A PROJECT REPORT Submitted by CHAUHAN MEHUL G.(090233119002) KHUNT BHAUTIK K.(080230119021) PATEL MILAN B.(080230119038) KACHHADIYA BHAGIRATH H.(080230119016) In fulfillment for the award of the degree of BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING in Mechanical Engineering Government Engineering college of Surat Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad Government Engineering college of Surat Mechanical Engineering Department 2011 CERTIFICATE DATE 21/10/2011 This is to certify that the dissertation entitled AN ATTEMPT TO SOLVE THE CHIMNEY CHOKE UP PROBLEM AND LOW QUALITY STEAM GENERATION IN WOOD FIRED BOILER SYSTEM OF TEXTILE DYING INDUSTRY has been carried out by PATEL MILAN B. (080230119038), CHAUHAN MEHUL G.(090233119002), KHUNT BHAUTIK K. (080230119021), KACHHADIYA BHAGIRATH H.(080230119016) under my guidance in fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 7th semester of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmadabad during the academic year 2011-12. Guide Prof. U. V. Joshi Prof. Dr. V. D. Dhiman (Asst. Professor) Head Mechanical Engineering Department PROJECT APPROVAL DATE 25/05/2012 This is to certify that the dissertation entitled AN ATTEMPT TO SOLVE THE CHIMNEY CHOKE UP PROBLEM AND LOW QUALITY STEAM GENERATION IN WOOD FIRED BOILER SYSTEM OF TEXTILE DYING INDUSTRY has been carried out by PATEL MILAN B. (080230119038), CHAUHAN MEHUL G.(090233119002), KHUNT BHAUTIK K. (080230119021), KACHHADIYA BHAGIRATH H.(080230119016) under my guidance in fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 8th semester of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmadabad during the academic year 2011-12. Date Place Examiner(s) ________________ _________________ _________________ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The present report is the work carried out during 4th year under the supervision of Prof. U.V.Joshi as a project guide at Government Engineering College, Surat. First of all we want to thank our Mechanical Engineering Department for providing us such a great atmosphere around us for encouraging us to work at best level. Special thanks to our H.O.D Prof. V.D. Dhiman and Prof. U.V. Joshi for their immensely supporting, for their valuable help and moral support which is beyond any comparison. We are also very much grateful to Industrial Coordinator Mr. Gordhanbhai P. Jogani (SWAMI TEXTILE PVT. LTD., Pandesara, Surat). All our team members and our Professor have played significant role as moral boosters and have extended all possible helps and co-operations. We express immense gratitude to them. Last but not the least we are grateful to our parents who help us financially when we needed and encourage us to get great achievements in our life. Thank you all. ABSTRACT This paper describes solution of problems occurred in Swami Textile Pvt. Ltd. During last summer vacation, we had visited the Swami Textile Pvt. Ltd. Swami Textile is a dyeing factory, where the threads are dying in bulk, uses steam for process heating. The industry suffers from two problems Losses in the steam distribution are high, so steam generated in the wood water tube boiler lost its dryness before reaching to the point of application. Our projects is focused on improving performance of plant operations by providing new design or modify existing steam distribution systems and giving the solution of chimney chock up problem by implementing best and cost effective chimney cleaning techniques. INDEX No. Chapter Page No 1 Introduction 1 2 Over View of Plant 3 3 Issues 12 4 Analysis of Steam System 20 5 Conclusion 65 Appendix 67 Steam Pipe Sizing Calculation Sheet 72 LIST OF TABLES Table No Table Description Page No Table 4.1 Dimensions of oil thermal boiler according to load 30 Table 4.2 Technical specification for gas fired boiler 32 Table 4.3 Steam line losses for non-insulated pipes of different diameters 42 Table 4.4 Different types of material used for insulation 43 LIST OF FIGURES Figure No Figure Description Page No 2.1 Schematic Plant layout of Swami Text Pvt. Ltd. 03 2.2 Photo of Thread dyed in the Swami Textile Pvt. Ltd. 05 2.3 Existing Boiler 06 2 4 Steam Pipe lines 07 2.5 (a) Valves 08 2.5 (b) Flow control valve 08 2.6 Filter and oil separator 09 2.7 Vertical Sampling vessel 10 2.8 Horizontal vessel 11 3.1 Steam Distribution System 16 3.2 Cause of chimney choke up 19 4.1 Actual Boiler Design 22 4.2 Range of operating temperature for various oils for Thermal oil boiler 25 4.3 Photo picture of thermal oil boiler 26 4.4 Closed Type 27 LIST OF FIGURES Figure No Figure Description Page No 4.5 Open Type 28 4.6 Economizer 28 4.7 Horizontal and vertical design of oil thermal boiler 29 4.8 Gas fired boiler 32 4.9 Photograph of part of steam distribution system 40 4.9 Cost v/s year for insulation 43 LIST OF SYMBOLS, ABBREVIATIONS AND NOMENCLATURE Symbol Name Abbreviations Pb Boiler pressure Pd Dyeing drum pressure tb Boiler temperature td Dyeing drum temperature tw Feed water temperature q Steam flow rate T Thickness of insulation TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgement I Abstract II Index III List of Tables IV List of Figures V List of Abbreviations VII Table of Contents IX Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction 1 Chapter 2 Over View of Plant 2.1 Over view of Swami Text Pvt. Ltd 3 2.2 Operation of Plant.. 4 2.2.1 Operating parameters 6 2.3 Existing Condition of Plant 6 Chapter 3 Issues 3.1 Introduction. 12 3.2 Major Issues. 13 3.2.1 Inefficient steam system 14 3.2.2 Chimney chock up problem… 17 Chapter 4 Analysis Of Steam System 4.1 Introduction 20 4.2 Boiler.. 21 4.2.1 Boiler Specification.. 21 4.2.2 Cost analysis of existing boiler. 23 4.3 Alternative Solution (Thermal Oil Boiler). 23 4.3.1 Actual working and design of oil thermal boiler. 25 4.3.2 Construction.. 27 4.3.3 FlueGas Coolers (Economizers)… 28 4.3.4 Heat transfer fluid – thermal oil 29 4.3.5 Horizontal and Vertical Design. 29 4.3.6 Advantages of oil thermal boiler over steam boiler 30 4.3.7 Cost analysis for oil thermal boiler 31 4.4 Gas fired boiler. 31 4.4.1 Introduction.. 31 4.4.2 Cost analysis for Gas fired boiler.. 33 4.5 Pipe Sizing .. 33 4.5.1 Energy Conservation.. 35 4.5.2 Steam line calculation. 38 4.6 Insulation of Steam Distribution System.. 39 4.6.1 Existing Condition of Insulation in Plant. 39 4.6.2 Heat Gain / Loss from Cylindrical Surfaces like Pipes 41 4.6.3 Economical Insulation Thickness.. 