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About over more than 4.2 billion people worldwide use their phones to access social networking sites. Controversy has sparked towards whether social media is valuable towards the future of our society. Sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. are taking over many lives of internet users. Critics continue to disagree that it is not necessary to continue using social networking sites due to the disadvantages that it has given over the years.

Many argue that the dangers of social media overtake the positives but that is not quite the case these days. However, from the advancement of technology, it actually has brought more connections for others with family and friends along with bettering the economy worldwide. Without it, many individuals will lose access to connecting with others and many opportunities from it. Social networking sites are beneficial towards society because it helps students do better in school, bring connections with family as well as friends, and bring more jobs towards our global economy. To begin with, students are founded to do better in school with availability to social media sites. Alongside with access to social media, students are able to connect with friends and others online to discuss similar topics that help with homework.

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A study shows that, “59% of students with access to the internet report that they use social media sites to talk about school assignments.” Likewise, social media is not only a platform to connect and share thoughts and photos but students use them to help each other out on homework and studying. Numerous social media sites include messaging among users which students use to their advantage. As well as apps where you can discuss with new people that may share the same topics to discuss with. Many sites contain educational learning pages where if one cannot afford for a tutoring lesson they could simply go on YouTube and learn from there. Lessons are available everywhere on the internet, which allow students access to an unlimited learning portal. Furthermore, this study states that, “A January 2015 study published in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology said college freshman should use social networking sites to build networks of new friends, feel socially integrated at their new schools, and reduce risk of dropping out.

” Despite the downfall of social media being a distraction it benefits the well being of students keeping them socially interacted with their friends and the world. However, whether it is a distraction or not is completely up to the person to decide. Simply it is their responsibility to choose how they use these sites. Moreover, social networking has brought stronger family and friend relationships. The fact that you are able to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world makes bringing together and rejoining family and friends much easier. Especially if that person has family or friends in different countries or regions and it’s difficult to communicate.

In this research it states that, “93% of adults on FaceBook use it to connect with family members.” Facebook is definitely one of the major social media networks used by adults mainly to share and talk to family and friends. The advancement of technology has made it easier to contact others than it did decades ago where people used telegraphs and letters. In addition, this study states, “72% of all teen connect with friends via social media.

” Not only are you able to connect with your own friends but you can endlessly meet new people. Gaining friendships along with mutuals to discuss similar talents or interests. Thus increasing a person’s quality in life and reducing their health risks. Though people may argue of internet predators which typically aren’t difficult to identify these days. Most of the time if a person is active, connect with followers, shares videos, etc.

they are considered a real person. Therefore, those who say they are all over the internet is not always true. People also have private accounts that way only their friends and family are able to see their posts. Schools are teaching about making teens more aware of the internet, which makes social media perfectly fine to most users. Lastly, these sites better our growing economy by bringing more jobs individuals. Social media has merged to be an effective place to search for employment. In the past people were unable to do so and they had to look in newspapers or actually go out to search.

Nowadays it is made much simpler. Constantly, people see advertisements and business pages that are out there right at your fingertips. Studies have further stated, “Social media sites have created thousands of jobs.

A Mckinsey Global Institute study predicted that the communication and collaboration from social media added between. $900 billion and $1.3 trillion to economy through added productivity and improved customer service.” Businesses gain from advertising on social media sites.

Since it is available for all to see and find. Upon bringing  more jobs to contribute towards the growth of our economy. Another report found that, “A report by Deloitte found that Facebook added $227 billion and 4.5 million jobs to the global economy in 2014.” With all these social sites constantly advancing into even better ways to market their business and companies, it will only continue to grow larger.

Therefore, it will shape the way our future looks for years to come. Some might argue that since hacking is such a common action momentarily that it isn’t safe for people and their businesses. Despite that as explained before our world will only continue to advance and soon enough we won’t have to worry about hackers.

Nevertheless, they eventually will be gone. Hence, altogether social media contributes huge revenues to the economy benefiting us all. To conclude, social networking may not be for everyone but is a massive part of how we socially interact with the world. Over the years, social media has only been gaining in popularity but it is now part of the revolution of our century. When balancing out the advantages and the disadvantages of social networking, the advantages overtake the disadvantages. It is all due to the fact that our society advancing and we can’t imagine our lives without it now. Social media benefits our society all the way from education and relationships with others to gain more jobs that increase the value in our global economy. Simply it isn’t something that we can partake in giving up in the future.


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