Abstract the important feature of sending only the

Abstract – Today there are many documents like Aadhar Card, Pan Card etc.

used for various purpose like IT return, DBT  etc and submitted as POI (Proof Of Identity) and POA(Proof Of Address) for various issuing of documents & government services. So if we need to make some changes in these documents there is a long time consuming process to update all our documents. Though data of citizens is stored at government department citizens have to submit hard copy of documents for verification & availing services. All the procedure is hectic.

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So we propose an alternative system in which all the demographic, biometric, educational, financial, health, criminal data will be  stored at a single place and whenever required it will be shared with any authority/institution/organization with permission of user to avail any service through a centralize electronic systems.Keywords: Document Locker, Organization Access, Share Document, digital infrastructure, digital literacy, digital delivery of services, e- monetizes1.INTRODUCTION Most of the document assets are important in today’s life for users and organization. People use this documents very roughly due to rush and time limitation. This documents are very important for the people for their personal status. So it is important that they should use their document safely and very carefully. We’ve seen that even at the college level, at the time of admission various documents are required to submit to the colleges’ authority to verify the authentication of student.

Even if anyone forgot any required document, It creates problem for admission as well as xerox of documents are required as xerox are required this leads to the wastage of paper. So to safeguard the information to protect the documents from physical damage, so to protect the documents from this damage we are introducing our project to safely add the document in our website and to protect it from any physical damage .2.

LITERATURE SURVEYIn our literature survey, we surveyed that UIDAI2 is an awesome idea which gives unique identification to all the citizens of India. Thus, we can use the Aadhar information of all the citizens. We also looked at the existing project based on the linking of documents to the Aadhar  Card (The DigiLocker Project)1 but it is not completely developed like our project initiative, it was just an Google Drive for documents with lots of limitations. Later on this idea – Aaple Sarkar project was developed but due to low securities even there was a huge scam on this idea too which was with the linking to Aadhar and also to the Digi Locker.

So, we figured out that we need to work on the security issue and reshape the wrongly developed idea which is by a different perspective and change it according to a real problem solver with the important feature of sending only the information/documents which user wants to send except all the information/documents.2.1 Redundancy while creating new accounts:While checking the POI for each and every service we need to create decentralized identity everytime. For ex, Creating new bank accounts in financial sectors, this is used to trade the money between people, businesses or own accounts. Current process to apply banking service is, people need to fill customer form with lots of information and if peoples want to open account in more than one bank then they need to go through same process again.

In banking service people need to submit all their information along with proof as bunch of documents. Banking organization having their computerized systems that can manage the all their customer information centrally. Plus-point is that they have a centralized communication for their no. of branches on different places. But they are limited to their own branches of same organization.

The purpose of this study is to understand the banking process and how peoples are submit their information and what kind experience they faced.2.2 Apply to government service: To study government services based on the following use case. The use case is to apply for domicile and caste certificate. To apply to both peoples need to go through some process, Fill the forms and submit the bunch of documents same for both services. Also there a verification process include in both. There is centralize process exist to save all information and document verification information but it’s limited to department, Multiple department have share information but not for all services.

The purpose of this study is to understand the people’s application process to get the certificate.3. ARCHITECTURE OF PROPOSED SYSTEMThe proposed system has 3 modules:3.


OrganizationThe project entitled as “Docs Track” is being developed for the users to store their documents online and verify each document.  So, users can send this verified document to any business as proof for enabling their service.For now, the project support following types documents — Birth Certificate- Aadhar Card- Pan Card- Ration Card- Voting Card- Leaving Certificate- Electric Bill3.1. User: This is a normal user that will create profile and upload his documents and request the Admin to verify their information and documents. He/She can replace their documents if there are any new updates.

A User if once asked by any Organization can send his/her documents according to the documents he/she want to share for a limited period of time. 3.2.

 Admin: This user is responsible to make setting within the project and verify the document owner’s documents. If document owner information is not correct or document is not correct then he can raise the query otherwise accept the all user profile information and documents and mark then as verified. Admin can assign documents to any specified user as the Admin in most of the way could be government officials.3.3. Organization : These users are the businesses who are having their customers/users’ documents or profile information.

These users can ask a particular user for the users documents in order to verify the person’s identity, if the organization is verified by the government then only the organization can ask the User for his/her documents and get the documents which are approved by the User to share.4.WORKING OF SYSTEM  In our project, we have created a system in which a User and Admin can upload the documents of the User (citizens) and when these documents are required by any service, these documents can be asked by organizations to the User and User will get a notification whether to share the information or not to the organisation and organisation will be able to ask specified number of documents and the User can select which distinct documents to share to the organisation for the organisations’ specified work.4.1. Platform to be used:  We have created a responsive website as a platform for all the users to access our system, as a website can be opened on multiple platforms.

4.2. Security provided:  As this system is going to manage the important documents of many people we have added a security to encrypt all the documents and store them securely on a secure 258-bit encrypted server. All the information of the user will be encrypted on our database with our own cryptography.4. CONCLUSIONS So we decided that we can create a business where the government, companies and the normal citizens are involved and thus we came up with an idea which is based on the communication of all these three main constituents which form up a nation (Citizens, Government and Organizations) and the main thing that happens between these three for communication is the communication via. these three is by the XEROX of the documents and we want to eliminate that by our own project where we solve this problem and the problems related to it, because the world we are now living in is the digital world and why not change the old age methods to a new media of communication.

To provide the protection from any physical damage and for secured transformation  of electronic  document . We are developing our project.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTWe have achieved our project with the help of our guide Mrs.M.A.Parlikar and HOD Prof M.A.Malkar  also with the help of other resource to publish our paper.


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