A great movies have great actors. Lastly, the

A good movie is one that has a variety of genres that appeal to the audience that it is directed to. A good movie is one that has good actors that the audience finds best suitable for the personality of the character. Moreover, the movie should have an enjoyable conclusion. Having the audience dying to know how the movie finishes, giving them the satisfaction at the end of the movie. Given these points, I believe that the book entitled Find Me was written by, Romily Bernard, should be made into a movie. The book introduced one by one to different genres that the novel has to offer. Since the book is targeted towards teens, a movie with genres ranging from action and mystery to romance would be a good movie for all teens to watch.

In addition, all great movies have great actors. Lastly, the series of events presented leave one wanting to know how the book ends. This allows the reader to become impatient, and as the book finishes, they walk away with a flattering closure.

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 Find Me should be adapted into a motion picture because of the variety of genres it has to offer, the actors that could possibly play as characters in the novel and the satisfying ending. The novel Find Me should be turned into a movie because of its unique genres that would captivate the audience. Mystery is the first genre that is brought up in the novel Find Me. The audience will be engaged into the movie if they have something to base their predictions off of which in this case is the mystery aspect of the novel.

Find Me has many different mystery-like situations which will leave the audience in shock. The main mystery aspect of the novel is revealed when Wicket and Griffin are talking, and Griffin says that, “Tessa jumped off a building” (Bernard, 22). Wicket then receives a note with the words “Find Me”. Who is this person Wicket has to find? Well, that is the mystery. As any mystery novel, in the end, the masked villain is brought to center stage.

When Wicket starts to list who she thinks the suspects could be it gave the reader a chance to agree or disagree with her, making the reader engaged and wanting to know more. The genre of mystery makes the reader feel as if they are the one solving the mystery, which allows them to stay engaged throughout the entire book. Another genre that is unveiled in the novel is action.

An action film is based around either one person, or a group, facing challenges. Action is a genre that allows one to see the story through fights, explosions and car crashes. Find Me portrays the genre of action throughout most of the novel. While Wicket chases after the villain in the story there are many fight scenes and car chases.

What is different about action movies from other movie genres is that many distinct age groups applaud it. Whether it is a ten-year-old, teenager, or an adult, action movies like The Drunken Master starring Jackie Chan, The Terminator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Rambo starring Sylvester Stallone bring entertainment to everybody. If Find Me was created into a film the audience would experience the type of action that occurred in the movies listed above. The type of action that occurs in these movies is loved by everyone. These action movies bring a sense of exhilaration to the viewers and help one navigate out of their colorless world and gives them a hero to idolize.

When the action brings forth a hero to idolize the audience stays engaged in the story and feels as if they are the character. The last major genre in the book is romance. Romance gives every novel an interesting twist. Find Me portrays many romance scenes which intrigues the audience. In the novel Wicket and her classmate, Griffin, fall in love. They both realize that they have the same qualities as each other which lead to them falling in love. The twist comes in when different situations arise, and the couple sees the extent to which the other would go to show how compassionate they are for each other. The best thing about romantic films is the idealism in them; the never-say-die attitude of the characters is truly inspiring.

Just like how Wicket and Griffin would do anything to keep each other alive and safe. The genre of romance allows people to connect emotionally while and after watching a film at the theater. Since people can connect emotionally it gives the audience a better chance of staying involved with the story. That kind of magic simply makes everyone watch romance films again and again. Having a variety of unique genres gives the opportunity for all people to stay engaged with the novel, which is why it should be made into a film. Not only should the novel be turned into a movie because of its unique genres but also because of how real actors and actresses would be well suited for the roles of fictional characters in Find Me.

Firstly, the actress who would be best suitable for the character of Wicket Tate is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. The actress, Zendaya, has had various roles in different films and television programs. One recent film that Zendaya has starred in is Spider-man Homecoming. In this movie Zendaya is perceived as a shy and lonely girl. Along with movies, Zendaya is best known for her role on Disney channel shows such as Shake It Up and K.C. Undercover in which she goes from acting as a typical teenage girl to an undercover agent, making it quite evident that she has the ability to act as any character.

