Abstract do particular farming actions, the price for

Abstract — Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy asfarmers are suffering from huge economic losses. Farmers areconfused to take correct decision regarding selection of fertilizer,pesticides, etc., time to do particular farming actions and theprice for their products that they produce and sell. To overcomeall problems, we proposed an android-based app, whichaddresses the issues of farmers, benefits them with additionalguidance regarding soil type, fertilizers, pesticide, irrigationrequirements etc. Our proposed system “Secure light-weightAndroid application for Farmer based on Rating and reviews”(SAFR) provides security for payment as well as data encryption(AES algorithm) using different security based algorithms.

Security of payment achieved by using payment gateway, whichgenerate OTP and then decides the payment is successful or not.Important part of the system is “Database” also provided in ourproposed system. The system design implemented according tointerest of farmer, which includes “Area of interest”. SAFRprovides rating and review using the Collaborative FilteringRecommendation Algorithm (CFRA).Index Terms — Agriculture, Security, Ratings, reviews,Agriculture marketing, Collaborative Filtering, AdvanceEncryption Standard Algorithm.I.

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INTRODUCTIONThe agriculture sector has a big contribution in theeconomic development of India. A large population in Indiadepends on agriculture to fulfill their livelihood. Agriculturecombines the cultivation of crops, breeding of animals forfood, fiber, biofuel, medicines and other products used tosustain and enhance human life. Farming is the keydevelopment in the ascent of human culture, which producesfood surpluses that nurtures the growth of culture. In India,most of the population is dependent on farming. However,updating the technology needs reviewing and revitalizing themechanism. Agriculture may see major changes in upcomingyears due to enhancement in technologies.

Agriculture isbelieved to be the mainstay of Indian economy. Now-a- daysfarmers are having huge economic losses due to several causes.To overcome the problem of economic loss, we propose theSystem-Secure Android application for Farmers based onRatings and reviews (SAFR). Farmers are confused to takeright decision regarding selection of fertilizers, pesticides andtime to do particular farming actions, the price for theirproducts that they produce and sell. SAFR serves as a platformfor movement of agricultural products from the farms directlyto the consumers or retailers. SAFR is a mobile application,which provides privilege for both farmers andconsumers/retailers to buy and sell the required productswithout the involvement of an intermediary at the product’sfair profitable price.

Today everyone, including the farmers and countrysidepeople, utilizes mobile devices frequently. A mobile device ispreferred over other devices for presenting SAFR as mobiledevices can include a number of applications, which any usercan access independent of other applications, and cost iscomparatively low. Information ; CommunicationTechnologies (ICT) observed that mobile plays vital role ineveryday life of farmers 4.The application management interface of mobile devicesincludes a menu part and a display part.

The menu part ofapplication management interface includes multiple tabs, eachtab providing access to particular feature related to particulartab. The display part of application management interfaceincludes one or more than one application objects, eachapplication object presenting information about respectiveapplication.The objective of modern farming technique using SAFR isto enhance transparency in the agriculture commodity marketplace by providing market price information, facilitatingcollective buying of inputs and selling of products. Farmersrely on weather forecasts to decide what work to do today andtomorrow.

We introduce and provide detailed information onan Android based multilingual app “Secure Androidapplication for Farmers based on Ratings and reviews(SAFR)”, which targets to provide solution /suggestion to thefarmer’s problems, facilities, benefits them with additionalguidance in their area of interests like soil type, fertilizers,irrigation requirements etc. Security is the main objective ofSAFR. SAFR provides secure payment gateways by usingstandard algorithm and data security by encrypting the privatedata using AES algorithm. Collaborative FilteringRecommendation Algorithm is used for rating and review ofproducts. Rating and reviews over products can help the buyersto choose the most convenient product for themselves.II. MOTIVATIONFarmers face huge economic losses due to interference ofmiddleman and drastic climate change.

Crop failure forcesfarmers to end their lives. Modern farming technologies arehelpful for farmers and even profits them. Our proposedsystem SAFR solves the problems of farmers at one click.SAFR bring the modern farming techniques to the framersand help them make profit by eliminating the intermediarybetween farmers and consumers.

It provide privilege forretailers or farmers to sell their farm products at right pricewithout involvement of middleman. System provide expertguidelines related to the area of interest. SAFR solve keyproblems of getting the market updates of different productsand getting proper guidance over area of interest. SAFRprovides payment gateway which secures account details ofuser. SAFR displays the product list according to ratings andreviews provided by users.III. RELATED WORKIn a recent survey by Sowmyaa Guptaa and Gaurav Trivedi4, the proposed system, which is an android based applicatione-krishakMitra, is intended to address the farmer issues andfind an efficient solution for their problems that can help themwith smooth farming taking into consideration the presentweather conditions.

e-krishakMitra is a cloud-based applicationthat integrates various aspects of farming such as cropselection, soil nutrition, irrigation, seed selection, pestproblems and yield estimation. EkrishakMitra addresses allproblems of farmers in real-time without the involvement ofmiddleman. ekrishakMitra does not support more than twolanguages, which are Hindi and English.1Madhumati, Abinesh Kumar, Karthi, Manoj Krishna 3proposed a bidding application for auctioning the products inAmazon web services, which includes the bidding information,product information and buyer/seller information. The biddingapplication provides the highest price of product to farmers.Although, bidding application does not include paymentgateways for secure transactions.1Santosh G.

