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A method I would use to learn information about my students is to review any records the school might have on file. The records can assist me in learning about my students’ development/progress through the years. This method would allow me to review any notes and gain some knowledge about the needs of my students. It can provide me with insight in areas students are struggling with the most. The previous teachers could also be a source of obtaining useful information about a student’s progress. I could ask about techniques that worked with a student and incorporate that into my classroom. Having this information can allow me to ease the student into a new classroom and make adjustments as we go to support my students.

Another method would be to communicate with parent(s)/guardian(s) in person, through phones calls, or e-mails. I would like the parents to feel comfortable enough to share the behaviors of their children outside of the class. This would assist me in being able to manage and keep a safe environment for all students. Talking to the parent(s)/guardian(s) is a great method to learn about my students. Equally, I would have a conversation with my students the first week of school and state the class and school expectations. Throughout the first weeks, the expectations and student responsibilities would be an important topic. I would like my students to give and get respect, treating each other like community able to work out any issues. The whole class, small group, or one-on-one conversations is a method to that would allow me to get

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