Abdel-Moety illustrate features of Clinton’s political discourse, and

Abdel-Moety (2015) studied American political discourse of interview genre. This study analyzed the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton through the TV interviews. Critical discourse analysis approach is adopted to analyze this work in three different disciplines. The study applies three frameworks of analysis namely, genre theory, systemic functional grammar, and critical discourse analysis.

Abdel-Moety’s study (2015) explore the characteristics of American interview genre, illustrate features of Clinton’s political discourse, and unfold the use of power through language as well as aims investigate the hidden strategies that are involved in conveying ideological messages. The study indicates that American interview genre as exemplified in Clinton’s interviews incorporates some characteristics of casual conversations. This study found that Clinton’s discourse also has certain specific features and also found Clinton’s use of power is manifested. Abdel-Moety’s study (2015) finally, shows that Clinton’s political and ideological positions are found in the use of specific analytical categories including lexicalization, implication, authority, evidentially, consensus illustration, distancing, polarization, and national self-glorification.

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         In another study, Wang (2010) analyses two of Barack Obama’s speeches, victory speech on November 4, 2008, and inaugural address on January 20, 2009. This study employs Critical Discourse Analysis theory and Systematic Functional Linguistics, analyzes Barack Obama’s presidential speeches mainly from the transitivity and modality perspective. The study explores the relationships among language, ideology and power as well as to reveal how to use the power of speeches to persuade the public to accept and support his policies. According to Wang’s study (2010), Obama uses more simple words and short sentences instead of difficult ones.

His language is easy and colloquial as it can decrease the distance between himself and the audience. In addition, Obama’s speeches mostly use material process which shows what the government has achieved what they are doing and what they will do. With applying transitivity, Obama tries to arouse the American people’s confidence toward the president and his government in the following four years. Moreover, using modality makes his audience easily understand and accept his political speeches. Using of simple present tense, simple future tense as well as using first person pronouns and religious belief, Obama successfully shortens the distance between him and the audience.

The study of Wang (2010) shows how political discourse is used to convey the ideology of power. Moreover, this study also shows Obama’s closeness to his people, and to arouse the American people’s confidence towards himself as a president and his government can be expressed through how he employs the simple language, transitivity and modality. 


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