Karkhile, Sudarshan G. Ghuge 10 developed amobile phone based solution for farmers that leads toagricultural area development. Mobile based solution addressesthe problem of finding the market updates of differentproducts, weather conditions and support multiple languages.The disadvantage of mobile application is unavailability forevery person and not been able to provide proper information.1Tomoki Uchinuno, Yujirou Yasunaga 6 developed theknowledge sharing system for inheritance of agriculturaltechnology by using two methods for collecting data-1)Automatic Acquisition of the environment information by asensor. 2) Record of the work information by a farmer. DataSharing System describes the model for the knowledge ofskillful farmers and report the experimental result of theenvironmental-data acquisition about cultivation using somegarden planters. Knowledge sharing system does not providerobustness for real data.

1Abhishek A.G., Bharathwaj M.

, Bhagyalaxmi L. 6describes agricultural marketing using Web and mobile basedtechnologies which provides freedom of pricing and ensuresthe farmers to make profitable selling decisions. Web andmobile-based technologies does not involve middleman in thetransactions of agricultural products. Web and mobile-basedtechnologies provide very less awareness of marketinformation. 1Shitala Prasad, Sateesh K.

Peddoju 7 proposed a systemwhich combines two technologies: (1) Mobile Computing (2)Cloud Computing The developer is connected to ApplicationService Provider and Mobile End User are connected to AgroMobile Infrastructure providing application services. Theproposed system helps farmers in all possible ways i.e. ineducation, weather forecasting, crop analysis etc. Thelimitation of agro Mobile is the architecture. 1TABLE I. LITERATURE SURVEYS.N.

Author Approaches Advantages Limitations1.SowmyaaGuptaaGauravTrivediAn androidbased app,ekrishakMitra.Addresses allproblems offarmer inrealtime.

Notsupportingdifferentlanguages.2. MadhumatiAbinesh kumar, KarthiManojKrishna.Biddingapplication forauctioning theproducts inAmazon webservices.Provides thehighest price ofproduct tofarmer.Does notinclude thepaymentgateways forsecurepayments.3. Santosh G.

Karkhile,SudarshanG. GhugeMobile phonebased solutionfor farmer.Addresses theproblem ofgetting themarket updatesof differentproducts.Unavailabilityfor everyperson.4. TomokiUchinumo,YujirouyasunagaKnowledgesharingsystem forinheritance ofagriculturaltechnology.Describesmodel for theknowledge ofskillful farmer.

Does notprovide therobustness forreal data.5.AbbhishekA.G.,BharathwajM.,Bhagyalaxmi L.Agriculturalmarketing forfarmers usingweb andmobile basedtechnology.

Does notinvolvemiddleman inthe agriculturalmarketing.Lessawareness ofmarketupdates.6.ShitalaPrasad,Sateesh K.Peddoju,DebashisGhoshMobilecomputingCloudcomputingProposedsystem helpsfarmer in allpossible ways.Architecturehave somelimitations.IV.

SYSTEM ARCHITECTUREFig. 1. System ArchitectureSystem Architecture in Fig.

1 shows that our proposed systemSAFR is a menu driven android application helpful for farmers.SAFR is an integrated software application designed forandroid-based mobile devices which targets to help assist themodern farmers for market management.SAFR will be able to solve the following problems regardingfarming:I. SAFR serves as a platform for displaying ofagricultural products from the farms or industries(fertilizers, pesticides, machine tools) directly to theconsumer/retailer.II.

SAFR provides security for online transactions usingstandard algorithms i.e. payment gateways are used.III. SAFR encrypts the data/information such as logininformation, product information, and history ofpurchase using AES algorithm.IV. SAFR uses CFRA, which continuously updates theproduct, lists according to rank of products based onratings and reviews.5.

1 SYSTEM EXPLANATIONLogin includes information of farmer like name,address,phone number of farmer to give daily updates. Area ofinterest are totally based on the farmer interest. Encryptionalgorithm provided to encrypt the data, which are entered atthe login time. After encryption of data Buyer and seller,Buyer, Administrator performs following tasks.

? Check product? Check feedback of products? Add to cart? Remove from cart? Payment? Rating and ReviewsDatabase are provided for storing product information,purchase login. Payment is secured by using payment gatewayis provided. Which generate OTP and then decides payment issuccessful or not. After successful payment receipt generationoccurs.5.2 ALGORITHMSI. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is symmetric keyalgorithm for public scrutiny and comment. AES converts theplain text into cipher text.

II. Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm:Collaborative filtering algorithm used for providing rank toproducts based on rating and reviews.V. CONCLUSIONOur proposed system SAFR will support all the smartphones on the Android platform. This application is morehelpful to farmers to get all information exclusively in onetouch at any time, at any place. SAFR provides utility to thefarmers as presently there is no single platform where all theproblems of farmers are addressed in the real time without theinvolvement of a middleman. SAFR not only provides fairselling prices to the farmers, but also provides additionalfeatures such as information sharing and guidance based onarea of interests. Through this mobile application SAFR, wecan make sure it is profitable for both farmers and consumers.

We also aspire to provide support for more Indian languagesfor the widespread outreach and utilization of the application.SAFR provides payment gateways for secure transactionsusing standard algorithm and data encryption for privateinformation using AES algorithm. Collaborative FilteringRecommendation Algorithm (CFRA) is used for rating andreviews which provides a ranking of products after selectingthe area of interest.ACKNOWLEDGMENTNo project can be successfully completed without the supportof experienced and technical minds. We would like to expressour heartfelt gratitude towards our inspirational guide andmentor prof. Sharmila Chopade whose firm belief in us led tothe success of this Project. We would be failing in our duties ifwedo not mention our family members whose moral supporthelped us to focus on our project.REFERENCES1 Rashmi Gaikwad, Ashwini Gawade, Priya Sinha, Prof.

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