliability in presence of masscasualty event (MCE), For MCE, These networks can greatly reform the ability offirst responders to triage and treat multiple patients equipped with wearablewireless monitors. WSN are also referred as wireless medical sensornetworks (WMSNs), when they are designed for medical applications or used inhealthcare.


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