The character Wicket resembles Zendaya because Wicket is also seen as a very antisocial teenager attending high-school, creating a parallel with Zendaya’s role in Spider-man Homecoming. In the novel Wicket keeps all information to herself and does not get help when needed, making Zendaya a perfect fit for playing the part. Zendaya is also socially well-known which will attract audiences to watch any movie with her in it. Spider-man Homecoming shows that Zendaya would be the best option to play as Wicket. Secondly, the actor who is best suitable for the character of Detective Carson would be Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is known for his action films.

He has had a variety of roles in different movies one being the Mission Impossible series. In this series Tom Cruise fights his way to victory. Tom Cruise acts as an agent finding ways to complete, what seem to be, impossible tasks. In the novel Find Me, Detective Carson is represented just like how Tom Cruise acts in the Mission Impossible series. Detective Carson tries to find clues here and there to try and solve the task at hand which is why a girl committed suicide. Detective Carson eventually solves the case with the help of two other characters, Wicket and Griffin. Since the Mission Impossible series is a hit due to Tom Cruise and his ability to act, if Find Me becomes a movie with Detective Carson starring as Tom Cruise, it will be a hit.

One last actor who would make this novel worth becoming a movie is Dylan O’Brien playing the role of Griffin. Dylan O’Brien has been acting in many shows and movies, Maze Runner being one of them. In this series Dylan shows a sense of bravery and courage.

Dylan has had to make self-sacrifices for the wellbeing of other people. Griffin is an exact copy of Dylan in the Maze Runner series. Griffin is shown to have bravery when him and Wicket are in the church trying to save Lily. Griffin looks at Wicket and says that, “Even if I don’t live to see you ever again, even if Todd cuts me until there is nothing left to cut, I will remember you.

” (Bernard, 297). Throughout the novel, Griffin shows this bravery and courage, whether it is in school or outside of school. Dylan in the Maze Runner shows this exact same courage which is why he would be a perfect actor to play the part of Griffin since they are so alike. Dylan is also well known by a lot of people which will make the movie a success if he plays the part of Griffin. Relating back, having actors and actresses who are more skilled than other actors will make the audience feel like they are the best suited for these roles and will make a great movie. The final reason why the novel Find Me should be turned into a movie is because of its captivating ending. One reason this novel has a captivating ending is that the villain is apprehended.

Griffin and Wicket go to the church to save Lily from their foster dad, Todd. In the process of saving Lily from Todd, Wicket manages to trap him inside the church where he has nowhere to escape. Later, he is arrested and is sent to jail.

This makes the ending captivating because, when the antagonist of a story is left untouched, people start to predict what might have happened which drives people crazy. The reason this is captivating is that Todd was never thought of to be the antagonist. Todd was mentioned only a few times which leaves the audience forgetting about him. The captivating moment in Find Me comes when Todd is apprehended. Another aspect of the story which gives it such a satisfying ending is that it teases the reader for a second novel. Since mainly Wicket has solved the case of why Tessa Waye committed suicide, Detective Carson offers Wicket a crack at a new case where “the judge’s assistant is murdered. Stabbed to death. But before the killer dumped her body he carved: REMEMBER ME” (Bernard, 307).

A teaser for a second novel is satisfying because when the reader puts down the first book they will start to read the second one showing that they want more. When the reader puts down the first book and picks up the one that was publicized shows that the reader was pleased with the first novel and wants to feel that sensation once again. Going back, having a captivating ending will create a great movie. Therefore, having unique genres, actors and actresses who are best suited to play as characters in the novel, and having a pleasing ending are all great factors of a fascinating movie; because of these conditions, Find Me by Romily Bernard should be created into a motion picture..


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