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I had heard a lot about the beauty of Taj Mahal especially on a full Moon night. I had been pestering my father to take me to Agra so that I could see this beautiful work of art. So, when he agreed to take me to Agra, I was extremely happy. We boarded the Taj Express and reached Agra within three hours.

We took a taxi from the railway station for the Taj. I was a little disappointed when we saw the entry which was dotted by small houses which were more like hutments; the narrow lanes were dingy and dirty. Added to this there was a long queue of people waiting to enter the Taj Mahal. Needless to say, in spite of all this, we were very excited to enter the Taj, which we believed, would look elegant. When our turn came, we, after depositing the mobile phones at a police counter, entered the Taj. It was evening and the Sun was about to set. We saw lush green lawns, tall trees and fountains sparkling in the light of the sun and behold our eyes were mesmerized by the splendid white dome which was visible in the middle of the four marble minarets.

The Taj Mahal looked so delicate and fabulous that it seemed to be almost unreal – a palace made for and by fairies. As a matter of fact, I could imagine little white fairies sitting all around it, making it look as white and pure as moonlight. The Sun which looked red and gold added to its beauty and the Taj, bathed in the light of the setting sun, looked like an exquisite, white pearl, reminding us of the beauty of Mumtaz Mahal. We went up the marble steps and walked around the white dome and saw the river Yamuna, which must have touched the Taj Mahal, once upon a time, I could imagine how beautiful and peaceful the Taj must have looked with Yamuna in its full glory. But, alas! now it looked like a narrow ribbon, as if warning us of what may happen to the Taj with pollution, in the years to come . Could we afford to let this National heritage lose its splendour and beauty like the river Yamuna? We went inside and saw the marble tomb of Begum Mumtaj Mahal which must have been decorated with precious stones.. There were screens which were made of delicately carved marbles.

We thought of the beautiful queen who must be resting peacefully in her Tomb. We also thought of how much the Emperor must have loved her to make such a memorial, one of its kinds, for his beloved. We also saw the Taj in the light of the full moon and believe me it was a memorable sight with the white marble shining in the dim light, in all its grandeur, the silence, the gardens, the fountains adding to the serenity and beauty of this work of art, so ethereal, so delicate. It was truly an experience of a life time which left all of us spellbound.


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