mate homosexuality refutes the fact that society determines

mate are guided by a built-in genetic mechanism. Some desires and behavior could be altered or influenced socially but most of these are genetically coded in people and could not be changed. These desires and behavior are as built-in as genes for hair color or eye vision thus making them part of human nature. Examples are the difference in eagerness to reproduce in comparison between males and females, which may also lead to determining whom one chooses as a partner. Another example would be homosexuality. Heterosexual preference constitutes the majority of society and homosexuals do not, therefore homosexuals are not considered to be socially acceptable.Scientist have done studies that prove a male has the ability to reproduce more rapidly than a female and it has been speculated that one trait of human nature would be the urge to reproduce. For males reproduction takes little investment and it is best suited for them to have sex as much as possible with as many mates as possible in order to reproduce and increase their chances of passing their genes to the next generation.

On the opposing end, females reproduce at a rate of no more than once a year and therefore the female is limited to the number of offspring she is able to produce. Females have to invest their bodies and resources to produce an offspring and as a result they are, by nature, coy in their decision of choosing a mate. Moreover, if not for a desirous gene that urges humans to reproduce then reproduction would be minimal and the human species would eventually become extinct.Scientist had speculated that since females reproduce at a slower rate than males, females would have evolved traits in that would enhance the chances of producing offspring with a good chance of survival. Thus quality of offspring is considered vital to females since they are biologically unable to reproduce in large quantities. Females enhance the quality of their offspring by looking for a mate with the most superior quality of genes and/or resources to contribute to the offspring. Males, in contrast, could not control their quality of genes so quantity of sex partners would be their best opportunity to pass their genes onto the next generation.

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Hence, the characteristics that indicate a male has superior quality of resources or genes are what attract a female to a male. This could be clearly shown in society today. There are males who are considered to be unattractive physically but in the resource market they are quite superior to other males thus making them a good mating partner. On the other hand, there are females who are deemed unattractive by societys standards but have an attractive mating partner. This aspect relates back to the fact that males have a built-in gene to reproduce with as many females as possible no matter the level of status or physical attractiveness. Similarly, homosexuality is deemed inappropriate by society however it still exists. Scientist have studied homosexuality for years and they have speculated that it is a genetic trait, built into the individual.

Therefore homosexuality refutes the fact that society determines the desires and behaviors individuals make in acquiring a mate. Society has developed harsh prejudice against homosexuality to the point were homosexuals have been beaten to death for the simple fact their sexual preference was not that of the normal heterosexual. Homosexuality could be argued as a genetic mistake simply because no two individuals of the same sex could possibly reproduce. Therefore homosexuality totally goes against human reproductive nature.

Now knowing that homosexuality is taboo and possibly life threatening; would an individual conscientiously chose a sexual preference that would mark him as an outcast of the societal sexual norm? Consequently one can say that if the desires and behavior of mate selection were an influence of society, there would not be such instances of homosexuality, a male or female having a mating partner of inferior physical attraction, or a mating partner with inferior social status. Therefore supporting that a persons desires and behavior toward selecting a mate is guided by a built-in genetic mechanism that directs the mating selection process by overriding


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