Abstract this research is the application interface

AbstractInour research we are going to give an idea of “Smart Home” that is about homeappliances that control by an application with smart phone.

These homeappliances will control by one application that is used one Control panel forall smart devices (Home Appliances). This application will be universal controlthat compatible with all smart devices. These Smart devices will be lights, TV,DVD player, Oven, Air conditioner, Fan. These Home Appliances will be Smartdevices that provide by “Smart Home Companies”. Another feature in thisresearch is the application interface must be user friendly that understand byusers easily. That application designed by more other perspective means thoseusers that are disabled, these users that have thumb problem and otherphysically disorder, they can use Control Panel of Application by VoiceRecognition feature that must include in Application features whenever need touse this Control Panel it switch to Voice Recognition.

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And another featuresthat application works like in intelligent environment that should be ifmultiple appliances work same time then application give aware to users bygiving notifications of devices. The Control panel must compatible of updatesof Smart devices whenever user add new Device in application. Another featurewould be integration of “Cloud Computing” means online database that store informationof users and smart devices of Smart Home by daily basis and maintain the databy Security Feature.KeywordsSmart Home, UserFriendly, Universal compatibility, Cloud Computing, Voice Recognition, SecurityVision & ScopeInour team we are two members. We are going to write a research paper related toHuman Computer Interaction.  We decide todo work on home appliance Controller, basically we want to work on remoteaccess in Home Appliance Controller. User have remote access to control theirhome appliances.

Ouridea give a remote access to the user. Users have an app in their mobile phonefor control the home appliances. User have the remote access for this purpose.Many users may login for control the home appliances. Every user have their ownid and password for login or access the software.  By using this users may have many benefitslike a user is in office and comes to home and want that AC of their roomshould be on so users may have easily do this. IntroductionIn modern life home ismost essential element, Smart Home was first mentioned in the 1990’s, and smarthome is integration of technology and services through home networking for abetter quality of living. Smart Home design is based on the analyzing fundamentalrequirements for the modern living.

This living style include the digitalelectronics, internet communication and automated devices. Basically smart homeconcept combine the commercial products with system services and management,its support the additional requirements, efficiency, intelligence, security.According to these requirements, make the more secure and modern living style.Smart home products have recently seen an increase in published studies andmaking the smart home fast-developing and popular area of research.

People tendto prefer simplicity in our modern society. Smart home development’s caters torequirements for ease of living while providing a new and revolutionizedlifestyle. By the simplifying the operation of electronic appliances smart homemaximize family time. Universal control pads can be used to operate smartdevices such as TV’s, air conditioners, lights, fans, Owen’s. In addition smarthome can be highly customize according to personal performance. To support therequirements of smart home development of user interface and digital productsis essential. New product features and services can attract the attention ofmillions of users, As a result user experiences research has become an integralpart of product design process, which play an essential role in productinvention.

For example user can on off the electronics appliances by mobilephone. User have its own account for this purpose, this is for the securitypurpose. Provide the remote access user may use on off the home applianceseasily whenever user is in anywhere in the world, because user have the remoteaccess.

User have an app in his mobile phone. For example user comes from theiroffice and wants that his room will be cool, for this purpose user may on theAC of their room by using an app. Methodology:Inour proposed system, the smart home devices means Home appliances that controlby microcontroller. This system worked on Web based system that are web enableddevices.

We created the user friendly interface of application that is based onAndroid system. The microcontroller (Arduino) should be Wi-Fi enabled and thatsends the data over the internet. The microcontroller gives power supply tohome appliances and control them by sending command from the user.

Also connectedwith the Wi-Fi modem.Theweb server means cloud server that runs the system and user installed theapplication on mobile and fetch the data from online server (Cloud server).That application has login page that allow to user give enter the username andPassword and then system check login data from the user and user access thecontrol panel of application as well. That application don’t access unknownperson which have no password and username. That browser based application havean unique IP that connects to the microcontroller, that is port address ofmicrocontroller.

