A structure and usually comprises varying team size,

A project team setup is a purposive structure and usually comprises varying team size, team composition and needs to achieve its project goals within certain resource and time constraints (Project Management Institute, 2008). Challenges usually arise in terms of forming team trust, team cohesion, team satisfaction and team effectiveness due to temporary nature of the project team in a multi-ethnical and multi-cultural, unlike teams which are ongoing. Tuckermans model for team formation Identified four stages of team formation forming at this stage most members are positive and polite as they are getting to know each other.

The second stage is storming; people get to push boundaries as this is where personality clashes occur. People become frustrated with approaches at this stage and may start questioning team strategy and start avoiding tasks. It is important to note some teams never make it past this stage. Norming stage people start resolving their differences building on one another’s strengths and respecting each team member. Performing is the last phase

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