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A gene is inherited from one organism to the other. The trait is a characteristic that shows up in an organism and its character is depended upon the gene. It is transferred to the offspring by the parents. Somatic cells that are present in a living organism that has two alleles and one gene.

Each parent gives one allele to an offspring and an offspring receives its both alleles from each parent. Sometimes an allele can skip a generation and it might show up at a later generation. Some genes that can be noticed that were given from your parents is your eye color, your hair color, disorders can also be passed down genetically, skin color, characteristics, height, and weight. Gregor Mendel started to notice the traits that were being passed on to their offsprings he began his studies with testing pea plants. He started to notice the seed colors, seed shapes, and the pod colors. After that, he was known as the “father of modern genetics”. Melanin presence (also known as medical presence) is what determines your skin, hair and eye color. Your height and weight are mostly re-constructed but little traits of the height and weight could be passed onto an offspring.

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Some disorders that can affect other family members are passed down from gene mutations which can be passed down to offsprings. A gene mutation is when a trait has been permanently changed or adjusted in your DNA, virus, nucleotide and other genetic elements. If your eye color would be passed down that would mean that the offspring would have the same eye color.

The same goes for your skin and hair color when it is passed down the offspring will have it. But when disorders are passed down that could affect the person, for instance, its behavior. Errors in cell division and gene transformation could cause cancers, genes, and other harmful things, these are called genetic diseases.

Every human contains 23 pairs of chromosomes and a total of 46 chromosomes and a trait determines the characteristic of a human and is determined by more than one gene.Overall I learned a lot about traits and genes. I learned how abstract and interesting genes are and what could happen if something goes wrong in genes. This also taught me how genes work and how offsprings get them. I did not know about genetic disorders and how much they could affect someone life but now I do.

I also learned a lot more about how our body functions.    


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