Abstract— sensors and some wireless technologies like Internet

Abstract— In India 47% people are involved in agriculture sector. Large part of population of India depends upon the agriculture. In this work we assemble a smart farming field screening system that help farmer to take information about their field in the sense soil moisture, humidity of environment, temperature of environment.

And it also allows smart irrigation to the field and give a better result for doing agriculture and provide better profit and good crop production. In our work, we can use different type of sensors and some wireless technologies like Internet of thing (IOT) and android application to providing smart platform to farmer to take data from the sensors and giving instructions in term of graphical interface. So, we can use IOT that giving primary thing to access anywhere by using internet. Wire sensor network consist of sensors like moisture, humid, temperature etc.And connected with the solar panel and battery for the power supply to the sensors and other microcontroller devices. Using Bluetooth and GSM module for the clustering with sensors and microcontroller.Keywords– cloud, Embedded, Android, Remote Monitoring, Wireless Sensor Network, Soil moisture, temperature, humidity, automation of irrigation system, Internet of Things (IOT).

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I. INTRODUCTION In the previous era, lot of hard work for doing farming and lot time consumed for the irrigation and cultivation of crop in the field. Sometimes farmer having a lot of loss by droughts, floods and other disasters.

In our modern era a lot facility is coming in the market like fertilizers for good crop production and spraying machines and other machines. In this paper we work on the wireless sensor module and new technology as IOT for access data from anywhere. There are few focuses to determine irrigation system for harvesting due to lack of water.

Evapotranspiration (ET) is a system in which of moisture from the earth exchanged to the atmosphere by evaporation of water and transpiration from plants. ET controller can be utilized to schedule irrigation. The electromagnetic sensors are utilized to detect soil moisture, temperature and humidity. This strategy saves 53% of water contrast with spraying water system. These sensors are utilized for making remote sensor system using IOT. In agriculture, two things are very important, first to get information of about the fertility of soil and second to measure moisture content in soil. Nowadays, for irrigation, different techniques are available which are used to reduce the dependency of rain. In this technique, water level indicator placed in the water reservoir and soil moisture sensor are placed root zone of plant and near the module and gateway unit handles the sensor information and transmit data to the controller which turns the control the flow of water through the valves.

II. EASE OF USEA. Litrature Survey 1. IOT based Smart Agriculture Monitoring System In the field segment, different sensors sent in the field like temperature sensor, moisture sensors and RIP sensor, the information is gathered from these sensors are associated with the microcontroller through RS232. In control segment, the got information is checked with the limit esteems. In the event that the information surpasses the edge esteem the bell is exchanged ON and off the LED begins to blink. The value is created in the site page and the farmer gets detailed description of the values.

2. Smart Irrigation: A Smart Drip Irrigation System Using Cloud, Android and Data Mining In this paper water management system is microcontroller based and web application utilizing the idea of cloud and data mining is utilized to screen and control the water management system from remote area. Entire framework is in WSN infrastructure. Water management is done through sensor perusing from cultivate. Web application give simple screen and control component to farmer.

In this framework sensor detects the information and sends the reading to the micro- controller sends those readings to the farmer pc through serial communication. At that point these readings get put away in the database that is associated with cultivate pc in which we utilize data mining idea. These readings will be shown on the android smart phone and pc. The mobile and pc is associated with the database through cloud.3. IOT Based Crop-Field Monitoring and Irrigation Automation.In this work minimal cost soil moisture sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, are utilized.

They continuously screen the field and sends it to the webserver utilizing NRF24LOI transmitter and collector and Ethernet association at recipient closes. The sensor data are put away in database. The web application is planned in such an approach to examine the information got and to check with the edge estimations of moisture, humidity and temperature. The basic leadership is done at server to computerization irrigation system.

In the event that soil moisture is not as much as the limit esteem the engine is exchanged ON and if the soil moisture surpasses the edge esteem the engine is OFF. This technique can likewise be utilized as a part of green houses where what’s more lights intensity control can likewise be controlled and robotized. In manual mode, the client needs to turn ON and OFF the microcontroller by squeezing the catch in the Android Application created. This is finished with the assistance of GSM Module.


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