A an event to happen, human beings ascribe

A miracle is an event that violates natural laws and happens in the physical world. A miracle, therefore, is an extraordinary happening occurring in the physical world that surpasses the natural capabilities and powers known to human beings. Therefore, a miracle is an event that surpasses human understanding, lacks empirical evidence on its cause, which makes its classification by human beings as a miracle. Miracles are viewed as happenings that violate empirical evidence, which relies on scientific evidence and natural laws to justify their happenings. In other words, miracles do not have underlying causes that obey natural laws, but happen spontaneously when unnatural forces are brought to play. However, when natural forces that obey the rules of nature cause an event to happen, human beings ascribe that event to an unnatural cause, therefore, calling it a natural event. Natural events occur and do not break the laws of nature.

They occur according to the laws of nature and there is always empirical evidence that points to their causes. Although there is no evidence that points to the cause of a miracle, human beings make observations on events that have occurred and when trying to investigate the genuine cause of the event based on natural laws and empirical evidence, find no connection, hence regard the event as a miracle. However, different events happen that are regarded as miracles, but find a connection between empirical evidence and natural law. These examples include exceptional occurrences or events or unexpected outcomes from a certain action such as succeeding in a difficult task. However, the current study concentrates on miracles, which are extraordinary events whose happenings are not justified by natural laws and empirical evidence. Empirical evidence implied here is evidence with attributes to natural laws happening with strong connections with their causes. A miracles, as discussed above has to possess unique characteristics or attributes to qualify to be known as a miracle.

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One of the attributes is that a miracle has to surpass the natural capabilities and powers known to human beings. The natural capabilities and powers of a human being exist within reason and empirical evidence or scientifically known boundaries. Anything that lies beyond the natural understanding and capabilities of the human mind and scientifically proven evidence are regarded as miracles.

Therefore, a miracle violates cause and effect if the cause cannot be explained from the perspective of the natural capacity of the human mind and natural laws. Natural laws, in this case, are a set of procedures determined by nature and are universal. They apply to every human mind, appeal to reason, and are founded on empirical evidence. If there is a violation of empirical evidence, then, the laws are violated and any happenings beyond the prescribed evidences provided by the natural laws, which are based on empirical evidence, are regarded as miracles. A miracles, according to the discussions above, violate occur in the physical world and violate natural laws. Natural laws, as has been mentioned above govern the happenings in the physical world, and violating these laws in the physical world is regarded directly as a miracle.

Therefore, a miracle is an extraordinary happening occurring in the physical world that surpasses the natural capabilities and powers known to human beings. Miracles are a direct caused by supernatural happening due to a supernatural cause.


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