43 Chapter 5 Conclusions 5.1 Conclusions 65 Appendix A Glossary of Terms 67 Appendix B Steam tips sheets 70 Steam Pipe Sizing Calculation Sheet 72 1 INTRODUCTION Introduction 1.1 Introduction During last summer vacation, we had visited the SWAMI TEXTILE. For our IDP project. Swami Textile is a dyeing factory, where the threads are dyeing in bulk. Main components those used for dyeing threads are Boiler, Process equipment, Pipes, Colour Mixture for mixing the different colours. Generally, Steam, in industries, is either used for power generation or as a process steam. Here steam is used as a process steam. Product quality depends upon quality of steam. So Steam is the main parameter for satisfactory operation. Steam quality depends upon various factors like feed water, fuel used for combustion, type of boiler used, steam carrying pipes, distance between generation of steam location and area of application. The whole unit of dyeing incorporates a wood fired water tube boiler, steam carrying pipes, dyeing containers with number of nozzles filled with different colours, and a chimney for carrying exhaust gases from boiler. Steam generated by the boiler is used as a process steam for dyeing purpose. Heat carried by steam is used for giving heat to the threads bundle to impregnate the colour into threads properly. During Dyeing operation, Water is fed to the boiler at room temperature by pump. Steam is generated in wood fired water tube boiler by combustion of wood in the furnace. Steam generated in boiler tubes are carried to the process equipments through pipes, where steam is utilized for heating the threads. First threads are coloured by sprays and then steam is used to heat those threads for drying purpose. Steam used for this purpose should be such that it would be dry enough to make thread dry but it should wet also so that threads are no burned out. So, Steam of uniform quantity is necessary. Wood burnt in furnace will give heat to water and produces steam. Flue gases produced by burning of fuel will disposed to atmosphere through chimney. Metal chimney is used for this purpose. 2 OVER VIEW OF PLANT 2.1 Over view of Swami Text Pvt. Ltd. 2.2 Operation of Plant – 2.2.1 Operating parameters 2.3 Existing Condition of Plant 2.1 Over view of Swami Text Pvt. Ltd. Fig. 2.1 Schematic Plant layout of Swami Text Pvt. Ltd. Figure shows the schematic diagram of plant with dimensions where the yarn drying is carried out. It consists of boiler with economizer placed vertically, steam carrying pipes, control valves, feed water arrangement, process equipments. Feed water is first heated in the economizer, and then it is further heated by the hot flue gases formed in the combustion chamber. This heated water then converted into the dry saturated steam by taking latent heat of vaporization from hot gases. Steam is then carried to the 1st floor where the process equipments are placed. Steam is carried by pipes are insulated by glass wool so that the heat transfer loss is minimum during flow through pipes. Steam is then used for process heating in process equipment drums in which the dyeing process is carried out. In these drums thread bundle is placed in such a way that the dyeing to thread is uniform throughout the bundle. In drums proper pressure is built up in process equipment and then dyeing to threads is carried out. 2.2 Operation of plant During last summer vacation, we had visited the swami textile for our IDP project. Swami textile is a dyeing factory, where the threads are dyeing in bulk. Main components those used for dyeing threads are boiler, process equipment, pipes, and colour mixture for mixing the different colours. Generally, steam, in industries, is either used for power generation or as a process steam. Here steam is used as a process steam. Steam generated by the boiler is used as a process steam for dyeing purpose. Heat carried by steam is used for giving heat to the threads bundle to impregnate the colour into threads properly. Product quality depends upon quality of steam. So steam is the main parameter for satisfactory operation. Steam quality depends upon various factors like feed water, fuel used for combustion, type of boiler used, steam carrying pipes, distance between generation of steam location and area of application. Figure. 2.2 Photo of Thread dyed in the Swami Textile Pvt. Ltd. During dyeing operation, water is fed to the boiler from water tank through economizer where temperature of water is increased to 800c. From where water is pumped by centrifugal pump running by 1hp motor. Boiler is fired tube boiler in which water is converted in to steam of temperature around 140 to 1600c and pressure of 2 to 3 kg/cm2. Steam is generated in wood fired water tube boiler by combustion of wood in the furnace. Steam generated in boiler tubes are carried to the process equipments through pipes, where steam is utilized for heating the threads. First threads are coloured by sprays and then steam is used to heat those threads for drying purpose. Steam used for this purpose should be such that it would be dry enough to make thread dry and at temperature of 1300c and pressure of 3 kg/cm2, but it should wet also so that threads are no burned out. So, steam of uniform quantity is necessary. Wood burnt in furnace will give heat to water and produces steam. Flue gases produced by burning of fuel will disposed to atmosphere through chimney. Steam supplied to the processing vessel is condensed and lead to the water tank and same water is fed to the boiler as feed water. 2.2.1 Operating parameters Boiler pressure (pb) 3-4 kg/cm2 Boiler temperature (tb) 150 c0 Enthalpy of steam at boiler outlet (eb) 2759.329 kj/kg of steam (from steam table) Final pressure or pressure in dyeing drum (pd) 3 kg/cm2 Temperature in dyeing drum (td) 1300c 2.3 Existing Condition of Plant Fig.2.3 Existing Boiler The working condition of actual existing boiler is shown in photograph. Boiler is shown and required mountings like pressure gauge, temperature gauge, water level indicator is mounted. Economizer is shown where heat is transferred from hot flue gases to inlet feed water. Water is preheated around 80 0c then water is heated to final temperature in boiler around 150 0c. Fig.2.4 Steam Pipe lines Fig 2.4 Shows insulation condition of steam pipeline. Steam carrying pipeline is insulated using material glass wool. Flow control valve and coupling is shown in figure. Fig.2.5 (a) Valves Fig.2.5 (b) Flow control valve Fig 2.5 (a) and (b) shows control valve various flow control valves are also used to control the flow of valve as shown in figure. Direction control valves are also used where there is requirement of flow of steam at two places. Fig.2.6 Filter and oil separator Figure shows the filter and oil separator. Oil is separated here from the fluid. Filter is provided to filter it to reduce the intensity of contaminants from the fluid. Fig.2.7 7 Sampling vessel Figure shows the sampling process vessel, Where the steam of required quantity is used for dyeing to check the quality of product that is to be made by that steam. Before the starting the production of dyeing in large quantity, it is required to check first quality of color mixture that is done at this vessel. Fig.2.8 Horizontal process vessel Figure shows horizontal process vessel in which the cone of thread is applied horizontally. It can be put easily in the vessel as compared to vertical vessel. 