ABSTRACT economic stability for the coming time. It

ABSTRACTThecurrent call from across the globe is to ensure that the younger generationsare enabled to become financially capable. This is an event that would assistthe government in building the economic stability for the coming time. It isessential for the people especially the youth, to read analyze, properly manageand even talk about their financial state that affects their material growth.Their ability to do money management, document their financial flow, plan,differentiate between the best financial products and even remain informed onfinancial matters assist in dealing with financial catastrophes. This researchpaper involves an important element of the theory which encourages financialliteracy kind of frameworks. This component would articulate the kind ofstrategic direction meant for delivering financial education in the US. Thisliteracy program is critical since it offers a direction for attainingindependence and success financially which may be prioritized through goodeducation.

Financial literacy would also assist in career development. Thejourney of financial freedom needs the growth of proper financial behavior,practice and also discipline. Such kind of works should adopt data approacheswhile examining the US financial literacy levels, educational frameworks, theimportance of such literacy, best practice steps and the difficulties ofconstructing sustainable financial literacy systems. It further helps in comingup with financial awareness amongst the people who offer essential knowledge andresponsibility for making decisions to improve their lives. Ultimately thiswould grow the economy. Financial markets, on the other hand, would getsophisticated while households would take responsibility for the risks in thesedecisions and education that enhances financial wellbeing. The smoothfunctioning of these markets and the economy at large would be smoothened.

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Thispaper, therefore, recommends very strongly the presence of the differentgovernmental tiers and other institutions. These institutions include theprivate sectors that would assist in designing and implementing these literacyprograms in different segments and also sectors of the economy. 


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