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A special attribute that sets me apart from my peers is working diligently with my church doing media for the main services and the youth services. I like to spend most of my free time at the church because that is what my joy is. I enjoy doing media and creating sermon and announcement graphics. I will always make time to serve my church family. I am willing to do so much for my church because I enjoy serving others and that is what I do on a daily basis when I’m not doing anything else. I will always make time for Tree Of Life Church because that’s also where my heritage is from.

My family has a rich heritage. My great grandma’s sister was walking down Walnut ; McMicken when she heard music and the Pastor’s wife at the time, Sis. Curts, invited her in to church. From that point on my family has been in church on my mom’s side. My dad’s mom was born and grew up in Germany. When she was 17-18 she moved to the United States knowing no English. She met my dad’s dad and he helped teacher her English. We call them Oma and Opa, which is German for grandma and grandpa.

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This has influenced my perspective of the world by allowing me to be involved in church and see that everyone is equal no matter where they come from. I believe that family and love are an important part of being the church. My family shows that.

We need to care and help everyone we meet no matter where they’re from. The second way I view the world is that it was created to be perfect but sin then came in and corrupted it. God sent himself and manifested himself into a human and called himself Jesus. I believe that one day there will be no more sickness, no more pain, and no more dying. I believe love and family is the key to changing the culture of this world. My short-term goal is to graduate high school and pursue a degree at Northern Kentucky University. My long-term goal is to graduate at Northern Kentucky University with the degree of my choice and find job of my choice that pays enough for me to support my family to come.

A scholarship would be helpful to me because I want to be able to save money for my family and be able to support them and not have to worry about college debt. I want to be able to support my children’s college funds.


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