To in time. The chaos at the major

To Be Sent To The Press: Most of the residents of San Francisco move out of their homes at 8:00 AM in the morning. Nearly ____________ per cent of the people own cars. However, some of them, including women and children, use chartered buses, trains and taxis in order to reach their respective destinations. Commuters find it extremely difficult to arrive at their places of work in time.

The chaos at the major crossroads speaks volumes of this glaring fact. Taxis, cars and pickup vans try to hurtle along the main roads and sometimes, they injure or kill people. Several hundred precious lives are lost and many victims are maimed. I would suggest that twelve flyovers should be constructed at the major roads of the city. Initially, three flyovers should be constructed at Road No. ____________, Road No.

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____________, B and near the hill area of the city. The school children should be allowed to go by buses, which should ply on a separate highway on the outskirts of the city along the ____________ (Place). Further, the offices could be opened from ____________ (Time) to ____________ (Time). This would eliminate traffic congestion during the prime traffic hours from ____________ (Time) to ____________ (Time). Commuters and car drivers would find the roads and squares perfectly ‘relieved’ for movement.

I would request the traffic department and the city administration, through this column, to take necessary measures in this regard. The residents of the city would be greatly benefited if logical measures, as described above, were taken. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Your Name)(Address)


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