A- agreement.Link up is to meet and get

A- Slang is informal language often used to communicate with others in a casual manner. Some forms of slang may be repeated throughout multiple countries.M- Although the idea of informal language may sound somewhat ineffective and unconventional, slang is universally exclusive. A- Specific areas use different slang which ultimately shape their culture through tone, connotations and structure.M- The most relatable term to individuals in our area would be the concept of Toronto slang.A- Terms such as 6 side or the 6ix representing the general Toronto area as the area code for a phone number is 416. With the last number, came the slang 6ix. Ahlie is slang for “right” or a word used in agreement.Link up is to meet and get together with someone.Fam is a word used to represent people close to you. It is a short form of family.M- More terms includeMandem is a word used for a group of friends, usually when it consists of the male gender.Bare is a term for indicating “lots” such as ‘bare mans’ — a lot of peopleGassed is a term that means filling compliments in an individual’s headDry is another word for boring or an individual who is not able to keep up a conversation.A – The use of informal language has also created room for offensive terms.M- We will now perform a short skit. This is an interaction between a Toronto rapper and a New York rapper as they collaborate on a new song. A- During the skit, we identify objectifying terms in the form of slang and discuss their meanings and further break them down.SKITM- What’s poppin kuz?A- Wagwan, Not much fam, how bout you?M- You already know. My producer be hollering at me to do a song, ya feel me.A- So we linking up for a new banger or nah?M- Beats better be fye you dig?A- Ahlie! It better make some guap eh?M- Yea son, im tryna be iced out A- You know I’m from the 6 side eh? M – You tryna climb the Cn Tower, I’m from the Bronx baby, 212 baby, y’all some sus mans! A- Nah, you gots to follow my flow tho ahlie? M – I’m a new wave tho kuz, the 212 is where it’s at A- I got clout styll. If you wanna link up, come thru to the 6ix side. M- Gotchu, yo but we needa talk about my mans or we out.A- Tru. We should start with a beat tho. Whatcha thinking?M – Got it brutha (play kodak song)A- That’s bare sweet. Come thru.M- Lets talk lyrics tho.A- Aii, dunnoe, I’m pumped.M- Have you heard the “she wildin'” (25 seconds)A- Nah what is it about.M- Ooh she wildin’, wildin’She do her thang, thangShe just wanna shake somethingGirl that ass gon’ make moneyA- Wildin? That doesn’t make no sense.M- WildinThis term was originally used in the 1980-1990s; describing younger individuals who took part in violent activity such as stealing property.  The word back in the early 2000s was associated by the phrase “violent flash mob” and made multiple appearances in news articles such the 2013 New York Daily News to describe individuals as “violent” or “rumble”With the influence from previous generations, the term wildin follows the same concept in modern urban musicThe term wildinis used to describe an individual to be crazy around a group of people “Stop hitting him, you’re wildin’!”Often the word is used to describe people who tend to be violence in a public setting, causing those around them to be uncomfortableAlthough the term usually has negative connotations, “wildin'” can be used to describe someone as extremely fun or enjoyable to be around. “OMG, did you see becky with hair, she’s wildin over there to the music”  A- Say less. Whatchu want with it tho?M- I love that idea for the song. Do you have any ideas?A- Yeah! Blem by Drake, he is my man. Especially because of the way he uses the word wasteman in it.M- What does that mean? Wasteman?A- First let me show you this track Blem by Drake (45 sec) We need to forward to the islands and get you gold, no spray tansI need you to stop running back to your ex he’s a wastemanI wanna know how come we can never slash and stay friends?M- Aii thats lit, still have no idea what it means.A- WastemanThe word “wasteman” originates from the Multicultural London English (MLE) slang. In 2011, there was an incident with injustice leading to a murder trial. The defendant was accused of threat. He had once said to the victim; ” You are waste, man!” With this, the prosecutor argued that the word “waste” implies that there is an intention to kill. This term is used as an insult for a person who has no care for their standard of living. It was a word found to be harsh and criticizing. There is no respect for people called as this term. They are considered to be useless.They are usually found intoxicated. This is why when someone is “wasted”, they are highly drunk or high off of drugs.Now it is used lightly with no intention of killing others. It is used for a person who is careless about their future and can be assumed to be a “waste of time or space”Some may refer to their friends as a waste-man using it in a jokingly manner.Eg. You are a waste man LukeIt is derived from the London streets and was popularized by StormzyM- Wow how fascinatingA- Ye boy. What else you got?M- There is this song ThirstyA- Thirsty? What’s that mean fam? Like you need some water?M-Thirsty  (22 seconds)In modern english the word thirsty is “the physical imperative to imbibe water”. It is the meaning taught to everyone that the literal meaning of thirst is “feeling a need to drink something”. It is safe to assume that almost all individuals know about this feeling because without it we die. Therefore, the term “thirsty” is a bodily function that is universal.How the idea behind thirst is the ultimate need of desperately wanting something.The term today has multiple meaning in which most of the terms have negative connotations.  