3 ISSUES 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Major Issues – 3.2.1 Inefficient steam system – 3.2.2 Chimney chock up problem 3.1 Introduction Process carried out in factory need steam of should be dry enough to give amount of heat to threads for drying them. But the problem is that steam coming to the process application area, is not dry enough to give satisfactory results. Steam produced at boiler is of required quality but when it reaches to application area it is of low quality. This is major concern for the factory employees. It also affects operation of process equipment as the equipment has to work under this faulty condition and this will lead to premature failure of process equipment. Even this wet steam cause many other problems like corrosion of gauges, less heat transfer due to layer of water, premature failure due to corrosion of gauges, improper working of equipment under this condition, poor quality of product, higher fuel consumption and higher expense on fuel. This all problem is due to wet steam so we find that this problem is important to consider and there is lot of scope of savings in terms of cost as well as energy. Another problem was occurring with chimney. Main function of chimney is disposal of waste hot flue gases, produced at the end of combustion process in the furnace, to atmosphere. Here factory is using wood fired water tube boiler, so the wood is fired in the combustion chamber to produce steam in water tubes for process. Then this hot gases coming out of furnace is used for preheat water in economizer. Hot flue gases passing through economizer, will then come to chimney from where it will dispose to atmosphere. Chimney of circular cross section is used. Here the main problem in industry is that chimney is blocked in 6 to 7 days because of disposal of carbon on surface of the chimney wall. Because of this workers have to clean the chimney every week otherwise the combustion process cannot be proceeded due to choke up of chimney. Boiler operation is off during cleaning of chimney and this makes the boiler to cool down. When the cleaning is done, the boiler can be used. When boiler is started again, it will take some hours to heat it up then it can give actually heat to the water to produce steam. This will lead to time consuming process as well as productivity is also affected. Due to this problem factory has to face the problems like less productivity, required more time to clean chimney and fully utilization of equipment is not achieved. 3.2 Major Issues During visit we had found that there is certain problem in plant regarding to chimney and Quality of steam. Factory workers and senior employees decided to support and help us in our project. They were ready to give any kind of information related to plant based on our project. As in factory two problems are there, so we have decided to include both problems in our project. Inefficient steam system 3.2.1 Inefficient steam system Steam quality is an important factor that affects the quality of product and fuel consumption of process, process time and is directly related to cost of product and cost of fuel. Process carried out in factory need steam of enough dryness fraction that is steam should be dry enough to give amount of heat to threads for drying them and wet enough so that it will not damage the threads. Here we found that steam coming to the process application area, is not dry enough to give satisfactory results. Steam reached at application area is of less dry. Steam produced at boiler is of required quality but when it reaches to application area it is of low quality. This is major concern for the factory employees. It also affects operation of process equipment as the equipment has to work under this faulty condition and this will lead to premature failure of process equipment. Even this wet steam cause many other problems like Corrosion of gauges, less heat transfer due to layer of water, premature failure due to corrosion of gauges, improper working of equipment under this condition, poor quality of product, higher fuel consumption and higher expense on fuel. This all problem is due to wet steam so we find that this problem is important to consider and there is lot of scope of savings in terms of cost as well as energy. Causes The steam distribution system is the essential link between the steam generator and the steam user. There are various methods to carry steam from a central source to the point of use. The central source might be a boiler house or the discharge from a co-generation plant. The boilers may burn primary fuel, or be waste heat boilers using exhaust gases from high temperature processes, engines or even incinerators. Whatever the source, an efficient steam distribution system is essential if steam of the right quality and pressure is to be supplied, in the right quantity, to the steam using equipment. Installation and maintenance of the steam system are important issues, and must be considered at the design stage. An understanding of the basic steam circuit or steam and condensate loop is required. As steam condenses in a process, flow is induced in the supply pipe. Condensate has a very small volume compared to the steam, and this causes a pressure drop, which causes the steam to flow through the pipes. The steam generated in the boiler must be conveyed through pipe work to the point where its heat energy is required. Initially there will be one or more main pipes, or steam mains, which carry steam from the boiler in the general direction of the steam using plant. Smaller branch pipes can then carry the steam to the individual pieces of equipment. Steam on contact with the cooler pipes will begin to condense immediately. On start-up of the system, the condensing rate will be at its maximum, as this is the time where there is maximum temperature difference between the steam and the pipe work. This condensing rate is commonly called the starting load. Once the pipe work has warmed up, the temperature difference between the steam and pipe work is minimal, but some condensation will occur as the pipe work still continues to transfer heat to the surrounding air. This condensing rate is commonly called the running load. When the valve on the steam pipe serving an item of steam using plant is opened, steam flowing from the distribution system enters the plant and again comes in contact with cooler surfaces. The steam then transfers its energy in warming up an equipment and product (starting load), and, when up to temperature, continues to transfer heat to the process (running load). There is now a continuous supply of steam from the boiler to satisfy the connected load and to maintain this supply more steam must be generated. In order to do this, more water (and fuel to heat this water) is supplied to the boiler to make up for the water which has previously been evaporated into steam. The condensate formed in both the steam distribution pipework and in