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The study of McCain & Campbell signifies that people use social media to exhibit narcissistic behavior by posting pictures and status in order to receive their desired response of many likes and comments. The following study tends to determine a positive correlation between narcissistic personality and social media usage in university students. Narcissistic Personality Inventory-13 is used to measure narcissism in people and social media usage through Social Media Addiction Scale- Student Form. Convenient sample of one hundred and forty participants will be taken from University of Karachi, from graduate and undergraduate programs, age ranging from 18-25 years. It is predicted that there will be a strong positive correlation between narcissism and social media usage.

Keywords: narcissism, addiction, social media, social networking sites

Association between Social Media Usage and Narcissistic Personality among university students

Social media has gained immense popularity in recent years especially amongst adolescents and young adults. Many social networking websites like facebook, twitter, and instagram are most popular. They help people stay connected with friends and family maintaining relationships by sharing information ( Muise, Christofides & Desmarais, 2009). Users typically access social media services via web based technologies on desktop, computers, and laptops, or download services that offer social media functionality to their mobile devices (e.g., smart phones and tablet computers), when engaging with these services, users can create highly interactive platforms with others. Observers have noted a range of positive and negative impacts of social media use.
Although there are many positive aspects and interaction of social media, people show negative behaviour like anti-social personality and narcissistic personalities. This is an abuse of the affordance of social networking sites and researchers need to determine the harmful effects of social media on interpersonal relationships (De Andrea, Tung & Walther, 2011). Eleanor Paysor (2013) argues that social media provides a stage for narcissist people to exhibit such behaviour and is not responsible for narcissism in because narcissistic personality disorder is a true pathology.
Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by a long-standing pattern of grandiosity (either in fantasy or actual behavior), an overwhelming need for admiration, and usually a complete lack of empathy toward others Electronic media. The term narcissism originated from Greek mythology where the young narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in pool of water. Narcissism is one of the three dark triadic personality traits (the other being psychopathy and Machiavellianism).
The study is sought to determine that the use of social media in university students is positively correlated with narcissistic personality, taking a step further in determining a possible predictor of social media usage. This study will help to determine whether there is any association between narcissistic personality disorder and social media especially in young adults and adolescents.

Literature review
People with narcissistic personality disorder can exhibit their behaviour in the form of posting beautiful pictures, motivating statuses and get their desired response in the form of likes and comments on different social media platforms like facebook, twitter,

instagram and many more. (Campbell & McCain). Many studies have been conducted in recent years on the relationship between social media and narcissisms. Some studies showed a strong relation between the use of facebook, twitter, instagram and whatsapp and narcissism in people, while others showed a weak or negative correlation (Appel & Gnambs, 2017).
A positive correlation is found in many previous researches among narcissist personality and excessive social media usage. In one of the research conducted by Mehdizadeh (2010) she examined that Facebook profile pictures, statues, and notes are positively correlated with narcissism and self promotion. Narcissism is also concerned with the number of times an individual logs in to their profile and the duration of it.
Moreover researchers have found that people who are already high on narcissism trait tends to believe that people on social networking sites are interested in what they do and they also express a desire to have others know what they do (Bergman, Bergman, Fearrington & Darenport, 2011). In relation with that Bergman et al., observed people with high on the narcissism trait are more concerned in posting the better pictures of themselves to portray them as the center of attention related to people low in narcissistic trait.
Panek, Nardis & Konrath (2013) studied the correlation between different social networking sites usage and narcissism in young adults. They found a positive correlation between the frequency of social media use and narcissism. It was also found that young adults use social media to exhibit their best self in order to receive positive feedback.


One hundred participants, seventy males and seventy females will be taken from University of Karachi. The participants will be ranging from age 18-25 years with an educational background of undergraduate and graduate level belonging from different socio-economic class using social media. The participants will be selected through convenient sampling. Participants running a business through social media will be excluded from the sample.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria
Participants running a business, doing a job or marketing through social media platforms will be excluded from the sample. Whereas, people who use it for their self promotion and personal interest will be included.

This will be survey study. Participants will be given questionnaires consisting of questions related to their social media usage, using Social Media Addiction Scale Student Form (SMAS-SF) along with Narcissistic Personality Inventory-13 (NPI-13) to test their narcissism.
Internal consistency coefficient (Cronbach’s alpha coefficient) was found .93 for the whole SMAS-SF Scale. The statistical analysis indicates that the scale is valid and reliable enough to be used in determining the social media addiction of secondary schools , high schools and university students (?ahin). Whereas, the alpha coefficient of Narcissistic Personality Invetory-13 is .82 indicating it a reliable and valid scale for measuring narcissistic characteristics in individual (Gentile, Hoffman, Zeichner ; Campbell).


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