Abstract wrong decision would be dangerous for

AbstractThis paper is about the recent policy of United Statesrecognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital under Trump Administration. As therole of US has been as a mediator between Palestine-Israel conflicts since1948, but now US has abdicated its role by taking side of Israel. This paperwill discuss US role in Palestine-Israel conflict and how these policiesaffected the entire region and a number of violations of International law.

Many of previous presidents of United States had made this claim during theirelection campaigns, but they were unable to deliver. Only this time happenedthat trump administration has taken measures to shift their embassy toJerusalem and none of the countries of the world has their embassy in Jerusalembecause the world community understands the sensitivity of this place and anywrong decision would be dangerous for international peace. The methodology ofthis paper will be qualitative which include study of previous research paperson US role in Palestine-Israel conflict and recent news paper articles.MethodologyThe methodology of this paper would be qualitative whichprevious published research papers, president of United States speeches andnews paper articles which will be analyzed through content analysis method. International law is body of statutes and regulations which areabide and respected by all the nations, it is cohesive force which must be gluedthrough letter and spirit by all the nations but sometimes national interestsoverpower this, whose examples are numerous paving ways towards tensions at internationalstage. The most dangerous and causing thunders at international stage areunsettled issues especially  Israel-Palestinewhich has remained chronic since 1948 and reason of dispersion for internationalpeace and security.

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International law proved a satisfactory for solving theproblems like UK-Norway, Libya-Chad issues, Pakistan-India Indus water treatybut the powerful and resultant   nationsnot only violate international law but always persuade others to do so,US-Vietnam War, US Iraq invasion of 2003, KSA’s Violations of internationallaws while fighting Hothi Rebels in Yemen. 21st century after 9/11 has turned more aggressive and violent due theactions of major powers in the process of tackling extremism, but meanwhilelabeling freedom struggles as fundamentalism and terrorism in Kashmir andPalestine.Human rights violation is on the peak in Palestine .Theseinclude  unlawful killings, forceddisplacement, abusive detention, unjustified restriction on movement,discriminatory policies ,abusive practices in the name of security etc. unlawfulkillings takes place on daily basis there .

Israeli authorities transfer itscivilians to different areas there where they provide protection and all needsfor their settlers, separate and unequal system of laws are followed. Thousandsof acres of land is captured by force there in the name of infrastructure andother settlements. Israeli settlements on Palestine land are considered illegalby international community. International court of justice in 2004 summarizesan advisory opinion in which they mention Israel violating international lawand basic human rights.The key issues of Israel –Palestine conflict are: mutualrecognition, borders, demarcation security, Rights regarding water issues, control of Jerusalem amajor  blow for  Palestine , Israeli settlements, Palestinianindependence of movement, and Palestinian right of revisit. The violence of theconflict, cultural and religious interest worldwide, has been the object ofnumerous international conventions dealing with historic rights, securityissues and human rights, and has been a factor impeding tourism in and generalaccess to areas that are hotly contested.World has been remained non-committed towardsPalestine-Israel problem which is decades old and continually swelling thewounds of Palestine people who faced extra-territorial invasion by Zionist who were abducted and prosecutedby Hitler in Europe during WW2. Jews claim holy land as their so called ‘   promised land’ which has been essentiallyhome of Palestine Arab population.

    US policy towards Palestineand Israel is very major in other words this conflict is incomplete without mentioningAmerica here. Countries relationships depend on its interests over there, UShas a great interest in the Middle East it supports Israel there and Israelpromotes American aims and actions there. Israel acts as a counter to Arabnationalist movements by its military actions.

US has proved to be a keensupporter of Israel since its inception due to various reasons  for instant after WW2  Harry S Truman wasestranged in cold war but  didhorrific  underpins to Palestine cause ashe thought  that the Jewish  population and their resources would stoppowering American  economy , USSR rivalrywas another factors his backing of Israel but at the same time sided with  twostates solution, but never ever  a solidstep towards this was taken at the cost of Israel. During cold war USSRinclined to Arabs and supplied ammunition and military hardware and US had tocounter the influence of USSR and to check its power provided necessary moral,diplomatic, military and economic support to the Israel; it is claimed that US andUSSR were fighting the cold war with left hand controlling with the right tonot indulge in world level conflict.During cold war US was focused on containment of USSR butcontinuously veto in the favor of Israel every resolution presented in UNSC. Eitherdemocrats or Republicans all the candidates for Presidency in USA were support ofproviding Israelis but their harsh policies did not actually implementedbecause of their long term impacts on international peace and stability asMuslims throughout the globe supported Palestine cause may be in lower tunes.President Truman’s policy in history contributed great roleto this Israel Palestine conflict. During Truman’s reign America built pressureon Britain to permit approximately 100 000 European Jewish immigrants for theirmovement to Palestine especially to the Jerusalem. After this settlementpresident Truman helped European Jewish immigrants to settle in Palestine. PresidentTruman play key role for establishing Jewish state in 1947 .