the process equipment is a convenient supply of useable hot boiler feed water. Although it is important to remove this condensate from the steam space, it is a valuable commodity and should not be allowed to run to waste. Returning all condensate to the boiler feed tank closes the steam energy loop, and should be practiced wherever practical. Fig. 3.1 Steam Distribution System As shown in fig. insulation of steam pipelines is not sufficient and losses in steam distribution system are very high. As piping work and insulation provided is done by local person, also installation of boiler is not as per standards. Boiler efficiency is very poor causing more fuel consumption and high production cost. Hence re-design of steam system is necessary. By proper inspection and observation during the training period in swami textiles, we concluded some of the reasons behind it. Some of the main reasons we have considered are, Due to use of inefficient wood fired boiler the quality of steam is lowered at the generation so that it is getting wet near to the process equipment. Wood has lower calorific value and improper maintenance may cause of lower quality steam. Decreased quality of steam may be because of lower quality insulation on the steam carrying pipes or thickness of insulation is more than the critical thickness of insulation for given condition. So improper insulation is the major factor affecting the quality of steam. Improper pipeline diameters and unnecessary length of the steam carrying pipe cause the pressure drop in the pipe so the condensation of steam takes place. Sometimes it also lowers the velocity and this cause the loss of heat to the surrounding by heat transfer. 4 ANALYSIS FOR STEAM SYSTEM 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Boiler – 4.2.1 Boiler Specification – 4.2.2. Cost analysis of existing boiler 4.3 Alternative Solution (Thermal Oil Boiler) 4.3.1. Actual working and design of oil thermal boiler – 4.3.2 Construction 4.3.3. FlueGas Coolers (Economizers) – 4.3.4. Heat transfer fluid – thermal oil – 4.3.5. Horizontal and Vertical Design – 4.3.6. Advantages of oil thermal boiler over steam boiler – 4.3.7. Cost analysis for oil thermal boiler 4.4 Gas fired boiler 4.4.1. Introduction – 4.4.2 Cost analysis for Gas fired boiler 4.5. Pipe Sizing – 4.7.1 Energy Conservation- 4.7.2 Steam line size calculations 4.6 Insulation of Steam Distribution System – 4.6.1 Existing Condition Of Insulation in Plant – 4.6.2 Heat Gain / Loss from Cylindrical Surfaces like Pipes – 4.6.3 Economical Insulation Thickness 4.1 Introduction The main issue is with the steam quality used for process heating. The steam quality is decrease as it reaches to the process equipment. By proper inspection and observation during the training period in swami textiles, we concluded some of the reasons behind it. Some of the main reasons we have considered are, Due to use of inefficient wood fired boiler the quality of steam is lowered at the generation so that it is getting wet near to the process equipment. Wood has lower calorific value and improper maintenance may cause of lower quality steam. Decreased quality of steam may be because of lower quality insulation on the steam carrying pipes or thickness of insulation is more than the critical thickness of insulation for given condition. So improper insulation is the major factor affecting the quality of steam. Improper pipeline diameters and unnecessary length of the steam carrying pipe cause the pressure drop in the pipe so the condensation of steam takes place. Sometimes it also lowers the velocity and this cause the loss of heat to the surrounding by heat transfer. We considered these three major problems and find out the feasible solutions with the help of respected project guide Prof. U.V.Joshi and respected plant manager Mr. B.C.Suhagiya during our project hours. We undertake the 3 of the problems consequently one after another with suitable calculated proper solutions. 4.2 Boiler Swami textile is using wood fired water tube boiler for steam generation. Steam is generated by firing of wood. Wood fired boiler has lots of its own disadvantages. Lower combustion efficiency, lower calorific value, higher moisture content, and higher ash problem, human health problem because of ash and carbon particles suspended in atmosphere. 4.2.1 Boiler Specification Boiler pressure (pb) 3-4 kg/cm2 Boiler temperature (tb) 150 0C Enthalpy of steam at boiler outlet (eb) 2759.329 kj/kg of steam (from steam table) Feed Water Temperature 80 0C Max. Pressure 7 kg/cm2 Size of the Boiler m3 Fig. 4.1 Actual Boiler Design At first sight it is recommended to replace fuel of boiler like use of gas fired boiler using compressed natural gas. There are lots of advantages that affect the life of boiler and condition of boiler. Direct advantages are no or less ash deposition on the wall of boiler so less maintenance is required, less production loss, higher thermal efficiency and higher heat conduction rate to the water. 4.2.2. Cost analysis of existing boiler Wood fired boiler first cost Rs.4, 50,000. Wood fired boiler life 3 to 4 year depend on fuel and water condition Wood rate 5 Rs./k.g. Per day use of wood 200 to 300 k.g. Per day cost of wood Rs.1000 to 1500 If we consider Rs.1250 per day cost of wood, then per year cost of wood 1250 365 Rs.4,56,250/year Maintenance cost for cleaning boiler per year as per contact given to the agency 25000 Total running and maintenance cost for wood fired boiler per year 456250 25000 Rs. 4,76,250 4.3 Alternative Solution (Thermal Oil Boiler) Both water and steam are used as heat carriers in process heating systems. But at temperatures above 100c, water and steam requires a corresponding higher operating pressure. In industrial heating this high temperature level is often a must in order to achieve the necessary high output of the process. When establishing the heating system with water and steam, you must deal with systems and components designed for very high pressures and consequently demands for special considerations in regards to safety issues. This means large dimensions and weights, extensive safety procedures, approvals from authorities and a lot of extra costs. In thermal oil boilers, a special oil-based thermal fluid is used as the heat carrier – instead of water or steam. This thermal fluid (or heat transfer fluid) operates at atmospheric pressure all the way up to 300c. Comparing this to water and steam, it would require a corresponding steam or water pressure of above 85 bar to obtain the temperature of 300c. At higher temperature than 320-340c, the thermal fluid too must be pressurized (see below), however only moderate overpressure compared to water and steam. In the principle the thermal fluid works as any other heating fluid, it is heated and it is cooled when passing through the system, – just like low-temperature domestic heating systems. Understanding the thermal oil heating system is