ABSTRACT: monitor and control the quality of services

ABSTRACT:The main objective of this study is to assist thecustomer satisfaction and customer loyalty towards railway service and tomonitor and control the quality of services provided to passengers.  This study evaluated the quality of serviceprovided by Indian Railways. It includes three transport dimensions namelycomfort, security and convenience in addition to the original qualitydimensions which includes assurance, empathy, reliability, responsiveness andtangibles.

This study was conducted at the railway stations of Kumbakonam,Trichy and Tanjore using a purposive sample of 75 respondents. This study wasconducted with the aim of improving the railway quality services.INTRODUCTION:In this modern economy, providing high quality serviceis essential for organisations to be successful. For this they have to fightagainst many competitors to attain the customer satisfaction. And then theyhave to be careful in providing services with higher quality than any othercompetitors and they have to figure out how to differentiate high qualityservice. And it is possible only through service quality measurement. But theproblem here is, it is difficult to measure the service quality in a comprehensivemanner.

So, to understand the service quality, there are many number ofdeterminants available. Tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance andempathy are considered to be the basis for service quality measurementinstrument. This service quality measure helps to identify the gapbetween the expectations and reality. And this also be considered as a tool forcomparing the performances of various railway services across the country. Thisstudy helps to know about the things that are lacked in providing the qualityservices.STATEMENTOF PROBLEM:In today’s world, the Indian Railway passengerservices must have to focus on the importance of service quality. So they haveto focus more on qualitative expansion rather than quantitative expansion.

Andbecause of serious complaints from passengers about poor and inconsistentquality services, the Indian railways are increasingly focusing on customercentered philosophies to improve their quality services. And to measure andevaluate the quality of service for improvement, the only way is to understandthe level of satisfaction of the customers.  OBJECTIVEOF THE STUDY:This study was conducted with the objective ofidentifying a framework that would lead to Quality in Railway passengerservices, through usage of various determinants. The railway quality servicewas determined using various qualitative and quantitative techniques. And thishelps to provide the quality services to the passengers.

 RESEARCHMETHODOLOGY:The Study was aimed at finding out the following.What are the attributes on the basis of whichcustomers of passengers services evaluate service quality?What are customer’s perceptions of quality of railwaypassenger services?What are customer’s expectations from railwaypassenger service?What is the extent of gap between customers’expectations and perceptions? SCOPE OFTHE STUDY:The study is mainly focused on the satisfaction levelof the passengers from the services offered by southern railways. Every aspectrelated to railway service like ticket availability, quality of travel, staffbehaviour, safety, timing, etc. are studied at different level of the research.The sample population is chosen from Kumbakonam junction. The research ismainly conducted to obtain the quality of the service proving by the southernrailways.

 LIMITATIONSOF THE STUDY:1. The study is mainly based on the information givenby the sample respondents, and the factors given by them are subject to theirbeliefs and attitude. 2. Due to time and economic constraints of theresearch, number of respondents has been limited to 75. 3. The suggestions are not constant because themind-set of the respondent may be changed.

4. Since the data collected from the respondents aresubjected to their opinion and perception. 5. The study mainly covered the southern railwayKumbakonam junction, so it may be vary in other junction.



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