About more options choose for customers. First-line managers

About strategic planning, the Progressive on the 2017 annual reported that “Plan to take further actions to ensure price adequacy as warranted”. We know that our core customers represent our largest customer segment and account for a majority of our sales. If these customers introduce their family or friends, the sales potential will significantly greater than pervious. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, almost everyone has a car and people are increasingly concerned about the personal safety issue. Progressive has the ability for the social responsivity, customer expectation. Going forward, the Progressive Corporation will focus on serving this growing niche of customers better than ever before.This is the new strategic goal for the company.

On the other side, the middle managers can according to the customer needed, provide some new insurance policy and give more options choose for customers. First-line managers operational plan is increase the customer service to make sure that the customer service can all the time and quickly solve the problems, then achieve their operational goal.

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