not that difficult. Only the operating temperature is much higher than water circulating system. On the other hand this means that both the system and the components becomes quite different in design and special features. In other words, the design of thermal oil heating systems and the parts hereof required not only special skilled designers and engineers – it also require these persons having many solid experiences in the many different challenges that always arise in such installations. The thermal oil boiler units too must be designed for operating with the special thermal fluid developed for high temperature application. Still oil is used, and oil is per definition potential flammable, dangerous and even fatal if not dealt with the correct way – and this issue is very important to keep in mind throughout the design and installation stage. Fig. 4.2 Range of operating temperature for various oils for thermal oil boiler Ensuring low thermal fluid film temperature is essential in designing the thermal oil heaters. The correct design prevent cracking of the fluid and it means that thermal oil boilers are basically quite different in design compared to steam/water boilers. For instance, where water heaters and steam boilers can be heated using a pool of hot water, the thermal fluid in contrary must be heated by forced circulation ensuring high velocity of the thermal fluid at all time. It is recommended that potential users of a thermal oil heating systems make special efforts in order to ensure that the chosen supplier of the thermal oil system is both skilled and experienced in these fields. Actual working and design of oil thermal boiler Thermal oil heaters (also called thermal oil boilers, thermal fluid boilers or hot oil units) are developed and designed especially for demanding process heating operations where no compromise on quality are accepted and where reliability is the key word.The solutions comprising tt boilers are not based on low purchase price – the heaters are developed to ensure low over-all costs including low maintenance and operational costs. Fig. 4.3 Photo picture of thermal oil boiler Consequently the boilers heaters are made of first class material and component, without any compromise on quality. The pressure part is designed as standard between 10 bar and up to 40 bar pressure (although operation often are atmospheric and pressure less). The heaters for thermaloil(heat transfer fluid) are delivered as complete and fully equipped units with all necessary armatures, instrumentations and safety features. 4.3.2 Construction The oil/gas-fired heaters are made with the internal tube coils of pad certified steel tubes. The thermaloil is heated gradually to the operational temperature during the circulation inside the tube of these tube coils – and the heat is transferred to the thermal oil first as radiant heat in the combustion chamber, where the inner cylindrical tube coil and a flat tube coil forms the chamber wall and the bottom respectively. Consequently refractory concrete is avoided. Secondly the thermal oil is heated further by the combustion gasses (which are hereafter cooled). This is done in the outer convection part, as the gasses pass the space gab between the two tube coils. The thermal design ensures a modest volume of the thermal oil relative to the size of the heater, and this allows unlimited thermal. Fig. 4.4 Closed Type Fig.4.5 Open Type 4.3.3. FlueGas Coolers Economizers whenever it might not be possible to use electrical heating using electricity from wind power, nuclear power or water power, – the environmental challenge is to use oil and gas-fired solutions, but at the same time to reduce the fuel consumption and thus the emission. In this context the low flue gas temperatureis the key word. The heat recovery is done by utilization ofthe quite large amount flue gas heat recovered in HYPERLINK http//www.ttboilers.com/Boiler_for_Heat_Recovery.htm t _blankflue gas coolersalso known aseconomizers. Fig.4.6 Economizer Economizers can be delivered as build-on to the oil or gas-fired heater, for heating external colder fluid e.g. Water. Alternatively the thermal oil heater can be made as a flue gas heat exchanger – a recuperator where the external heat source is hot flue gas. 4.3.4. Heat transfer fluid – thermal oil the circulating heat transfer fluid, also known as the thermal thermal oil needs to be correct chosen. Compromise on this issue can easily result in huge problems – but economical and with respect to ensure personal safety. It cannot be emphasized strong enough how fatal bad, old and inappropriate thermal oil can be for the thermal fluid heating system. Use a quality brand of thermal oil and make sure that this fluid correspond how the heating system is operated. An important maintenance detail is that every 6 – 12 months, a sample should be taken from the system and send to a qualified laboratory. 4.3.5. Horizontal and Vertical Design Fig.4.7 Horizontal and vertical design of oil thermal boiler Table 4.1 Dimension of oil thermal boiler according to load Max. Capacity KwMax. Heatcapacity mcal/hA mmB mmC MmD mmE mmF mmWt. empty kgWt.service kg70601800140013001100170015040045014012021001700140012002100150500600235200250020001600130021002106508003503002800230017001400220021010001200600520310025001900160024003551700220010008603900330022001800260040024003200150013004300370025002000280050036004800200017204800410026002100290056040005500235020005300460028002200310056043005800 4.3.6 Advantages of oil thermal boiler over steam boiler High temperatures up to 300c at atmospheric pressure Choice-free set-points of the outgoing thermal oil temperature Supreme part-load operations without compromising heating quality No equipment for pre-treatment, no chemicals / additives etc. No heat loss due to hot condensate and flash steam No risk of corrosion in the heater and circuit Can be used as for both cooling below 0c and above 100c Low maintenance costs (no dynamic influences, no leaking) Quiet in operation (no steam stroke and flash steam noise) Easy to operate (does not require boiler certified staff etc.) Fluid sample analyzing that determine the condition of the system No risk of freezing damages in cold regions. Co2-reduction, heat recoveryand other environmental issues-heat recovery – for instance as described above – and other environmental considerations have always been a standard topic , long before these became a official worldwide protocol. A lot of money is available by thinking green. 4.3.7 Cost analysis for oil thermal boiler Cost of boiler- 10 lakhs Cost of maintenance is around-10,000/yr Life of boiler is 10-12 years. So, eventually the operating cost per year is much lower than that of above 2 types of boiler. From all above data, it is beneficial to use oil thermal boiler because of its long life, better operation at higher temperature and pressure. 