interrelated database that are distributes

A Distributed databaseare multiple, interrelated database that are distributes within a computernetwork (ELTABAKH, 2012)A distributed databaseshould be added to sunny holiday as it would allow easy access to clientele andhave corresponding data throughout the entire organisation. In today’s societymost hotels at links to website such as where customer make therebooking for hotel, with a distributed database it would allow sunnyholidays  to be accessible through suchsites and stay in the competition. The advantages of adistributing database- ·        Datacan be accessed over networks – the sunny holidays(SH) campsare located in different resorts, with distribution database  employees or supervisors would  be able to access data of sunny holidays atdifferent camp locations.·        Easierto update – if the SH needs to add new information to their databasethey can do so without effecting the entire database like the current databasewhich does now execute queries while the database is being altered of update ·        Improvedability to share- the distributing database would allowingsunny holidays to share information with various stakeholders requestinginformation as compared to the current database system that is only share onthe local network.·        Guest would able to make bookings to aspecific camp from various camps locations as compared to database presentlythat only allows customers to make bookings at the resort they intend attend tostay ·        Reduces loss of database if a local servermalfunctions- if one SH database systems fails the establishment’s entiredatabase would not be lost·        Speed and resource effectiveness – sincemost of the information being ascertained from the system is achieved throughthe local server at the camp it would cause less traffic to take place on thenetwork increasing the speed at which information is received. ·        With ah distributed a customer would beable to make reservations from a different location and the employee conductingthe booking would be able to enquire some the database how many units areavailable at the camp before making reservation in a timely manner, thisprocess wold provide excellent customer service and attract more customers fromexception guest ratings.  


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