ABSTRACT provide several psychological benefits that are-

ABSTRACT Exercise plays an important role during pregnancy.If a women exercise efficiently then it results in various  psychological and physiological effectsduring Parturition.

Some of the benefits of exercise discussed  used in this research is  like it helps in reducing stress whichis  very basic thing to eliminate duringpregnancy women faces many mood swings and do take up stress so exercise is thebest medicine  they can take during thisphase of their time, decreases labor length and strengthen their muscles andjoint.  When a women exercise regularly thenit results in delivering a healthier baby as compared to those women who areinactive .KEY WORDS- Benifits, women, effects of exercise.           EXERCISE”Exercise is a physical activity that isplanned structured and repetitive for the purpose of conditioning any part ifthe body. exercise is used to improve health maintain fitness and is importantas means of physical rehabilitations.”  – medical dictionary.thefreedictionary.

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comDancing, brisk walking, aerobics, martial arts,jumping are some of the examples exercise.Physical activity and regular workout stimulatesgood health in the human beings. a pregnant women if does exercise efficientlythen it results in various positive reverberation on mother as well as on thefetus.

It is advisable to a pregnant women to exerciseduring her 20-36 weeks of pregnancy.Parturition represents a unique  technique in females lives resulting physiological, metabolic, social and psychological changes.According to Carla Snuggs there are several benefitsof exercise during pregnancy . exercise is related to healthier babies as itincreases fitness. Workout also provide several psychological benefits thatare-PhysicalDiscomfortExercising enhance circulation which results inreducing swelling, absorption and utilization as well as it lessen the threatof developing varicose veins .

as sometimes it becomes vulnerable because ofthe backache , constipation and fatigue it is said that to be active duringpregnancy which helps in reducing the physical pain.LaborlengthWhile labor length is always variable, research has shownthat women who exercise often at moderate to high intensity have labors thatare 1/3 shorter than the deliveries of women who don’t exercise. According to Dr.James Clapp, author of Exercising through Your Pregnancy ,haspioneered studies showing that exercise escorts to an easier pregnancy anddelivery.EnergyAn exercise program improve nausea fatigue problemsfaced by a pregnant lady that leads to lack of motivations. StressMolly kimball registered  dietitian  said that during exercise our body excretesan endorphins that is a positive psychological effects that promote in decreasingstress and boost ones mood. Exercise also helps in improving self image.PostureMaintaining shape and posture is one of the mostimportant thing which affects the women looks! after the baby is born exercise makes it easier to get back inthe shape.

regular activities keeps the pregnant women fit and also helps in tocope up with labor pain.StrengthExercising during pregnancy strengthen the muscleswhich lead to improvising the females muscle tone and build stamina. it alsoenhance the ability of the female to remain active .HealthierbabiesMother  whoexercise during pregnancy delivers a healthy baby. In some researches it isshown that women who exercise daily results to baby’s arteries to resist heartrelated diseases .  Exercisingwhile pregnantIn research it is found that if you were activebefore pregnant, it is to stay safe during pregnancy .Women who exerciseconsistently during pregnancy can resume exercise postpartum before two weeksafter delivery, assuming that they experienced a normal delivery without anycomplications. women who Exercise postpartum has shown to have a more rapidrecovery both physically and emotionally .

Exercising for 30 minutes in a daycan be  helpful in terms of health duringpregnancy. the only important thing to keep in mind is that the women should beactive if she becomes wrestles then it can affect the new born. According to Norwegian observational studies “Thirty-two per centof women in our study reported that they exercised regularly before pregnancyatmoderate to high intensity threetimes per week or moreand 13% exercised at the time of inclusion.”Also, If properly supervised by a trainer, femalecan achieve numerous health benefits if they started executing from mild tomoderate intensity of exercise during their pregnancy.  However, every pregnant woman is different inher reaction to exercise, depending on her health and fitness level beforepregnancy.Walking can be an amazing exercise to start withthat can benefits the mother. Walking does not require any extra accompaniments and even there is no need to search fora trainer. Walking is usually safe for every human being and it is painless onthe body and make the joints strong.

Squatting is another type exercise that pregnantwomen can do. during labor squatting helps to open the pelvic outlet that helpsthe infant to degenerate.Pelvic tilts relaxes the muscles which are presentin the abdomen that alleviates the back pain during pregnancy and labor.by the help of these exercises joints become moreflexible that precisely causes the muscles to relax during pregnancy.

Exercise and pregnancyrelated riskGestational DiabetesMellitus (GDM)According to Johns Hopkins medicinehealth  care “Gestational diabetesmellitus (GDM)  is a condition in which a hormone made by the placentaprevents the body from using insulin effectively. Glucose builds up in theblood instead of being absorbed by the cells.” This is the most commoncomplication faced by a pregnant women.

usually GDM develops when a women issignificantly inactive in her pregnancy . If women workout prior to herpregnancy then there is a less  chance todevelop GDM.PreeclampsiaAccording to Johns Hopkins medicinehealth  care  “Preeclampsia (PE) is a disorder of pregnancycharacterized by the onset of high blood pressure and often a significantamount of protein in the urine.

” The risk is reduced inwomen who constantly exercise as compared to the women who are inactive duringthe pregnancy.Obesity”Obesity is a condition where a person has accumulated so much bodyfat that it might have a negative effect on their health.”  Due to weight gain it is aprevalent problems that women faces. the risk has rised after the pregnanciesif women retained weight.Medical conditions     The hormonesstimulated during pregnancy have the potential to induce premature contractions, it also causes blood to beredistributed from internal organs to skeletal muscle.                                                    Conclusion In pregnancies a women go througha lot of mood swings that can affect her health and the baby in the womb. Duringpregnancies women have a lot of negative feeling as well as a positive feelingsuch as losing her baby, having anxiety , unusual thoughts.

exercise a thatactivity which can minimize someone stress and make the environment peaceful. Soit seen that women who exercise during pregnancy minimizes their stress andgive them some peace. Yoga ,Walking, Squatting are some of the essentialsexercise that every women should do to keep themselves healthy.

  However, every pregnant woman isdifferent in her response to exercise, depending on her health and fitnesslevel before pregnancy. Reasons for not following the exercise program includedpregnancy problems, caring for children and work commitments. Studies show thatwomen who continue to exercise through pregnancy usually reach theirprepregnancy proportions sooner after delivery than their sedentarycounterparts.


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