4.4 Gas Fired Boiler 4.4.1 Introduction Gas fired boiler employs gas like natural gas or LPG for firing. Wood has low combustion efficiency and low calorific value as compared to natural gas. Natural gas has high combustion efficiency and high calorific value so that it gives more heat to water by firing less gas. Cost of natural gas is higher than wood. Its price is around 60 rupees per liter. Fig. 4.8 Gas Fired Boiler Table 4.2 Technical specification for Gas Fired Boiler 4.4.2 Cost analysis for Gas fired boiler Cost for establishment of natural gas pipe line is 5,00,000 rupees, in that area where SWAMI TEXTILE is situated. Gas fired boiler price is around 10,00,000 rupees. Life of boiler is 5 to 6 years. Maintenance cost for this boiler is around 15000 rupees/year Cost of fuel is 55 Rs/liter and it is much higher than that of wood. So the overall cost for the gas fired boiler is much high. Also it is useful for any industry to invest 10,00,000 Rs just for gas pipe line so gas fired boiler is not suitable for given conditions. 4.5 Pipe Sizing Steam is used to provide process heat and mechanical power. Steam loss in the process, is a major problem faced by industries. A well designed steam distribution system can reduce the losses and improve the efficiency of the steam system thus reducing energy costs. This paper examines the sources of inefficiency in the steam distribution system and discusses practical options to promote greater efficiency in the distribution of the steam. The function of the steam distribution system is to get the steam to where it is needed and return the condensate to the boiler, doing both as efficiently possible. Distribution heat losses account for 3 to 10 of the total energy generated in a boiler system. Energy management can reduce the heat loss by improving the insulation, detecting and repairing steam and condensate leaks, maintaining the steam traps and condensate pumps, and providing water treatment. A well designed steam distribution network can improve the efficiency of the steam systems. For optimum performance of the distribution and steam enduse equipment, a supply of right quantity and quality of steam is of vital importance. The losses in the steam distribution system can be in the form of Pressure losses in the distribution pipe lines. Steam leaks in joints, valves, gauges, etc. Principal factors determine pipe sizing in a steam system The initial pressure at the boiler and the allowable pressure drop of the total system. The total pressure drop in the system should not exceed 20 of the total maximum pressure at the boiler. This includes all dropsline loss, elbows, valves, etc. Remember, pressure drops are a loss of energy. Steam velocity. Erosion and noise increase with velocity. Reasonable velocities for process steam are 6,000 to 12,000 fpm, but lower pressure heating systems normally have lower velocities. Another consideration is future expansion. Size your lines for the foreseeable future. If ever in doubt, you will have less trouble with oversized lines than with ones that are marginal. Properly select, size, and maintain the distribution system steam traps. Insulate all distribution system pipes, flanges, and valves. Ensure that steam mains are properly laid out, sized, adequately drained, and adequately air vented. Ensure that distribution system piping is correctly sized to maintain appropriate system pressure drops. Ensure that distribution system piping is adequately supported, guided, and anchored and that appropriate allowances are made for pipe expansion at operating temperatures. A practical steam distribution system should necessarily compromise between the above ideal conditions and several other factors. Lack of attention to these will significantly increase operating costs, either because of reduction in overall efficiency or increase in maintenance costs or both. 4.5.1 Energy Conservation Steam piping layout Steam piping transports steam from the boiler to the end-use services. Important characteristics of a well-designed stem system piping are that it is adequately sized, configured, and supported. Installations of larger pipe diameters could be more expensive, but can reduce the pressure drop for a given flow rate and also help to reduce the noise associated with steam flow. Hence, one consideration should be given to the type of environment in which the steam piping will be located when selecting the pipe diameter. Important configuration issues are flexibility and drainage. Piping, especially at equipment connections, needs to accommodate thermal reactions during systems start-ups and shutdowns. Piping should be equipped with a sufficient number of appropriately sized drip legs to promote effective condensate drainage and should be pitched properly to promote the drainage of condensate to these drip lines. Typically, these drainage points experience two very different operating conditions, viz., normal operation and start-up. Both load conditions should be considered in the initial design. Mechanical type moisture separators with traps should be provided in piping at interval, to separate the fine moisture particles in the steam. Automatic air vents should be fixed at the dead end of steam mains to allow removal of air / non-condensable which tends to accumulate in steam space. Steam pipe sizing and redundancy Proper sizing of the steam pipelines involves selecting a pipe diameter which gives acceptable pressure drop between the boiler and the user. Pipe sizing can be done either based on the velocity or on the desired pressure-drop. Pipe sizing can be done from the general recommendations on line velocities of different fluid based on the specific volume of steam for the chosen distribution pressure and quality of steam, whether wet or superheated. The velocities for various types of steams are Superheated 50-70 m/sec Saturated 30-40 m/sec Wet or Exhaust 20-30 m/sec Unused steam piping experiences the same losses as the rest of the system. It is therefore imperative to isolate the unused steam lines immediately. Pipe routing is made for transmission of steam in the shortest possible way, as so as to reduce the pressure drop in the system. Steam pressure The steam distribution pressure should be adjusted in accordance with the pressure generated and the pressure required at the consumer side. If steam piping already exists then the pressure should be adjusted for lower operating cost. However, at the designing stage, it is desirable to consider steam distribution at the same pressure as the source, or at a moderately high intermediate pressure if the generation is at very high pressure. Distribution the steam at the same pressure that of source has the following advantages The steam velocity along within the pipes will be lowered and this reduces both noise and erosion It provides stable pressure at the user end due to lower pressure drop and higher operating margins. The capital cost is reduced as the pipe line is so smaller in size. Nonetheless, for long distribution systems, it is economical to super-heat the steam to minimize the steam losses. The piping needs to be properly sized and well insulated. Estimating pressure requirements for small distribution systems is relatively simple viz it should just meet the minimum user requirement, unless future expansion of the system or new equipment requiring higher pressures is envisaged. For systems where only a small quantity of high pressure steam is actually required, but where large quantities of low pressure steam are used, the possibility of separating the two should be considered. 