 Fig # 1Abovefigure shows that Firstly user open the application then application open thelogin page that allow to authorize user to login by giving username andpassword. After the login process, user enters in Home page that consists onMenu of home appliances.Theuser access the Appliances at anywhere like in Office etc. user firstly connectthe with the microcontroller via the IP (port address) to get login and thenapplication opens the Menu that consists on Appliances Icons that would be FAN,TV, Motor, Room Lights etc. user clicks on his desired Icon that he wanted tocontrol and control would be opened and then sends the command to Appliances.That control panel shows if user click on the FAN icon, that shows the turn on,turn off, and regulator fan speed options and control them by usingapplication. Fig # 2Inabove figure, after selecting the home appliances icon then application openthe control panel.

Just like if user open FAN control panel page (in abovefigure) that page consists turn on and turn off option accordingly. And anotherfacility to regulate the FAN speed by setting the bar on interface.Anotherfeature of system we proposed a Web cam facility that provide secureenvironment to the smart home. That web cam also enabled with the microcontroller.

That video surveillance system to help the user in this scenario in which ifany thief or unknown person try to enter the home through Windows of house andthen web cam captured the video of the suspect person and send to the user andthen user mobile alerts notification and sends the video of person onapplication. And then user take action according to this situation. The videosending mechanism by using microcontroller that internet enabled with the Wi-Fimodem.SystemarchitectureFig# 3Inabove figure, shown system architecture that how it is work and control theappliances. First of all, all modules operational with central microcontrollermodule. User sends the command to microcontroller and then it control theappliance with respect to command.

Microcontroller gives power supply to homeappliances that operates. And microcontroller enabled with Wi-Fi modem viainternet.RelatedworkFor controlling homeappliances, and for the purpose of the security wireless controlling system areused. Wireless controlling system are used because these give the comfortableenvironment for the user to use the home appliances. Wireless Smart home systemused many technologies and used many homes more than 3 million. Implement heGPS module, this module used for the purpose that more helpful for the user issense of that when user have problem in internet or there is more traffic oninternet then the user control their home appliances by using GPS. By using theGPS user send the message on main module or main circuit board of the home.

Forhigh level communication protocols Micro controller based technology is used,that is used for create personal area network. Basically home automation systemwith micro controller module based on android wireless communication is usedfor home security or control the home appliances. The main functionality ofthis system is that energy regulations, energy saving and application controlby an android app. A control signal is send to Arduino by a smart phoneconnected with arduino micro controller. 1Ambient Assisted Living(AAL) environments user interface for the smart home follow or adapt to theneed of their user and the preference of users.

For the drivers type of theusers and interface introduced which context-driven user interface. Abstractuser interface models have been proposed for context-driven users at designtime, more over at run time dynamic approaches introduced. Due to the variousreasons this interface not widely used now a days. Rather then the abstract structure (drop down Manu) the designer of the systemuse pixel fidelity (pick one from many).Designer of that system not use the new tool that required for new designpatron.

Not give the flexibility tool for the users.Cloud-for-all should adaptive user interface technology regarding to smart homeand its applications. Cloud-for-all is basically a part of international GlobalPublic Inclusive infrastructure (GPII) the purpose of this is that to ensurethe every one that face accessibility barriers due to digital literacy ofeconomic resources can access , use services for education, daily living,safety. 2In this paper describefor Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP) activity recognizesensitive prompting system.

Start the approach with description of a methodwhich carried that easily to generate smart home system. For transcoding interactionrelevant method use psychologically method for fulfill task or for obtainingmachine interpretable task description. With specification of available sensorscombined for build working model which is analyzing ingoing activities alsoissue prompts. A model which define the database which encode independentdynamic model, basically its serve’s to mediate translation between IU analysisand Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP) specification.ConclusionInthis paper we proposed a system that secure the home and monitor from anywherefor the user. Another feature introduce a control the appliances like TV,Lights, AC and etc.

these appliances control via the microcontroller (Arduino).System used controlling through remote access via the authorization of theperson that consists on a online server access (Cloud computing) and useraccess this database over the internet by using android application. Thatprovide user friendly interface to user. User selecting the appliances Icons toswitch the Appliances control panel. For security purpose we use Web cam thatenables with the internet and then captured the unknown person or thief thattrying to enter in the home by absence of home owner and this camera passed thesignal to microcontroller and Alert the owner to entering the suspect person.By using this system in the market point of view. It is the cost effective andeasy to user for every person.


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