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A secondary school is a building and organization that provides secondary education. Some of these secondary schools offer lower and upper levels of secondary education. These can be given in same school or offered in separate institutions. In some countries, the senior year may be regarded as twelfth grade while others as the thirteenth grade. Different people have diverse views as to whether this senior year is important or not. Some view the senior year as waste of time, and causing disconnection from studies since the senior year does not have much study work. Others are of the view that the senior year is a transition between high school and college. Students get to learn skills that they did not learn in their junior years in high school. This essay will describe the diverse views of different people concerning as to whether high school students should be given leeway to choose if to do or skip the senior year. A conclusion is drawn from the argument to state if the senior year is relevant or not.

In this literature review we will consider two friends Aren Owens and Fabian Abebo. These two friends sat on the same lunch table at high school (North central). However, they have different opinion concerning Mitch Daniel’s plan that sought to give leeway for some students not to go through senior year, and instead go to college straight (Roderick, M., Coca, V., ; Nagaoka, J., 2011). According to Abebo, he prefers to go to college directly, skipping the senior year in high school. Contrally, according to Owens, he would like to do his final year, since according to him, senior year is the best year. When the legislature in Indiana had the budget passed, Daniel’s plan was launched in this budget. It gave a leeway for students in high school who successfully complete their main requirements by the time they end their junior year, to go direct to college skipping the final year. The State’s money, (between $6,000 and $8,000), is spent on the senior year. This is dependent on the district the student is studying.
Educators have diverse opinions concerning this idea. Some think the senior year is not necessary, and that it is a waste of finances. Others have the opinion that the senior year need to be strengthened, and should not be abandoned. According to Philip Lovell, from Alliance for excellent education (Washington DC), the twelfth grade is not maximized by majority of the students (Kirst, M. W., 2001). . Therefore, there is need for the senior year to be reconfigured so that it becomes more relevant. As Daniels explained, he finally made the decision after several years questioning the seniors that he came across the state about their opinions and what they heard. Most of the seniors believed they are done, and eligible to move on with studies. Therefore the senior year seemed to be a waste of resources. The senior year has been a great challenge to many policy makers and educators (Roderick, M., Coca, V., ; Nagaoka, J., 2011). The students are already aware that they have passed the required tests at the junior level. This therefore, is a lost time, and comes out to be a disconnection between high school studies and college studies.
Daniels had a strategy to shorten the high school period. Idaho launched program running in 21 districts, which will see early graduates from high school get scholarships to join college. A similar bill is also to be passed by Kentucky. This has been supported by Bill and Melinda foundation and by the National center of Education and Economy. Eight states are supportive of the idea of letting students finish school in two years and then after join college. Troy Inman –the Principal of Pike High school- says the he is not sure if leaving high school after the junior level will be of much help to the students. According to him, high school allows students to do dual enrollment. It offers high school courses, for instance, advanced placement classes. These classes let high school students obtain credit if they get a good score on national test.
Kim Dickerson is of the idea that students need to do their senior year, before joining college. She is the head of guidance of a high school (North Central). She argues that, the senior year will help the students in preparation for the college level. However, some students, for example Zara Anwarzai, who is a North Central sophomore, has the plan of leaving Indianapolis and directly enroll at Simon Rock College, located in Massachusetts. It is a special program meant for students who leave after their junior high school studies. The plans of Anwarzai is to pursue a degree in diplomacy and politics. She has predecessors in her family who have pursued similar career. Her intention is that in future she becomes US secretary of states. She feels that the last 2 high school years are repetitive. If she goes to Simon Rock, she will be able to graduate at the age of 22 years. Her farther is also supportive to the idea. On the other hand, Schooled argues that the senior year is very helpful. It offered her great opportunities that she can’t imagine having lost them. It helped her get training that helped her improve on athletics. It helped her take classes on art subjects including ceramics and drawing. She feels that the new scholarship program may unfortunately cause students to miss out (Roderick, M., Coca, V., & Nagaoka, J., 2011). Daniels makes the admission that he is not sure if he could leave high school after the junior level, if he was given the chance. The author of the original bill (Kruse) is certain that the right thing for him is to leave high school after the junior level.
In conclusion, Students study for a total of 12 years. Four of these years are high school years. Some view these twelve years as a way of preparing students for college life and life after college. However, many have the belief that the senior year is a partying year, and therefore a waste of time. This is in accordance to F. Bernstein (New York Times). This is not true, since senior school should be taken as the transitional year and should be taken as the year to prepare the students emotionally to join college after their graduation. The senior offers many privileges that they can’t get in the other years. For example, graduation, prom etc. It is true that colleges take into consideration the students’ junior year GPA, but the senior year shows the colleges that the students take school seriously. If students don’t want to proceed with their senior year, then there is need for them to undertake a general educational development (GED) test. Passing this test will be a proof that the student has underwent the set curriculum and obtained the desired skills. Students should take advantage to do their four years in high school. The senior year is always the easiest. They should take this as a transitional year, and learn important life skills at this level. For those of the view of skipping this senior year, they need to take GED test, and obtain certification showing their academic skills.


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