ABSTRACT run out of space again. There

ABSTRACT Mobile devices are substituting laptops andtraditional computers.

These devices are used not just for communication butalso for multimedia applications such as attending to music, watching videos,and playing games. Thus the storage space available on these devices confineshow much multimedia files can be used on the device and the user iscontinuously removing files to make space to add new ones. Addition of extrastorage space either by increasing internal storage by manufacturers oraddition of SD cards only serves to provisionally lighten the problem until werun out of space again. There is a need to perpetually solve this problem and incorporationto cloud based storage sophisticatedly solves this problem.

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Cloud Based FileSystem solves this problem by providing anytime/ anywhere access to theunlimited storage of a “cloud” to the Mobile Device users. To show feasibly ofconcept, Cloud Based File System App is implemented, which consists of CloudServer app and Mobile Device Client app. The Cloud Server app is implementedusing JAVA and it does not have a user interface and it runs on your “cloud”.Mobile Device Client app is an ANDROID app which runs on your Mobile Device,implemented using android programming. This app provides the Mobile Device userswith the ability to read, open, edit and save Cloud files from a Mobile Device.The biggest advantage of this app for mobile users is anytime/anywhere accessto their Cloud files which provides a way towards competent learning forstudents, and business quickness for business professionals.                                               TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                                                 LIST OFABBREVIATIONS SECTION ONE: INTRODUCTION1.

1  Introduction to the Research Problem With unceasing growth in mobileexpertise Mobile Devices such as smart phones or tablets are becomingreplacement for laptops and Personal computers. One of the substantial reasonsbehind the admiration of Mobile Devices is there small size which makes themmore adorable because they are tranquil to carry as compared to laptops orPC’s. Furthermore, like laptops mobile devices also come with so manystructures like: camera, GPS, email vault, book reader and many moreapplications. However, unlike PC’s Mobile devices have very restricted memoryto save all the applications and data, because of their smaller size. Playinggames, watching movies and saving hundreds of pictures, music files or ringtones on your phone takes up lots of memory. In addition, there are thousandsof Mobile Device applications that you can download to your Mobile Devices andeach one of them uses memory space. Considering the high usability features ofMobile Devices there is need to find solution for the limited storage of MobileDevices.

 Currently, thereare two current ways to extend the memory storage of mobile Devices: using SDcards, Remote Access Applications. Although these existing ways helps to extendstorage of Mobile Devices to some degree but there are some downsidesassociated with these ways for example: SD cards can’t help you to protect yourfiles in occasion you lose your Mobile device, unless you have copied your SDcard data to your PC. Giventhese restrictions of present solution there is need for resourceful resolutionwhich not only helps in encompassing the storage of mobile devices but alsoprovides a better Data Trustworthiness along with easy to use consumerinterface.1.

2  Research Background   1.3  Problem Statement No hesitation these featuressuch as Camera, MP3 Player, GPS and many more have improved portable devices,but they also take up lot of storage space. But unlike PC’s Mobile devices havevery restricted memory to store all the applications and files, because oftheir smaller size. Storage depletion bombards up as the day go by. But, asamazing as these Mobile Devices are, they do not have indefinite memory.Playing games, watching movies and saving hundreds of pictures, music files orring tones on mobile devices takes up lots of memory. In addition, there arethousands of Mobile Device applications that you can download to your MobileDevices and each one of them uses memory space.

  1.4 ResearchObjectives1.4.

1 General Objective To implementmethods of storing files from mobile devices into the cloud with improvedsecurity.1.4.2 Specific Objectives The principalobjective of “cloud computing file system for mobile devices” is to produce a completeAndroid application where we can safe keep all kind of mobile files in cloudand authorised access concurrently.

1.4  Research Questions How can the app improve learning forstudents?Can the app allow multiple users to sync inthe same cloud?  1.6 Justificationof the StudyMobile files Cloud Storage is a procedure of Cloud computing that offerschances and service offerings for using cloud centred file hosting on allcomputing devices and in precise, how to select and use of these services onthe mobile devices such as laptop, tablets, and smart phones. This mobile app is deliberate for the resolutionof sustaining the online mobile data. The operator can sign in their usernameand password. The online storage mobile data encompass details about user fileswhat they upload in cloud and also they can view the files concurrently.

In caseuser damage the mobile, they can retrieve all the files through web.  SECTION TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction Cloud computing isthe Internet (“cloud”) centred advance and use of computer equipment. It is thegrace of a computing in which the vigorously scalable and regularly virtualizedproperties are delivered as a facility over our internet. 1 The NIST definescloud computing as a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demandnetwork access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can berapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or serviceprovider interaction. 2Mobile cloudcomputing provides mobile users with data storage and processing services inclouds, obviating the need to have a powerful device configuration (e.g.

CPUspeed, memory capacity), as all resource-intensive computing can be performedin the cloud. 3 The Cloud ComputingFile System For Mobile Devices is the Android Based Phone Application whichworks on the input from the user in the form of mobile data such as Contact,SMS, Audio and Video so on. 2.X Conclusion This broadsheet analysesthe possibility, methods and resolutions in the capacity of Mobile CloudComputing. The paper emphases on file system using cloud in mobile devices, relocationissues, application development platforms and the various mobile cloud computingapplications.

 SECTION THREE: METHODOLOGY  3.1 Introduction Revisingthe related works is a vital procedure that generates a firm groundwork for evolvingacquaintance; it enables discovery spaces where exploration is required. This papertargets at methodically revising the works to signify the existing state of CSexploration concerning cloud computing file system for mobile devices issues.3.

2 Ethical and PhilosophicalConsiderations 3.3 Research Design TheCloud Based File System App Practises Cloud Computing methodology to increasethe inadequate storage of Mobile Devices. It permits user to design his/her ownlaptop or personal computer as a Cloud and use any Mobile Device such as MobilePhone or Tablet to access archives from Cloud anytime, anywhere provided bothCloud and Mobile Device are on linkage.

It helps in sinking the running costfor multiply intensive apps that take long time and large amount of dynamismwhen performed on inadequate storage. In addition to that the nature of thisapplication which makes a user device and location liberated, supports a waytowards improved knowledge for school, college students.3.4   3.5  3.6  3.X Conclusion Thesuggested Cloud Based File System App sophisticatedly speak to the problem ofinadequate storage of Mobile Devices, by providing limitless storage of cloudto the mobile device users. Cloud Based File System app entails of Cloud Serverapp which runs on cloud and Mobile Device Client app which runs on MobileDevice.

Our interpretations propose that the Cloud Based File System app offersMobile Device users with anytime/anywhere access to the limitless storage ofcloud while holding functionality.


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