Truman extendedrecognition to the state of Israel barely 15 minute after its declaration.US Congress in 1995 declared Jerusalem as a capital of Israelthrough Jerusalem embassy act and passed a law for it in which it was describedthat Jerusalem should not be divided it should be a pure and undivided capitaland part of Israel state. Accordingly this law US embassy should be moved to Jerusalemby 1999. In 1993 bill Clinton favored to move US embassy to Jerusalem which wasnot happened. In 2000, republican candidate George bush promised to move hisembassy to Jerusalem which also could not be happened during his reign .In2008, democratic candidate Barrack Obama called Jerusalem as a capital of Israelbut during his reign he was also unable to shift US embassy over there.

In hislast press conference Obama clearly said that it could be very harmful andexplosive if it happens. During Trump campaign for president he declared Jerusalema capital of Israel and wished to move US embassy over there and he said thiswill be done very quickly. Trump on December 6, 2017 announced that Jerusalemis capital of Israel and will move US embassy to Jerusalem very soon.

Mr. Trump is no less than a racist, neo-Nazi or a hardlinerfundamentalist who describes national interests in such a vague and absurdmanner which destroys good will and element of mutual trust at the level ofinternational community.  The policyannounced and pronounced by  TrumpAdministration about Jerusalem as the de jure and de facto capital of state ofIsrael has sent shock waves throughout  the capitals ofMuslims states and a strong response has been emerged  which is proving fatal for world peace whichis already under threat. New policies are making no rationale and heinous consequencesare ahead.

By neglecting Palestine issue US is violating UN charterwhich argues for international peace, friendly relations among all the nationsof the world, to promote mutual respect and harmony through non-aggression, tosolve international conflicts through cooperation, by refraining from violatingsecurity or integrity of any entity by any means. US has violated all above mentionedagendas and statues which by accepting international harmony and peace for allquarters can be guaranteed.Decision of Trump is criticized and condemned all over theworld .Palestinian president Muhammad Abbas and Palestinian Christian leaderrejected this decision .Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim and Saudi Arabiaking Salman bin Abdul-Aziz also rejected this decision  they said that Islamic world is unitedagainst this decision .Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warn America tostep back from his ugly decision .Malaysian leader Najib Razak headed a protestinvolving thousands of Muslims against Trump’s decision .

All Islamic states including Pakistan, Iran, Qatar, Syria,Egypt, Jordan, and Libya condemned Trump’s decision and demanded to take backhis decision favoring Israel in OIC meeting held in Turkey. Chief of European Unioncriticized this decision in UN Security Council on DEC 7, 2017 they held ameeting where 14 out of 15 members criticized and condemned Trump’s decision. Alsobefore Trump’s decision in NOV 2017, 151 nations of General assembly rejected Israelclaims of recognition Jerusalem as a capital of Israel. After Trump’s decisionin General assembly 128 countries condemned Trump’s act and only 9 countries favoredit. United Nationsgeneral assembly and its 15-member security council maintain internationalpeace and international security.

From very start UNO involved in this conflictbut unable to solve this issue. In 1947 they planned partition for Palestineand in 1948 they called Jerusalem no man’s land. In June 1967 Israel defeated 3Arabs state only in 6 days and captured land over Palestine during this war UN SecurityCouncil asked Israel to withdraw its armed forces from recently occupied areas.

In 1973, 1978, 1990, 1991 2000 UN played a role regarding this issue or playeda minor role. UNO is up till now unable to stop violation of international lawin Palestine. UNO is totally failed there.Jerusalemis a spiritual place of Muslims, Christians, Judaism and Abrahamic religions.Every country and every religion has its own interest and faith there as aresult different conflicts takes place which destroys life of natives living there.USA is superpower whose role must be fair and equal but this is not somethinggood US support Israel there because of its great interest in middle east, USdecisions over this conflict are always one-sided .UNO is not playing his rolein a right way it does not accept Palestine a state . Behavior of US and UNO isunsatisfied.

Israel Palestine conflict is very serious and controversial issueit must be solved fairly to maintain international peace and security .Peace isnot an easy come outcome but requires heeded struggle and its inverse isdestruction  which may not be suited toanyone in this  nuclear age which cantrigger any conflict to  Armageddon byexhausting  millions of people with thetrigger of  single bomb, the  global approaches are changing fromglobalization to internal protectionism and neo-radicalization and excessive self centered  approach .  Now, it is need of time for countries like USto show responsibility towards global peace by undoing ling held practice ofabandoning Palestine issue by violating all the international rules and regulationsto be exclusively polarized towards Israel.

USA must realize that gone are thedays when its sole hegemonic power was unchallenged and unopposed.


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