4.5.2 Steam line sizing calculation Operating Pressure ( P ) – 4 kg/square cm Operating Temperature ( T ) – 150 QUOTE QUOTE d QUOTE d0.022m d22mm Select Outer Dia. Of Pipe From ANSI B36.10 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Data Book D0 33.4mm Minimum Thickness ( Tm ) QUOTE A QUOTE 0.75 8 mm Theoretical Velocity QUOTE QUOTE 14.68 m/s Theoretical velocity is less than the assumed velocity so that the calculated diameter is suitable for steam carrying pipe for these conditions. As above all the pipe sizing can be calculated and is given in the sheet format. 4.6 Insulation of Steam Distribution System 4.6.1 Existing Condition Of Insulation in Plant The steam distribution system of plan is very badly insulated. Its insulation was done 2 years ago and at present the condition of steam pipe insulation is very poor. The figure 4.9 shows a photograph part of steam distribution system. It is clearly visible that insulation is badly needs repairing and also at some places no insulation is provided, causing great heat loss. The insulation provided on the steam pipe lines is glass wool and thickness of insulation is also not sufficient. So we have collected the data about different insulation material. Also we have given list of local insulation carrying consultancy. Here are some insulation material properties Fig 4.9 Photograph of part of steam distribution system Insulation is used to perform one or more of the following functions Reduce heat loss or heat gain to achieve energy conservation. Protect the environment through the reduction of CO2, NOx,, and greenhouse gases. Control surface temperatures for personnel and equipment protection. Control the temperature of commercial and industrial processes. Prevent or reduce condensation on surfaces. Increase operating efficiency of heating/ventilation/cooling, plumbing, steam, process, and power systems. Prevent or reduce damage to equipment from exposure to fire or corrosive atmospheres. Reduce noise from mechanical systems. Other than the application of insulation, the selection aspects of the insulation material are also Very important. The following design and installation considerations must be noted Type of insulation rigid, flexible, ease of handling, installation, and adjustment. Ease to modify, repair, and alter. Requirement of skilled and unskilled labor. Safety environment considerations. Weight and density of insulation material. Ease of removal and replacement. Type of vapor retarder and insulation finishes. Thermal performance. 4.6.2 Heat Gain / Loss from Cylindrical Surfaces like Pipes Unlike flat surfaces, the inner and outer surface areas for pipes are different and therefore the heat transfer equation is different. The pipe wall surface will gain heat directly by conduction from the fluid flowing through it. The heat is then dissipated to the atmosphere, or it flows at a restricted rate through the insulation if the pipe is insulated. The exact rate of heat loss is very Complicated to calculate on a theoretical basis alone, since it is affected by Color, texture, and shape of the casing. Vertical or horizontal orientation of the casing. Air movement or wind speed over the casing. Exposure to thermal radiation, e.g. sunlight – all of these in addition to the temperature Parameters, etc. Because of the number of complicating factors, generalizations must be utilized. The theoretical methods for calculating heat transfer for pipe or any other cylindrical objects like tanks, is based upon the equivalent thickness of insulation and the area of outer surface of insulation. Table 4.3 Steam line losses for non-insulated pipes of different diameters Pipe DiameterHeat loss (kCal/hr for 100 M Bare pipe)(Steam pressure(kg/cm2g)1.0102040251321026892353844670650221744529159444792591003915880203105679141534200698249813019154325712130099546207584274576369876 Table 4.4 Different types of material used for insulation. MaterialDensity (kg/m3)Thermal conductivities (W/m 0C)Max temp.00C1000C2000C3000CPolystyrol20-500.03270Cork100-2000.03280Glass wool (non fiber)40-600.0310.050200Long fiber800.0310.0480.0730.110500Short fiber1000.0360.0510.0510.102700Rockwool glass wool40-2500.0280.039800Asbestos80-2500.042600 4.6.3 Economical Insulation Thickness Fig 4.10 Cost v/s year for insulation As the thickness of the insulation increases, the cost of material and installation also goes up. The cost of lost energy, on the other hand, goes up. The cost of lost energy, on the other hand, goes down up to a certain thickness. Above this thickness, the gains due to drop in the surface temperature are compensated with increase in the surface area of the insulation. In other words, the energy saving also goes up, but at a slower rate of increase than the cost of the materials and installation. At a particular point, the total cost, which is the sum of the lost energy and the material cost, reaches a minimum point which is the economic thickness of insulation. Figure 1 illustrates the method of determining the economic thickness. The recommended insulation thickness for mineral wool which is commonly used in various industries is given in table 4.4. 5 CONCLUSIONS Conclusions 6.1 Conclusions Following are some results we obtained in this project which will help to optimize the steam distribution system. As we want to improve steam quality in wood fired boiler, it is found during project work in factory that proper insulation of best suited material can help in improvement in quality of steam. If the pipe carrying the steam has diameter more than or less than required diameter, it will lead to major problem like loss of steam heat due to condensation, loss of velocity, pressure drop, noise and sometime it may burst. So, the proper pipe diameter is required for the satisfactory utilization of steam quality. Line sizing has been calculated using suitable formulas and it is concluded that it has been undersized previously. So we have calculated the optimum diameter for given conditions of steam. There is not any technical person in SWAMI TEXTILE. So the plant layout, their working strategy and dealing with the difficulties occurring during operation was very poor. No technical guidance during operation can cause lots of loss of energy, steam, fuel and work. So we also concentrate on other problem regarding to boiler. During