In urban slang, the word “thirsty” refers to an individual who is constantly asking for attention or is waiting for people to compliment them The term has sexual meaning  — the idea that an individual’s is always wanting to partake in sexual activities The meaning of the work thirsty has generated many terms that follow the same idea such as: Thirst Trap: the idea of posting a photo (in this case usually sexual)  on social media causing those who have seen the photo to comment something nice A- NICEEEE i love thatM- Yee boy you got anythin?A- Yeah but I aint got the track on me.M- You gots to play the song.A- The words are powerful enough boy.M- What even is the word?A- Dime and this is found in The city 1 and 2 by Sean LeonI used to pray for changeNow I’m with two dimes smoking by the quarter I take my time I’m always kind I charm herWhat’s mine is mineFrom time to time I drop a line I told her;Tell me it’s mine while I still want itOr I might find another dime to fall in, you knowWhen we think of a dime, we often think of the 10 cent coin. In terms of slang, it can be known as dime or dimepieceDime is slang used to objectify women of society. If a woman is a dime, they are a “perfect 10″. When they are rated on a scale from 1-10, they are 10/10.Some may refer males as dimes, however in most cases, it is used to externalize females.There can be positive and negative connotations. Depending on how the word is used.Michelle, you are a dime. (positive)In the song, dime is used to represent sexually active women. This brings a more negative background to the termThere can be multiple other definitions for the slang dimeFor example a dime bag is drug offered for 10 dollarsDime can also mean 10 dollars in moneyIt can also mean a prison sentence of 10-yearsDime is to tell on someone, which is more commonly known as snitch or snake in other forms of slang”A dime a dozen” is a idiom. It is used to label something or someone as worthless as they are so common. Multiple substitutes can be found for this item as it isn’t expensive. This idiom originates from late 16th century and early 17th century. Food were advertised to be a dime for a dozen eggs. This evolutionized into the early 18th century as one used this saying with connotations like cheap and easily accessibleM- Boy im a dime tho. Wanna hear my song?A- Yee boy. Let me guess you gonna do ratchet?M- Boyyy how’d you knowA- You are predictable.M – Yea its great tho, lemme show you it.M- (20 seconds  E-40)The term was derived from “rat” and “shit”. This indicates that that who were ratchet were the most disgusting being the world, living in filth, and the human form of trash.The word was first used in the 17th century; it is a derogatory term used to describe individuals who were considered as “dirty”. However, the meaning of the term was not that offensive at the time. It was used as a warning to tell individuals to look cleaner or act innocent.    In the 18th century, the term became much more derogatory calling people “annoying people with their terrible racket”This was a term that husbands used to call their wives; using to call them slutty or nasty (sleeping around with men).In modern urban music, the term ratchet can be used in both a positive and negative. The term ratchet in a positive sense can mean an individual who is open with their sexuality, their body, and their attitude around other people.However, the negative traits that are associated with the term ratchet is mostly directed towards women. The idea of an individual not acting like a woman: directly said to women who drink, smoke, perform acts that are unconventional for a female.   A – Yooo that lit. We got to add some 6 side terms tho styll.M – Fine. A- Have you heard the term Cyattie? My boy Drake said this.M- Cyattie? Whatchu talkin bout?A- Keep the Family Close by DrakeYou just dash me away like a cyattieI’m not afraid no gyal heart manAnd I’m not afraid of no cyattieAnd I’m not afraid of no waste yute neitherM- Thats fire! That sounds offensive, no?A- Ye, it is similar to ratchet. CyattieCyattie is a offensive term directed towards women. It is for sexually active and promiscuous women. This can also mean a jealous woman who is out to fight anyone that tries to steal their man.Waste yute, more commonly known as waste man is the opposite of cyattieUrban dictionary states that this word means:Loud, obnoxious black women who wear tight neon coloured jeans and colour their hair in similar colours so that they can matchThis type of language that degrade women can be found throughout slang. The need to objectify women in society who like to embody themselves should not be categorized into these disrespectful expressions.This word is highly offensive if directed towards females with negative implicationsJamaican Patois, also known as Jamaican CreoleCreole is a person from the CaribbeanAlthough patois is a language only borrowing from English, it is commonly defined to be broken english. This is simply a language formed through combinations of other cultures. The concoction of these different cultures results in Jamaican Patois.Slang is borrowed from this culture and is often popularized by Drake Example: Drake made cyattie well known by applying it in one of his more popular songs, Keep the Family Close.In french this word means dialect. Dialect is specific language used throughout countries or regions. The structure of Jamaican language goes back to times of slavery when they caught on to speech exchanged between people of the white decent.M – Man we actually got somethings in common, I guess you a homie now. A- Alright man let’s get this ting bumpin’!M –  Plays Kodak Song again! —  Although slang is a term that is mutually exclusive it has shown individuals the process and development of it.A- Even with a cross culture examination, one can see that the evolution of slang has come a long way either changing overtime or even following the same concept.M- Therefore, the use of slang to describe individuals have played a large amount of significance with its positive and negative connotations.


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