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a.    E-commerce
retail industry

shopping allows consumers to buy goods and services directly from the seller
via internet and this has already become indispensable in the lives of young
people in today’s society. Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the recommendation
engines that very powerful in finding the products that the consumer will like,
but not very likely to find out by themselves. “A
lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them” –
Steve Jobs. For
example, the suggested arithmetic for retail Giant is based on the consumer’s
purchase history, shopping cart items, item they have rated, and items that
other consumer have viewed and purchased. It shows that 35% of all the sales
are generated by the recommendation engine which committed to suggest the right
product at the right timing (Shabana Arora, 2016). AWS
help retailer use historical data to make better business decisions. At last, with machine learning,
retailers can leap from past and present data to the future. This helps the
retailers to have a better understanding and satisfy their customers’ needs (Angelica
Valentine, 2017).

Education industry

In education
industry, Google translate is a greater tool and supports individual learners
throughout their studies. This machine learning can help those people who speak
different language to communicate easily and translate the text directly to the
language that they can understand. At the beginning, it offers 9 languages in
their machine translations. Few months later, it launches more languages and
now become more and more. Google has always attached great importance to
machine learning, and the improvement is still continued. For example, Some
South African higher education translated a lot of documents in order to encourage
successful learning. However, due to lack of funds, lecturers and students
often translate their study materials in the cheapest way other than using
professional transaction. They will tend to use the free of charge
applications, such as Google translate. In spite of this, the quality is still
below average and the text needs a great deal of post-editing to fulfil its
function. But honestly, Google translate really help the educators as well as
students in their workload and homework in today’s society.


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