Abstract: severe mental illness. The major shifts


students are at a risk of developing depression, leading to suicidal ideation.
The people especially students around the globe are facing several psychiatric
issues due to several factors. Several reasons can be accounted for increasing
rate of suicides among the well-educated, progressive and moderate people.
Society pressure, bullying, financial crisis, lack of perfection, anxiety,
dietary disorders, fear, lack of confidence and several other factors can lead
a person to a precarious mental disorder commonly known as depression. This
research primarily focusses on the un-just Society and family pressure
encouraging the young minds to commit suicide. Currently, the resources available
to counter and address this prevailing menace. To conduct an effective and
transparent research, we interviewed more than 300 people from the student
community from different institutions. This research analyses the most
important factor involved in spreading this humongous society issue. By
interpreting the views from the individuals, we also develop a strong narrative
for the institutions to inculcate among the students. Some individuals might
think of the screening process as a waste of money, but this step will surely
improve the mental comfort of the students. Thus, reducing depression and in
turn will help in decreasing suicide rate.


According to the latest researches conducted, suicide is one of
the leading factor causing the deaths of adolescents especially students
(Capron, Lamis & Schmidt, 2014). This issue is increasing day by day,
rapidly due to certain controlling factors in the society. The students who
easily adapt themselves in the changing environment are more likely to be
mentally healthy (Pereira-Lima & Loureiro, 2015). Adaptability is one of the most important trait in humans. Lack
in social activism can lead a person to severe mental illness. The major shifts
in one’s life like changing the college or moving into a new town can create an
impact on his behavior and also cause depression in the later stage (Potter et
al., 2004). Moving town to town due to parents posting, leaves you with less
friends and depression. Separating from the friends and comfort zone can create
a negative impact. In addition to that, increasing social and academic
pressures can result in causing anger and depression
et al., 2004). When society expects more of you then you can deliver, it
creates un-bearable burden on your mind. Leading to depression and distress.
These pressures put on the students by the family and society as a whole can be
disastrous for a student’s confidence and personality. Leading him to become an
introvert then depressive (Pedersen et al., 2014). Another significant
contribution made by (Abdollahi, Talib, Yaacob,
& Ismail, 2015) repeats and reiterates the same concept of relating lack of
adaptability with decrease in mental health. Apart from the social pressure
another important related issue needs to be discussed. Students who are unable
to achieve their high goals and expectations feel low of themselves. They may
lack a strong educational background or have any other social issue that
hinders their progress. However they feel themselves to be accounted for. This invokes
depression among students thus making them have suicidal ideations. The
students who are more social and active in the society are less likely to have
depressive views (Pereira-Lima et al., 2015). Potter et al. (2004),
research concludes that around 20% of the undergrad students need counselling
to reduce their depressive attitudes. These counselling courses can prove to be
essential in improving the student’s performance and quality of life. Most
executive believes that these kind of treatment is a burden on the finances of
the institution, but the fact of the matter is that they can play a vital role
in improving the student’s performance and morale. ¬†Reasonable treatment and screening processes lies in most of the
universities and educational institutions around the globe (Weissman, 2007).
The research put forward by (Feixas, Compan, Salla, Pucurull, & Guardia, 2014), claims that society pressure causing increasing depression and
suicidal ideation in young students suggest that more efforts needs to be done
in order to reduce depression among students. This could be done by organizing
conclusive screening tests and hiring world class psychiatrists. Society
pressure and very high expectations are resulting in increasing mental illness
and thus also effecting their performances (Pedersen et al., 2014).



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