Abell’s revenue and operating profits up by

Abell’s Three-Dimensional Business Model

proposed the three dimensional business model. 
The three are: customer groups (who the company is serving), customer
needs (what the customers need), and capabilities and technologies (how will
the needs be met).  Strategic planning is
the starting principle for organizations and the mission statement should
contain these three elements (Abraham, 2012).  

business model could be used in marketing. 
Marketing falls under customer groups, who the company is serving.  The first step is brainstorming about what
customers and/or customer groups can and will buy what the organization is
trying to produce and sell.  By having a
good understanding of the customer or customer groups the organization can make
targeted product offers.

the organization determines which customers to market to the organization needs
to identify if the customers’ needs are relevant to the product.  A clothing manufacturer that tailors clothes
specifically for persons of big and tall sizes can also design covers and
tapestries because they are accustomed to handling bulk size materials. 

is the last dimension in Abell’s model. 
Readers Digest brainstormed and came up with the strategy of using mail
orders to create a database of subscribers. 
This made it easy for the popular magazine company to continue to reach
their customers and keep their revenue and operating profits up by selling
condensed books and other publications, videos, and CDs through mail order.

Abell’s model, the company could use its distribution channel to sell
electronic novels, coloring books, and hanging posters.  By offering a few more products to their
target customers through their distribution they ensure to keep their customers
interested and revenues up. The Abell three-dimensional business model provides
an origination with a quick and easy technique usable for marketing to target
customers.  The dimensions are crucial in
keeping an organization abreast of the customer and customer groups they are
trying to market to and how they can continue to meet their customer’s
needs.  In meeting customers’ needs the
company should focus on developing more products that allow them to feel like
the company understands their needs and will continue to meet their needs which
keeps their customers coming back for more product. 












S. C. (2012). Strategic management for organizations Electronic version.
Retrieved from https://ashford.content.edu




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