this, we concentrate on the boiler fuel alternation like using natural gas instead of wood. We gathered the information about the oil thermal boiler. All the analysis and also cost analysis helped us to determine that oil thermal boiler is best suited. We also convinced the owner of factory for replacement of boiler and proper insulation. APPENDIX A GLOSSARY OF TERMS Air vent A device that allows the release of non-condensable gases from a steam system. Backpressure turbine A turbine that exhausts steam above atmospheric pressure. The exhaust steam is usually sent to other services. Boiler A vessel or tank in which heat produced from the combustion of fuels such as natural gas, fuel oil, wood, or coal is used to generate hot water or steam for applications ranging from building space heating to electric power production or industrial process heat. Boiler blow down The periodic or continuous removal of water from a boiler to remove concentrations of dissolved solids and/or sludge accumulating in the boiler. Boiler horsepower A unit of rate of water evaporation equal to the evaporation per hour of 34.5 pounds of water at a temperature of 212F into steam at 212F. One boiler horsepower equals 33,475 Btu per hour. British thermal unit (Btu) The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit equal to 252 calories. It is roughly equal to the heat of one kitchen match. Combustion efficiency This measure represents the amount of fuel energy extracted from flue gases. It is a steady state measure and does not include boiler shell losses or blow down losses. The losses identified in this efficiency calculation are the stack losses. Stack loss is an indication of the amount of energy remaining in the flue gases as they exit the boiler. Combustion turbine A turbine that generates electric power from the combustion of a fuel. Condensate Condensed steam. Condenser A device that condenses steam. Surface condensers use a heat exchanger to remove energy from the steam, and typically operate under vacuum conditions. Evaporator A device that removes moisture from a liquid, resulting in increased concentration of the remaining compounds. Feed water Water sent into a boiler or a steam generator. Feedwater typically meets cleanliness criteria, contains treatment chemicals, and has been stripped of oxygen. Feed water pump A pump that sufficiently pressurizes feedwater to supply a boiler or generator. Full load efficiency The stated efficiency (in percent) of a process in terms of energy or work output divided by energy input at rated production (full load). Latent heat The change in heat content that occurs with a change in phase and without change in temperature. Changes in heat content that affect a change in temperature are called sensible heat changes. Make-up water Water brought into a boiler system from outside to replace condensate not returned to the boiler plant, water used in blowdown, steam lost through leaks, or water lost through evaporation or mist. MMBtu A unit of one million British thermal units (Btu). Potable water Water that is suitable for drinking, as defined by local health officials. Pounds per square inch gauge (psig) A unit of pressure in pounds force in comparison to local atmospheric pressure (as measured by a gauge). Reboiler A heat exchanger used in petroleum refining and chemical manufacturing applications that adds heat to a process stream. Sludge A general term applied to a relatively loose accumulation of material that has settled to the bottom of a boiler. Stack heat loss Sensible and latent heat contained in combustion gases and vapor emitted to the atmosphere. Standby losses In boiler systems, standby losses are energy losses that are associated with natural draft through a boiler in a standby operating mode. Steam ejector A device that uses a relatively high-pressure motive steam flow through a nozzle to create a low-pressure or suction effect. Steam injector A device that injects steam into a process, often used in direct steam heating applications. Steam trap An automatic control valve that allows for the release of condensate, air, CO2, and other non-condensable gases, yet keeps live steam in the system. Thermal conductivity This is a positive constant, k, that is a property of a substance and is used in the calculation of heat transfer rates for materials. It is the amount of heat that flows through a specified area and thickness of a material over a specified period of time when there is a temperature difference of one degree between the surfaces of the material. Thermal load factor A term used to describe the relative stability of use of heating in a facility or a process. Often used in cogeneration where a high factor denotes a continuous use of steady heating. Thermo compressor A device that uses high pressure steam to increase the pressure of a low-pressure steam supply to generate a more useful steam service. Throttling Regulating flow rate by closing a valve in the system. Turbine A device that converts the enthalpy of steam into mechanical work. See condensing turbine and backpressure turbine. Waste heat Heat that is discharged from a mechanical process, wastewater, or ventilation exhaust system that could be reclaimed for useful purposes. Water hammer A shock that results from the sudden collapse of a steam pocket in a two phase line such as a condensate return line. Also the impingement of a water slug carried by relatively high velocity steam. APPENDIX B STEAM TIP SHEETS 1. Inspect and Repair Steam Traps 2. Insulate Steam Distribution and Condensate Return Lines 3. Use Feedwater Economizers for Waste Heat Recovery 4. Improve Your Boilers Combustion Efficiency 5. Tip Sheet Number Skipped 6. Tip Sheet Number Skipped 7. Clean Boiler Waterside Heat Transfer Surfaces 8. Return Condensate to the Boiler 9. Minimize Boiler Blowdown 10. Recover Heat from Boiler Blowdown 11. Use Vapor Recompression to Recover Low-Pressure Waste Steam 12. Flash High-Pressure Condensate to Regenerate Low-Pressure Steam 13. Use a Vent Condenser to Recover Flash Steam Energy 14. Use Low-Grade Waste Steam to Power Absorption Chillers 15. Benchmark the Fuel Costs of Steam Generation 16. Minimize Boiler Short Cycling Losses 17. Install Removable Insulation on Valves and Fittings 18. Deaerators in Industrial Steam Systems 19. Cover Heated, Open Vessels 20. Replace Pressure-Reducing Valves with Backpressure Turbogenerators 21. Consider Steam Turbine Drives for Rotating Equipment 22. Consider Installing High-Pressure Boilers with Backpressure Turbine-Generators 23. Install an Automatic Blowdown Control System 25. Consider Installing Turbulators on Two- and Three-Pass Firetube Boilers PAGE MERGEFORMAT III PAGE MERGEFORMAT 3 Boiler Economizer /glEzrzb444wwm.M YU5K27c)rXf0X 2v4wBX8XO5K, jwua59-wU2 0NkVU 32 IkF30t /glEzrzb444wwm.M YU5K27c)rXf0X 2v4wBX8XO5K, jwua59-wU2 0NkVU 32 IkF30t IXgw7HYjOat2FZn O d y


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